What is TIFF Nexus?

Uploaded by tiff on 14.10.2011

We spent a year really talking
to different communities about how
they would like to enage with this
building, and what TIFF Bell Lightbox
could do for them.
We found out that these diverse
sectors don't really communicate
and collaborate as much as they'd
like too, and with the opening of
TIFF Bell Lightbox, we thought this
would be the perfect hub to bring
together film makers, game makers,
digital artists, to really combine,
collaborate and learn from each other
and to develop new projects that could
turn into prototypes, that could turn
turn into prototypes, that could turn
into games, into interactive films.
They could turn into anything!
The most important thing is networks
and when you have an idea
and you want to contact your friend
who actually knows something about
graphics novels, or knows something
about games, or actually knows someone
or did a film related to that idea
that's how creativity works.
You have to build things.
You have to make things.
Every project we make
in the 21st century is gonna require
multiple skills. You can't make an
iPad app that's a film basis
that does not involve programming,
that does not involve graphic design,
and user interface.
If you can put them in the same room
together, you can get that creativity
actually sparking.
We'll go and build something bigger,
and then get more people on board,
now that we know it works.
It doesn't just end with the jam.
'Oh we came out, we did this,
and we're done.' Rather its like
now there's an even bigger idea.
It's a way for people to get to know
each other, while producing something.
Getting down and dirty together,
and really building things,
making this new generation of digital
media, making these new forms of
I'm really excited about
the opportunities that Nexus provides
filmmakers to really meet with
game makers, to really talk about the
kinds of storytelling, the kind of
projects that they can work on
together and create a whole new
storytelling hybrid.
It's about the evolution
of storytelling.
The only way the arts are gonna grow
is if we see more hybrids.
If we see more people interested in
social media, interested in computers,
interested in storytelling.
What are the stories?
And what are the forms of storytelling
the kind of cultural forms
that these technologies are going to
transform and change.
They all have to come together
to figure out what this new generation
of storytelling tools are going to be
like, and TIFF Nexus is the place
to do that.
Part of what Nexus is designed to do
is to bring people together
by putting them in the same room
to learn from each other, to connect
with each other, to talk to each other
They have to be in the same room
They have to spark off each other.
They have to create together.
We get major filmmakers,
we get major industry participants,
we get really talented coders,
we get CEOs of interactive digital
production companies
in a room to talk to one another.
It's been an amazing collaboration
between all these different teams
that has provided us a supporting
foundation together, talk about
the issues they're interested in
and make games along the way.
With that essential foundation,
we've been able to give people an
opportunity to do what they love,
and really expand their creativity and
take their ideas someplace that's
really interesting.
It's designed to result in creative
projects that have a life outside
of a physical space, that live
in a digital world, but are built
from strong connections and
collaborations made in a central place
The best possible outcome is already
happening, which is getting all sorts
interest from people in different
fields in one room, talking and
working together and coming up with
great new ideas.
To watch people collaborate
in a creative way, is a very, very
exciting thing. You're bringing
together all kinds of people with
very different backgrounds
often with different nomanclatures,
different words for things,
but finding what brings them together
and then having a dialogue and
blowing people's minds in the process.
I think the beauty of TIFF Nexus
is that we don't know what it's gonna
evolve into.
It's a fabulous program for us
because its encouraging the film
industry, and the game industry
and technologies industries to work
together and to spark what we hope
will be fabulous new ideas
that will really help our storytellers
of the future.
I really want them to connect,
to talk, and to see, to see where
their collaborations can go
There's no limit to the future
of the Nexus project.
I'm excited about the uncertainty
of what will come out of this project.