Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 [Story] - Part 1

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It's the FNG Sir.
What kind of name is soap.
Nikoli is in hell right now. We are going to walk him out.
We take care of our friends.
My son's blood on their hands.
Delta 1 s-flet we have a missile launch. I repeat we have a missile...
the more things change
the more they stay the same.
boundaries shift new players step in.
but power always finds a place to rest its head.
we fought and bled along side the russians,
we shoulda known they hate us for it.
history is written by the victor
and here i am thinking we'd won.
but you bring down one enemy and they someone even worse the replace him.
locations change the rational the objective
yesterday's enemies are today's recruits
train them to fight along side you
and pray they don't decide to hate you for it too
same shit different day
you know what i'm looking for sergeant foley
keep your eyes open
got a new batch hittin the pit today sir
I'll send you the best i find
Welcome to pull the trigger 1O1
Private allen here is going to do a quick weapons demontraion to show you locals how it's done

preventing any mention of lebanon
donald w
rabat with adopted by the time it tonight
fire departments and staff
based he sprayed bullets all
you've got to take the time he tried to deliver the gun decides almost daily
alice sell-off frenzy of the registered democrat
crowds first that came down his site at the target
crystal you want to talk to go down fifty aimed on your side
what is your target is behind like up to remember that certainly was competitive
addictive drugs
police and military will tell
has also threatened
it's become president of the fifty possibly neighboring state of several
times once
policy bond
threats to the roommates lucasarts
i don't think twice before class one of his laguardia
thanks to help right out of me but i don't think they have
general shelton was to see you in the course
welcome back to you
socio-political shooting from a universal specialized
razor-thin observation
high stress issues raised
didn't switch to decide on again
pcf excellence
remember certain your postal service has been delayed
well smile for the cameras in the midst just who watched
students do in finance
starts is the first target pos
parallel processing
very much the risk and recipient delta can or whatever
at so comrades
wall street in blocking positions carefully to see some real actions
babysit seems to be brought to us
merry christmas and
and therefore shoeprints
physicists disintegrated team will go back yard
you know the most powerful military forces in the history of mankind
every five is our flight
because what happens over here matters over there
i think it's just that one out
use the tools of modern warfare is the difference between prospering of your
people n other destruction
we can't give you freedom
but we can give you the know-how to acquire
that my friends
is worth more than a whole on the basis of steel
shoe it matters who's got the biggest equipment is a helluva lot more guns
when u
this is a time for heroes
parents and legend mysterious woman was interest has got to work