Agatha Christie's Poirot Muder on the Orient Express 2010 Chapter 3/1

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Do you believe in God, Mr. Poirot?
I never used to, but I do now.
I think he's like an extra gun.
An extra piece of protection.
And I think we all need
some extra protection sometimes, don't we?
You're gonna take a job on for me.
Why do you need protecting on this train?
Because there are people who know where I am,
what I'm doing.
And what is that?
I need to give something back before I'm forgiven.
But I could be killed before I do it.
By whom?
I'm a rich man, Mr. Poirot. I have enemies.
But I need to get to Calais.
You start now.
I do not play poker with you, monsieur.
COUNT ANDRENYl: You're okay. You're okay.
You're doing fine. You're doing fine.
Is this Belgrade, monsieur?
Yes, it is. It is also very cold.
And I think I will get back on the train, if I may.
Oh. I thought you were getting off here.
No, no.
I saw the conductor moving your valise.
Yes, because from tonight I have my own compartment.
M. Poirot, compartment number one is now ready for you, sir.
Merci, Michel.
Pardon me...
...for all evil I have done this day.
Watch over me while I take my rest.
And deliver me from danger.
Mr. Ratchett?
Mr. Ratchett, is everything all right?
Ce n'est rien.
Je me suis trompé.