Stop the Meter on Your Internet Use

Uploaded by TheOpenmedia on 07.01.2011

Have you heard about this he CRTC's decision to allow big telecom companies like Bell and
SHAW to impose usage based billing on independent internet service providers?
I don't own shares in big telecom
why should i care about this? do you use the internet?
Who doesn’t?
Well those telecom companies have their way
you will no longer be able to enjoy unlimited usage but instead you will pay by the bite.
Wait a minute,
It's not like him one of those dudes we downloads movies and music all day. This decision not
only affects downloads, but all kinds of streaming entertainment and information,
especially audio and video
Don't you listen to internet radio? Yes,
I listen religiously to the big hair report that streams on follicle radio every Monday
and Thursday.
I'm also a fan of the all-Elvis network. And how about video?
Don't you stream video online?
Yes I do.
In fact I just signed up for Netflix
and i'd like to watch old Starsky and Hutch reruns -
Paul Michael Glazer had fantastic curly hair.
Well now thanks to this latest CRTC decision granting big telecom companies the right to bill
internet users by usage
you can expect to pay a lot more for your monthly internet bill. Well if we are shifting
to the internet for our entertainment maybe we should be paying more..
But don't you think that's a little like
being billed by the mileage on your cars odometer
after you’ve already paid for the gas?
This analogy confounds me.
The real point here is
that big telecom providers like Bell, SHAW and Rogers intend to restrict the open internet
with the application of financial premiums and broadband traffic regulations.
This is a serious threat to net neutrality and to the open and accessible internet
as we know it.
Usage based billing limit web innovation to only those who can afford it,
it helps to establish a tiered system of access that privileges those who can afford it and
denies those who can't.
With the CRTC’s blessing, the self-appointed grand gatekeepers of our open and powerful
internet are shaping and limiting and taxing access to an infrastructure there is in fact subsidized
by our taxes and should really be declared a public domain. Are you finished?
And mark my words
if they have it their way they'll be charging you postage on every e-mail you sent your
And what makes you such an expert on these matters?
I'm a senior communications policy analyst and a legal adviser to several large internet
I've written two books and countless articles regarding democracy in the role of the internet
and I'm the love child of Tim Berners-Lee.
don't you think those telecom companies have a right to make a buck? In the second quarter
of 2010, Bell’s parent company reported improved financial performance with net earnings
applicable to common shares growing by seventy point five percent of five hundred
ninety million dollars
and that suggest earnings for a single quarter of the year.
It’s not too late to save the internet,
there's time to appeal the CRTC’s decision
but we have to act fast.
A good place to start is the campaign to stop the metering.
Visit a for more information
Do it now.