Nealite agency presentation by Jean-François Marti, co-founder and CEO

Uploaded by nealiteagency on 28.09.2011

Nealite is an agency specialized in user experience design.
We work on interfaces for all screens: web, mobile, tablet and connected television.
We have a team of over 25 consultants...
...including usability specialists, information architects and visual designers.
We are the only agency in France that can provide this kind of expertise with such a large team.
We work for all kinds of clients for whom the web is strategic...
...from the biggest companies in France, but also start-ups, and investment funds.
So, what is user experience?
It's the capacity to put oneself in the user's shoes and understand their needs... you can design innovative, digital solution that works for them.
Nealite was founded on the idea that the user experience was going to become...
...the main and most strategic competency for businesses to aquire in the next 10 years as the Web becomes central in the economy.
So, how do we design user experiences?
First of all, it's a collaborative approach. We work in teams, we work with our clients...
and we design in an special environment we've put together.
We have "war rooms" for each of our projects...
and also a user laboratory to see how users react to our initial designs...
and then we work in worshops with our clients.
At first this is often a new experience for our clients,
but right away they adopt and get hooked on this way of working...
...and recognize that we get spectacular results.
My name is Jean-François Marti, and I'm CEO and co-founder of Nealite.