Toshio (Japanese Horror with English Captions)

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Hi, there. Maria Takaki here.
Tonight we will be going into an abandoned building.
They say that in this building...
...there lives a man they call Toshio-san...
...who looks exactly like Toshio who appears in the horror movie The Grudge.
Today we will go into this building... order to get that on camera.
Accompanying me today as a guest is...
...The Grudge director, Takashi Shimuzu!
Director, go ahead!
Thank you. I'm Shimizu.
Nice to meet you. Thank you.
"The Grudge" director, Takashi Shimizu
I thought "Well, he's supposed to be a character that I created... maybe I should meet this Toshio-san."
And now, let's find what in the world is this Toshio-san.
-...come on, director...
-Here we go! -Yes...
-Let's go. -Was that alright?
They moved up to the top floor where Toshio-san is said to have been seen.
We're going to the 5th floor.
Yeah, I noticed that...
There is just so much garbage...
Anyway, let's scan the area.
I wonder since when they don't use this.
Isn't someone behind that column there?
You go on first.
I'm just the guest, so...
Oh, please cut that out!
Huh, what was that?
That wasn't me this time.
A sound came from somewhere...
This is getting weaker.
Are you alright?
Yeah, I'm alright.
Maybe it was the wind or something?
No. It was...
This is scary. It's so quiet and...
Wait, what is that there?
What is that?
Let's get closer.
Shall we touch it?
I'm going to touch it...
You did...
With all your might.
Again, the sound...
Director, what should we do? Those sounds are...
Are you listening, direc...?
I'm... I'll be back.
-Wait! First... -I'll be back.
Director, wait! Why all of the sudden?
It's dangerous going alone!
He's going by himself.
They continued down the stairs looking for director Shimizu.
We follow down these stairs, ok?
Things are...
There are a lot things piled almost up to the ceiling.
A room continues here so I think I'll go in.
What? There something there?
There is... there is something!
Look, look!
To the left, to the left...
That's it!
It's behind this... behind this...
Are you alright?
Maria Takaki refused to continue any further.
The director requested producer Ichise's opinion.
Miss Takaki, uh...
... says she won't be able to continue with the taping of the show.
Director Shimuzu took off a while ago.
He went home?
Was there any contact?
They said director Shimizu went home saying "it was really dangerous there."
Ichise-san wants to talk to you.
Thanks for your hard work.
We will do this until it's over.
They went back to filming.
What's that?
Shh. Stay still.
No, no, no way.
It's ok now. Let's go there and finish this.
There doesn't seem to be anyone.
Warning - The following scenes might be considered disturbing.