Video 5 - Sucesso é uma actitude - Internet Marketing em Português

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[Rui Gabriel]: Hello! In this video we'll see how ... what is necessary for us to succeed in Internet Marketing
and not only in Internet Marketing, in our professional lives as entrepreneurs.
It's very simple, we all know that there are people who are successful, and there are people who do not have practically no success
is no discredit to anyone not succeed, even me, I have not had success in many of the undertaken activities
and have no shame to say it, they served for me to learn many things
and like me many businessman and many people who also work on behalf of other people is the same, then there is no problem.
The point is if we understand why we are successful or why we do not succeed if we work a lot
if we give 100% of what we know and we can, and strive and learn, and we squeeze the final result and the result is almost zero.
And this happens to many people, as I said happened to me too, so let's see why this happens
because if we can automatically identify the problem can begin to find solutions to it, isn't it ...?!
[Silvio Fortunato]: Firstly I believe that success is an attitude, and it is this attitude that we have to improve
sometimes we do not have success until today, or feel that we do not succeed, and success is very relative ...
success has nothing to do with having a lot of money to have houses, have cars ... each one interprets the success his way.
When I say this, is that each one has to know the level where we want to be.
But sometimes we hear the most dangerous person, that's us ... so if we do not have success is because we think and act a certain way.
So if we act and think in a certain way if we continue to act and think the same way we will continue exactly the same thing.
So the first thing is that success is an attitude, we have to think differently.
That's why books and mentors help us see things from other perspectives, and it is always good, instead of looking for the neighbor or brother in law to ...
I don't have anything against my brother in law ... but sometimes we listened to the wrong people, then we have to listen the right people, to change that way of being.
And success is a collection of various things.
First, success is nothing more than winning successive failures, sometimes people are afraid of failure
and fear of criticism, fear of what others might think, isn't it ...?!
[Rui Gabriel]: And it's hard to beat ... sometimes it creates true blockages and the person is unable to function in front of a critical
or in front of a depreciation, especially if it comes from someone who this person has in high regard.
[Silvio Fortunato]: And sometimes the person is telling us that to protect ourselves, they do not want ... "oh my son beware" isn't it...?
our mother wants to protect us, but the bottom line is this: if things work says
"uau, I knew that you'll gonna get it, you're a show ... ..." if things fail she'll ssay "didn't I say it ... I warned you ..."
So people spend too much time worried about what others feel, what others think
and therefore we have to follow our heart, follow your instinct and come who will come, because the last and only responsible for our success
for our future are ourselves, have to be us to build it, and so in the future we have the benefit and the recgonition ...
or not, but the same person is capable of this or that.
So we have to follow our own instincts, and realize that we have to fail, we must fail, because only crashing and failing we'll move forward.
So sometimes the decisions are not good or bad, the worst is sometimes not to make a decision
so, we have to take the action, make a decision, then later we'll fix it, but take the action, because getting really stopped ...
[Rui Gabriel]: Any work and here is the same thing, you always need work, as we have said several times the money does not fall from the sky
and the opportunities also not, therefore, we have to look for opportunities, and to work to have the income that we intend to
but as I was saying earlier, our ... to succeed in whatever activity we do is we need 200% accurate, not 100%
because 100% belongs to us, or we can give our best, but we must also choose a vehicle that gives the other 100%.
As is easy to understand, many people work a very, very much, hours and hours for nothing, it happened to me too
starting work at 07 am and ending at 11 o'clock at night for weeks
and that's not why I had more success, that's not why, I have not the right vehicle.
[Silvio Fortunato]: I have a friend who says, "Sometimes I work, I work so much, that I do not have time to see how we make money"
and therefore not only important for you to be with the right mind, with the right attitude, etc.. but then you work, work, but you are on a donkey, isn't it?...
and you beat the donkey til death ... and well, so you also have to have the right vehicle, and therefore all come together and we need that vehicle.
[Rui Gabriel]: How the Internet can be such a vehicle today?
[Silvio Fortunato]: For me the Internet is a vehicle for many reasons.
Because it has... all these parameters we talk here, you can combine the Internet, is the world of information, the world of opportunities. 48 00:05:47,619 --> 00:05:55,042 Many people have tried the Internet, go there for hours and hours for nothing, I've been there, be there...
You're after your job, hours and hours and hours surfing ...
of course, there are ones that navigate to see pictures of this and that, there are others who surf with the intention of taking anything from the internet
and come to the frustration of doing so much, buy lots of ebooks, buy lots of courses, and is only straw, only disappointment ...
[Rui Gabriel]: And then they don't have support for the practical part.
[Silvio Fortunato]: Exactly, so the Internet has a lot to be said, but the Internet has really ...
well done, and with the right people, and with the right information, you have all these circumstances, you know ...
[Rui Gabriel]: So the first thing in my point of view, is to learn how to use this tool, we're talking about a course
and we are talking about a working model from home using the Internet, so we have to learn how to use this model
and this short course is part of the trainning, that is, as our friend Jim Rohn said
"First we have to change us to start changing things around us"
at the begining I also did not really understand it, I was in a different paradigm
and these videos and what we've been talking about also serves to
a little paradigms change and the game rules that we play in our day by day.
Therefore, it is true that we must invest in ourselves, right ...?
So we have to change ourselves, we must change our way of thinking, starting with that idea ...
[Silvio Fortunato]: Is not our personality ...! Is to add...
[Rui Gabriel]: Exactly ... I was saying is that we help others, and knowing that by helping others we have more success
know this in practice and see it work in practice, for me it was a big change, I had never seen anything like this ...
I was very pleased with it and saw that it works in practice.
So part of reading the books, look for some mentors, those that have proven results, and begin to build a model that works for us.
We are talking about the Internet. So ... does not really matter, because this matter has to be done
but it matters most, doesn't matter to go waste time looking for many things, the interesting is select what might work and what is important.
[Silvio Fortunato]: Sure, sure, and one of the things we teach in our ebook, but this is a free course
but we'll sell you things if you want to buy logically, because we are talking about it here, and therefore in our ebook, is no longer an ebook ...
you'll realize it later, we teach Attraction Marketing techniques, etc.. how to really work effectively on the Internet
logically that the countries that we talked to here work offline and online, isn't it...
And we have to realize that success is that we have to win successive failures, and not be afraid of failing, going into battle, you know ...
Many people have trouble coming out of your comfort zone, sometimes I talk to people and they confess:
"Oh I loved so much to make money ..." is even funnier:
I whish to have this ... or like to have the car you have or want to earn the money you earn, or this or that, and then says it all ...
I whish to have all these things and then I tell him "look you need to do this and this," and normally they say "oh in this case, let it be so ..." it makes you want to beat him ...
People have that thing and they do not do out of their comfort zone, or they want with everything they do today, do not get out from that comfort zone
they want to "get rich", and in fact sometimes it's easier ... our friend Pedro Cardoso says that sometimes it's much easier to be rich than to be poor
is not poor, is between quotes, isn't it...?
[Rui Gabriel]: So let's see the importance of your most valuable asset, is not the money you earn, not the house you have, not the car, it's not that
or land or anything, the most valuable asset you have is you, so you'll see the importance it has, that is:
There is a major investment that has to be done to change your life, to improve your life, is to invest in yourself.
And so we'll see it in the next video, and we'll see the importance it has.