Amberwood Doors Customer Testimonials

Uploaded by AmberwoodDoors on 18.10.2012

We started with the front doors and we needed a facelift for our house.
We decided to renovate
our home instead of go buy
a new one. So, we
started with the entrance and from
there, after we designed
the front doors, that came
throughout the rest
of the house where we redid
the doors inside the house.
We redid the staircase and introduced the rod iron from the
front doors into our staircase
and right out to the
back where we got a gorgeous swimming pool and a waterfall. And then we
introduced sort of a
cottage feel in which 3 panel
bi-fold doors doors which
enter into the backyard to like
a cottage setting.
Branding is from outside in.
And so the doors made a lot of sense the way they had opened.
They sort of opened up the whole restaurant,
and at one time there was
no door that opened and now
the door is there. It's great because people can sort of see what's happening.
Doors are, the windows are constantly
opened, opened and closed and it really
lent itself to the
environment where people could actually hear the music
from the street and you start
to feel the vibe of the restaurant.
After they installed the doors after they designed the doors,
they came and cleaned
them cleaned the windows and cleaned the doors two or three times.
They call me still once
a year to say, are you happy with the doors?
Anything else you would like to see?
Anything else would like to do?
And just a great company to deal with.
I did quite a bit of research before
coming to Amberwood Doors
and they didn't disappoint me in anyway.
The workmanship was excellent, the
door quality is excellent, really
outstanding and the whole
installation was a very painless experience.
Just one day, everything was over. The old door was removed and a new one was installed.
And the door quality is outstanding, it
really transformed our house and we enjoy it every day.
If you were to recommend
Amberwood Doors to someone, what
would first come into your mind to tell them?
Just pick up the phone and call in their
art. And sit down with
your vision, and they'll give you
their vision, but together you
can design something that
you will love for the rest of your life.