Dr. Pillai Announces New Pillai Center For Mind Science

Uploaded by DattatreyaSivaBaba on 10.03.2010

This is an important video for all the people who have been following me for some time.
I am at a cross road in my life and in my understanding of human nature. I am going
to share all that with you in this brief video clip. I have considered my teaching and my
interaction with people and its impact on the general public. I want to make some important
changes based on my current understanding of life. I am going to first renounce my old
identity, that being the identity of a Guru. The trip to Egypt which I undertook in February
has been an eye opener. 5000 years ago, the Egyptians had a better knowledge and had an
understanding that it’s just not simply linear scientific knowledge but a knowledge
that comprised of a holistic understanding in which you have access to the knowledge
from all the galaxies. I just want to incorporate it into my teaching, I realized the need to
renounce my limited identity, not that I am going to drop or think what I have given you
so far are invalid but I am going to expand the horizon. For instance, I have always been
telling you how to work with the wisdom of the yogis. The wisdom of the Gods and Goddesses
of the Indian tradition but now I am going to incorporate the wisdom that is coming from
the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. Later on I am planning to take a trip to Greece and
then also understand and incorporate them also into our consciousness. I have had training
to do that while I was a graduate student at the University of Pittsburg. Carl Jung
and Mercia Eliade, both had the concept of archetype although their concepts of archetypes
are a little different from one another. They acknowledge that higher intelligence resides
with the archetypes who reside in the unconscious. Jung put this idea out in his book, The Man
and His Symbols. The archetypes are there forever and they are available to both modern
and pre modern cultures, in other words they are Gods and Goddess. They are intelligence
from different galaxies, you can call them aliens or extra terrestrials or if you don’t
believe in them, just they are the power of the unconscious intelligence beyond the mind
intelligence. My primary teaching is going to be on the study of the human mind. My centers
will be called the Center for MindScience. Reflecting this there will be changes that
will take place down the road in my website and the presentation of my teaching material.
Also I am going to incorporate a lot of science; modern western science in interpreting the
archetype and how they can put us in the domain of a higher intelligence. My goal is going
to remain the same. I have repeated many times my goal in this lifetime is to alleviate pain
and suffering. Modern science, although it has done a lot to alleviate pain, it has no
methodology as of yet to totally free man from physical, emotional and psychological
pain. We have to come to a place to understand that there is a need to incorporate other
forms of knowledge or wisdom to supplement our educational system; that’s going to
happen through the study of mind. So my efforts hereafter will be bringing the scientists
and the spiritualists to come to a round table and exchange their models so that we can be
evolve a holistic system that can benefit both the scientists and the spiritualists.
I will respect, I have always done this, all traditions modern or pre-modern that have
contributed to human culture and knowledge traditions. It’s a fallacy to say that one
tradition is primitive and the other sophisticated. There is prejudice possible in my view of
looking at reality, everyone is revealed a certain facet of the secret and it is important
to incorporate all of them whether it is knowledge from the philosopher or sciences from scientist,
then only we can grow as a community to solve our common problems, still there are a lot
of people suffering on this planet without food, without water. We cannot call ourselves
civilized until we have put an end to human suffering. We all belong to one community,
the community of people on planet Earth and that will also be my primary goal to unite
all races, all nations to come and work for the good of the humanity. So my charity programs
will continue but there won’t be any particular identity, you will see the programs developed
in a way that we include all archetypes belonging to different traditions playing an important
role in empowering the human race to give us a higher mind. You know that some time
before, I developed this science called Mind-Sound Technology. Mind is a bunch of sounds is the
premise on which this science was founded. If there is no language, we cannot think.
So our conceptual thinking is depended on the mind and the mind is depended on language
and language is depended on the sound waves. So the fundamental equation is Mind equals
Sound. So Mind-Sound technology will be my scientific wing of the organization. I am
going to undertake a global tour. First, I will start in the United States, then in Canada
and in Europe to present my new understanding to the world. The YouTube also will play an important role.
I am going to put out a lot of YouTube clips explaining the new teaching that I am going
to make available for the future. In the meantime, I must tell you that the old teachings are
not going to go away, they represent the absolute truth so there is no change about it, but
I am going to supplement them with the new knowledge that I have acquired. So how the
merger will take place will be revealed through newsletters that I will be personally writing
and also through YouTube’s and I will also write an exclusive newsletter explaining your
daily practices, that will be my priority and I am going to set aside some time to do
that job. I am delighted that my horizon has now been pushed to an infinite space that
I could see the unity of all religions, of all cultures, of all wisdom and the merger
of all this is the way we are going to create the Golden Age.