C & S story 44 (2/2) - w/family - SUB

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A: Auntie-ji, the agency. They can't find anyone.
Z: Oh, you're kidding me?! Right, come and stir this!
A: But, I'm not wearing an apron... Z: Yes, you are!
A: But Auntie, I've got to- Z: Amira, all you've got to do is stir!
Zainab Masood speaking. Yes, I understand that you're letting us down, and that clearly isn't good enough, alright?!
All the business that we send your way, I expect someone here. I expect them in the next half-hour, otherwise I'll do-
C: No need, Zainab.
Z: You're here!
C: Yeah. Z: You're late! It's alright, I've found someone.
But you tell that manageress of yours that she can count herself lucky that I'm not canceling our account!
Right! I've packed it all up and I've put it on the side, there. It's just a cold tea-time buffet.
All you've got to do is just get it there and lay it out. C: Yes, Zainab.
Z: And please try and make it look nice, alright? Napkins all tidy. C: Yes, Zainab!
Z: And I want the cutlery on the right-hand side, and I and don't want any smears- C: No, Zainab.
Z: The gateaux at the back of the table- M: Zainab, I want to have a word with you!
Z: Yeah, and I want a word with you too! Uh, what is this about your parents coming to stay?!
S: Well done. C: Thanks.
M: I don't know what you're talking about? Z: Don't play the innocent with me. I know exactly what's going on!
S: Ramadan, it's going to be over quicker than you know!
M: My parents are not coming to stay.
Z: You can't fool me. M: I'm not trying to fool you.
Z: You are. M: I'm not. Z: You are. M: I'm not.
Z: You are. M: I'm not. Zainab, will you just shut up for a minute and listen?!
Z: Did you just tell me to shut up?
M: Well, just listen?! And look!
Z: Is that a baby elephant? Z&M: Aww.
M: And then, after Kenya- Z: Uh huh...
Oh, can we go to Mexico?! M: Ah, no problemo!
Z: Mas? M: Hmm?
Z: Why is your father paying for a round-the-world trip for us?
M: Uh, well, it's not quite a gift. It's a loan as well. Z: Why?
M: Because you're worth it?
Z: It's a nice dream, Mas. M: Oh, it's not a dream. The travel-agents are working on the tickets right now.
You know, the day after Tamwar heads off to Oxford you and I are heading off to Heathrow.
Z: Hmm, what about this place?
M: Well, I've talked to Jane, she's going to talk to Ian and then they're gonna sort something out.
Z: But I'll have to have all those nasty injections! M: Well, you're a big girl. I think you can cope.
Z: What about Syed? M: What about Syed?! S: The wedding!
M: Well, that's not until next year! Z: It takes a lot to prepare for a wedding!
M: Yeah, well you can 'phone in your instructions from the other side of the world. Oh come on, Zainab, we can do this!
You and me, being on our own, it's not all about losing the kids! There's a lot we can do now. The world is at our feet.
We can do what we want, when we want. We can travel, we can stay out all night!
We're gonna have loud parties. We can, eh, whatever...
So bye-bye kids, hello freedom.