Siskel & Ebert - Jaws: The Revenge (+Subs)

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The great white shark attacks again in "Jaws: The Revenge" - The fourth movie!
Just when you thought, it was safe to go back in the theater.
And I'm Roger Ebert of the Chicago-Sun-Times
That's one of four new movies, we'll review this week
And the question I always have, is:
When you see the shark at the top of the water, you only see its fin coming out,
and yet, when you get the shark's point of view, like we just saw,
it's like its eyes are above the water, too. That's a logical error among many logical errors!
You've got that right - we saw the same movie.
And I'm Gene Siskel of the Chicago Tribune.
All the major players are gone from "Jaws: The Revenge"
except Roy Scheider's wife, and her name is now just a tribute question,
Ellen Brody, played by Lorraine Gary -
wife of the boss of MCA/Universal which happens to make the "Jaws"-movies.
3D failed to save the series the last time out,
this time, an idiotic script sinks the whole show.
The premise: Ellen Brody is a widow, Roy Scheider's character has died,
meaning Scheider has enough sense, to know when to stop bilking the public.
And his wife in the film is convinced, that a great white shark has a grudge against her family.
Now, you can just hear those sharks talking
"I'm going to get me a Brody, if it's the last thing I do - erp, erp, erp"
I guess, that's what they say...
Very realistic! Nice shark talk!
Anyway: Here's an example of Ellen Brody's fear.
The scene is very early in the picture, so veteran-moviegoers should be able to figure it out.
Like they say on SNL: I HATE when that happens!
A Dream-Sequence!!
People were groaning in the theater when that happened,
I mean, I wanna go up and punch a hole in the screen!
They were groaning when that happened? How about the NEXT Dream-Sequence?!
ANOTHER "It's only a dream!".
I can't STAND the Dream-Sequences! Why do they do that in the movie?
If there's anything, that annoys an audience it's the Dream-Sequence!
I HATE that stunt, it's old, it's cheap, it's a lousy gimmick,
and I wish they would stop doing it!
And then that describes the whole movie.
You wanna probably see what the shark looks like - they show more of it this time,
and by showing more of it, actually, at the end, it sort of looks fake.
As for the final confrontation: Michael Caine plays a pilot who joins Brody,
and one of her sons, the other is dead,
and one of his friends, in trying to drive the shark crazy,
by first making it swallow an electronic beeper-box - death by noise!
This movie is so badly made, that the death of the shark isn't even set up well.
There's a key shot missing, so that we don't even get the whole picture.
We walk out of the theater very frustrated.
And that last scene is preceded by one of the most glaring errors in recent movie history.
Michael Caine has been in the water, has swim to save the . of the boat,
but in the very next scene, his shirt is as dry as if it just had been freshly laundered.
Let's hope this is the end of the "Jaws" - series.
The first film was thrilling and well acted -
the rest have been trash.
It's not even the next shot!
Michael Caine actually comes over the rail out of the water and he's totally dry.
I was sitting in the theater and I said: "His shirt is dry!!"
the preview audience appreciated that.
You know, I always hate it, when people talk during the movies,
but, I don't know, that seemed to go over pretty well.
And I got a question for you:
I may be very badly confused here, ...I... you know I usually am,
In this movie, this shark wants revenge against the Brody family. - You got it!
Now, in the first movie: what happened to the shark?
- Dead. Blown to pieces, right?
What happened to the shark in the 2nd movie?
- I know: Dead.
Yeah right, what happened to the shark in the.. - They all died!
So in that case: What shark is this?!
- A friend of the other sharks. Is this like a cousin, a nephew?!
And you know what's so great? - What?
You see, by having this gimmick, that means, that even though this one dies,
she still was gonna stay living in that stupid town,
instead of moving to the middle west where she should be - away from sharks!
So in any event: ALL sharks have a revenge against the family? - You got it!