Black Jack TV - Full Episode 42 (Official & HQ with subtitles)

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As I stand in the wind on a hill by a port town,
my head feels unusually empty.
I was watching the town from the south side of the shore.
And so I sunk my unsteady passion into the depths of the sea.
This surging power...
It's something hidden in everyone, everywhere.
Day after day, everyone tries their best.
But people get annoyed when I mention it.
It makes me glad...
that I found my place here.
I searched for the reason
why we can believe in the same air
as long as we're alive.
He weaves the thread of life with his miraculous control of a scalpel.
The genius surgeon who lives on a cape.
His name is Black Jack.
The mailman's here!
I'll be checking any mail from women.
All right.
"Dr. Black Jack"
A pink envelope...
It must be an invitation to a wedding.
A wedding?
He's getting married, huh?
He's your friend?
No, just a classmate from med school.
"Attending" "Not Attending"
Why aren't we attending?!
I don't like these sorts of occasions.
You must!
Give it back to me, Pinoko.
You must go.
You don't have many friends, so you must cherish those you have.
A company?!
A company would be your spouse.
And your spouse is me!
"Attending: Doc, Pinoko"
The Misdiagnoses of His Life
Originally "Misdiagnoses" by Tezuka Osamu
"Futohara Hospital"
There goes the head doctor.
He's the second one in the hospital, but I heard he's quite good.
Time for check-ups by the head doctor.
Let's see...
Doctor, I have bad chest pain.
You'll get well if we continue the treatment.
Thank you so much.
Doctor, about that patient...
She's not gotten any better in two weeks.
Should we switch to a chemical therapy?
Did you forget that she has kidney problems?
What if it causes an infection?!
Then some other treatment may...
The current one is fine!
I don't know how good you are, but don't talk to me like you know better!
Right, sorry.
Dr. Futohara, you have a call on line one.
That'd be the senator.
Doctor, there are more check-ups...
I'm busy!
You do the rest!
Follow my instructions exactly!
A round of golf?
I'd be happy to come.
And please don't forget about the election deal.
I'll talk to you then.
Come in.
Excuse me.
Here is your mail.
"Dr. Futohara Yasuo"
Here is your schedule for today.
You have a meeting with a pharmaceutical company at three.
And an interview with a medical magazine at five.
The dinner with the medical group is at six.
A wedding invitation, huh.
Who is it from?
It's my classmate from med school.
I should pay my classmates a visit.
Fit this in my schedule.
Yes, sir.
Man, I'm busy.
I don't even have time to eat.
I should go home.
Ito! Is that you?
It's me!
Senior Tachibana.
Futohara Hospital, huh?
I hear that the second head doctor is doing well with his hospital.
Reducing the number of doctors and increasing the patients count will do that.
Is that so?
He hasn't operated much himself, and he keeps telling me what to do.
And all I do is treating the patients exactly as he says - like a robot.
I'm starting to lose my passion as a doctor.
Sounds like you have it pretty rough.
Oh well. If it gets too tough, then just leave.
But even if I go elsewhere, all I can do is...
Cheer up.
You can come talk to me anytime.
They'll have lots of delicious food at the wedding!
Pinoko, you ready?
Come in.
Excuse me.
Doctor, about that patient earlier...
The one with appendicitis?
He's still getting the antibiotic IV, right?
That level of appendicitis should be treated with antibiotics.
No need to operate.
But Doctor, is his case really appendicitis?
I-I'm sorry!
It's just that he has acute pains and also throws up occasionally.
Are you criticizing my diagnosis?!
No, I don't mean to.
Both are symptoms of appendicitis!
The appendix gets infected periodically!
It's just another case of appendicitis!
Got it?!
Intravenous injection of antibiotics will cure him in no time!
Oh, I need to get going.
Don't act on your own while I'm gone.
Oh, it looks delicious!
Pinoko, do you want me to ask for a high-chair?
I'm a grown-up!
I'm not using a kid's chair!
Man, I'm so late.
Well, hello!
Long time no see.
Black Jack.
I don't see you around much.
Dr. Futohara.
So, how are you doing?
Anyway, I'm starving!
It looks good.
I heard that your license was revoked.
And you have your office?
Be careful.
What if they catch you?
It's not about just you.
Getting caught will bring shame on all of your classmates.
Hey! You got something to say?!
Stop it, Pinoko.
Anyway, life sure has changed a lot for all of us.
There are some that are head doctors of a major hospital like me,
and there are some who're practicing unlicensed.
Is he serious?
And I heard that you made some company president pay ¥100,000,000.
It's people like you that tarnish the image of doctors.
Shame on you.
Don't mind him.
And now a word from the groom's friend from medical school, Dr. Futohara.
Bring me a drink!
I'd like to say congratulations on behalf of our class.
He's so rude!
Let me go!
Dr. Ito, that patient with appendicitis is having trouble!
The Futohara Hospital that I manage earns a considerable profit.
And we return a portion of it back to the community.
We doctors must contribute to the greater cause of the community...
It hurts!
What should I do...
Any sedatives?
It's not working.
Call the head doctor right away!
I tried earlier, but it just goes to his voice mail.
In fact, doctors are supposed to...
I don't know how to eat this.
It's salty!
He just keeps talking about himself.
When I run for the congress, please vote for me.
I just can't believe it's appendicitis.
Should I make an incision?
But it'll be a real problem if anything goes wrong.
Is this City Hospital?
Please patch me over to Dr. Tachibana.
I see.
But I can't tell from your description alone.
Sorry, but I'm in the middle of seeing a patient.
Call again later.
What do I do now?
I can't help it.
I must see him in person and talk to him.
Doctor, please come back to the patient's room.
The patient is...
To City Hospital.
Congratulations on your marriage.
Can I shake your hand?
Yes, thank you so much.
You are so beautiful.
You are very adorable too.
Thank you for coming.
I was afraid that you wouldn't come.
I wasn't going to originally.
What's the matter?
are you upset that I forced you to come?
I'm actually grateful.
The condition of the appendicitis patient worsened?!
Why didn't you call me earlier?!
It went to voice mail?
I see.
Yes, he's writhing with cyanosis.
We gave him a sedative, but it hasn't worked!
Dr. Ito should know!
But he went missing.
How irresponsible!
Find him right now and bring him back!
Ouch! Ouch!
Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!
We're trying right now!
Don't we have any other doctors?!
Only doctors of internal medicine are around.
Please return immediately!
The patient is in critical condition!
I have Ito do all the actual care.
Black Jack!
Hey, I want to ask you for a favor.
Would you come to my hospital?
I guess an appendicitis patient is in trouble.
It may have caused peritonitis.
We are short on staff, so can you help me with an operation?
I'll pay you well.
Hey, excuse me!
You badmouthed him, and now you want...
Is that an official request?
In that case, I'll do it
for ¥30,000,000.
¥30,000,000 for an operation?
You dare charge that to me, your classmate?!
It's fine if you don't want to.
I'll pay.
We'll be held responsible if we let a patient die from appendicitis.
I'll pay!
I'll pay you!
I accept your request, then.
Doctor! Hurry!
Don't rush me, idiot.
It hurts!
The sedative didn't work?
Not much at all.
Does he really have appendicitis?
This is neither appendicitis or peritonitis.
It's probably an acute case of pancreatitis.
I don't want to hear that from an unlicensed doctor!
My diagnosis is never wrong!
Prepare for an operation!
I'm certain that it's pancreatitis.
Black Jack, I'm his primary physician.
So follow my orders!
Make the incision point at the lower right abdomen, along the outer edge of the rectus abdominis.
That's the wrong spot.
No, this is the right spot.
Don't argue with me.
You only need to assist me!
How many laparotomies have you performed?
Shut up!
Your hand is shaking.
You let other doctors perform operations while you just sat around, didn't you?
Shut up!
Look, this is the spot.
The lower end of the greater omentum.
It's almost cured.
Then, the left abdomen!
We'll close this spot and cut the left abdomen.
Doctor, but the bleeding...
Infuse more blood.
That spot is fine too.
It can't be!
So you did misdiagnose him.
You cut open the wrong spots.
Then where?!
What does he have?!
Doctor! Problem with his blood pressure!
Leave the rest to me!
Got it?!
We are switching to an incision at the pancreas.
It can't be.
His symptoms clearly were that of appendicitis.
Dr. Ito! Where have you been?!
The patient was in danger because of you!
The patient was in great pain,
so I was getting advice from another doctor on whether or not to operate on him!
Which other doctor?!
Why not me?!
We couldn't get a hold of you!
Aren't you going to help me?
Do as you want.
You diagnosed him with pancreatitis.
You can operate on him.
So it's wasn't appendicitis after all.
Just as I said!
S-Shut up!
Are you really doctors?!
We are in the middle of an operation.
Save the fighting for later.
We are resuming the operation.
Median incision of the upper abdomen.
He's so fast.
Here's his pancreas.
Look how swollen it is.
Couldn't you see it before?
Electrocautery scalpel.
He is a real surgeon.
Operation completed.
H-Hey Black Jack, do you want to work at my hospital?
This hospital will be world-renowned if you are here.
Have you forgotten that my license was revoked?
Who do you think I am?
I can get you that license back in no time at all.
We can co-own it.
We'll make hoards of money.
Think about it.
Absolutely not.
Still no, huh...
Here's the money, as promised.
You don't have to come in after tonight!
I don't even want to talk to you.
You've never talked to me properly.
I'd love to quit anyway!
Doctor! Wait!
Dr. Black Jack, please hire me.
Let me be your apprentice.
I was greatly impressed by your operation.
I want to learn your skill!
You have a bright future ahead of you.
Go to a reputable hospital.
But I want to work under you.
I want to be a surgeon like you!
Absolutely not.
I won't partner with anyone, and need nobody's help.
And don't become a doctor like myself -
one that anyone would look down on.
Dr. Black Jack...
I want to capture your heart with my silly smile.
Only look straight at me.
Being kind isn't good enough.
I want to get in touch with your true heart,
deep within the you that nobody else sees.
Being in the gentle sunlight,
I wish on the clover that plays the melody of dreams,
and I search for a ray of hope beyond the blue skies,
because I want to stay by your side forever.
The promise we made long ago in a far away place...
is finally coming to a realization, overcoming the incredible distance,
just as it was led by the light.
They all shrank and died!
It's a type of atrophy.
I found that it's a contagious case where the bodies shrink.
The bodies shrink?
What is happening here?
I am infected with the disease.
Why are they shrinking?!
Are you giving up already?
You must know what to do next!
Doc, good luck...
Next Karte - Shrinking!
30,000,000 pesos.
30,000,000 pesos?!
Oh, wow...