Sean Plott Extended Interview from Small World TableTop Episode 1

Uploaded by geekandsundry on Apr 2, 2012


My name is Sean Plott, or as I'm known on the
internet, I'm Day[9].
I do a StarCraft II strategy and analysis live web show
called the Day[9]
Daily, where we learn to be a better gamer.
I produce videos on strategy, videos of just
SHOUTcasting matches.
And similar to anyone who has an internet television series,
I just host it on YouTube and Blip.
And those help support me and a small team to spread the
love and joy of e-sports.
Well, for me, the history of my gaming is me trying to
compete against my brother.
So growing up, it was just he and I, and every game we
played against each other--
Soulcalibur, GoldenEye 64, and then eventually StarCraft.
The magic of StarCraft is that as we kept playing,
it never got dry.
It always felt like there was something more to do.
So 12 years later, I was still playing StarCraft, did the
whole competitive tournament scene thing.
And then StarCraft II came out.
So that was a pretty natural little leap over.
Gaming at a competitive level is very difficult.
And it requires extreme discipline and practice and
clever analysis to try to figure out
what's going on in those.
And the show is about embracing that, not recoiling
away from it and going, oh, no, gaming is just something I
do in my spare time.
But no, this is something that I love that is my passion.
And I want to work at this.
I want to indulge in the culture.
I want to, specifically with StarCraft,
compete at a better level.
So the core idea is just loving all that is gaming and
embracing it for who you are.
Gaining is a beautiful form of creative expressions where you
get to find out the personality of the player
through the decisions they make.

I just knocked it out of the park.