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The smoke keeps coming towards me.
Coming back to my hometown, I thought we'd have Sashimi...
But all we get is pig intestine?
Hey, raw fish is cheapest and freshest in Seoul.
Everything here is brought in from Seoul.
But we're next to the ocean!
Here, raw meat!
Hey, why hasn't that punk shown up yet?
Is he skipping out this year too?
You think he'd come? He hasn't shown his face here for 10 years.
He still hasn't forgotten that girl?
Who? Su-eun?
Today's the day Su-eun died.
Is this cooked yet or not?
If your first girlfriend died, could you simply forget it?
Let's drop it. Whether he forgets or not, it's his own life.
- It's great to see you. - Good to see you.
It's been a long time.
Bae Su-eun! Bae Su-eun! Can you hear me?
Su-eun, this guy Su-ho still can't forget you.
Cut it out!
His brain is tiny,
but it's filled with thoughts about you.
Let go of my friend!
Please, Su-eun!

Huh? My beeper...
We've been looking all over for you.
What are you doing here?
I don't know. I had spasms.
Did you guys save me?
Have you been dreaming?
Hey, girls...
- Where, where? - Oh, girls!

Oh my God!
Oh, it's you.
Is this too narrow?
How could you pop out like that? You scared the crap out of me.
Is that coffin yours?
That sounds like I should die soon.
You and I are growing old together, so careful what you say.
Then whose is it?
- Mr. Park. - The village head's father?
- I like this one. - That one's expensive.
- Then give me a discount. - Well, whatever you like.
We made some bean-paste soup, so stop by if you like.
OK. Take care of yourself.
Wow, this is killer weather!
You shouldn't use that word here.
Why not?
Nobody's getting killed here.
Wow, this is killer beer.
You're too much.
Is Mr. Park going to die?
Everyone dies sooner or later.
Just let it rest.
Rest in peace? Where?
Wow, this is killer weather.
In the shade of a magnolia tree,
I read the letters of Werther.
Playing flute on a hill blanketed with clouds of flowers.
I have come from far away,
and take a boat from a nameless pier.
The returning April ignites the torches of life.
The shining season of dreams,
The season of tear-filled rainbows.
In the shade of a magnolia tree,
I read the letters of Werther.
What'll I do? I should concentrate on studies.
Su-eun over there she keeps staring at me in class.
I predict now, she's going to ask me out within a week.
Shoot! I need to study.
What's wrong with girls these days?
They've got such high standards.
- You go first. - No, you go first.
I'll go to the right, and you go left.
You mean, your right?
Buy me a croquette.
- Why? - Just because.
But, if I buy you a croquette,
it's going to be hard for us at school from now on.
Just because.
Excuse me...
You stupid fool! You're just being toyed with.
What are you talking about?
You think it makes sense?
Why would Su-eun, the prettiest girl in school, like you?
She's just tired of good-looking guys,
so she felt like a change of pace.
You know Young-gu from the Judo club?
He picked her out already. You're a marked man!
I just bought her a damned croquette!
Just wait. The croquette is only the beginning...
Su-ho! Su-ho!
You're just a toy. When she's done, she'll throw you away!
Are you worried for your friend, or jealous?
Who's jealous?
I don't get it. Why Su-ho and not me?
Not you, either!
Are you the punk who's going out with Su-eun?
Is there anyone else here?
- Are you or aren't you? - I'm not going out with her.
I hate cowardly types like you more than anything.
- I'll beat some sense into you. - Wait, wait...
Su-eun, Su-eun!
Are we going out or not?
Please, I'm in a...
Miss Bae?
Do you happen to be dating this rat, or not?
We're going out.
Su-ho! Hop on, quick!
Full speed ahead!
Hey, catch him, quick!
Chase after those bikes!
Hey, I'm a teacher!
You guys can't do that!
Stop, stop!
- I'm heavier than you thought? - No, you're as heavy as I thought.
The sea's so blue.
It usually is.
Like it'll turn my hand blue.
- Oh, can't you swim? - Sure I can!
- What are you laughing about? - You weren't hurt?
Oh, that stupid, wacko pig Young-gu...
Those guys saved me.
Do you play soccer these days?
I used to in junior high, but not now.
You were the goalkeeper?
Yeah, so I wouldn't have to run.
But how'd you know that?
We were in the same class back then.
Oh, that's right.
Your grandfather's place is in my neighborhood, right?
You know that too?
Remember how we were assigned to clean together?
Were we?
Do you remember what you asked me then?
What was it?
What does the "su" in Su-eun mean?
Oh, "su" meaning "life!"
And your "su" means "excellence!"
Buy me a beeper.
A beeper?
I lost mine because of you, so you should buy me one.
Because of me?
You dummy.
The sea's so red.
It usually is at this time.
Then, why's your face so red?
Well, at this time, it usually is.
Just wanted to call your name.
- I get it! - Huh?
You're getting transferred.
That's why you suddenly started
to talk and laugh with me.
What does the "eun" in Su-eun mean?
Trying to burn me with your stare? Your eyes are going to pop out.
Gosh, my guts churn whenever you say that.
If you call my name, it can only be about one thing.
"How do I love thee?
Let me count the dollar bills."
Mom, a beeper.
What? A piper?
- No, not that... - Bzzz... A beeper!
Did you eat a blowfish? Bzzz... A beeper, my ass!
Go to your room and study!
Don't you know how to knock?
I heard you got a girlfriend.
The whole school's talking about it.
How come a spineless sea squirt like you has a date,
but not me?
Because you look like a spineless sea slug, that's why.
Su-ho, is there anybody decent among your friends?
You lie sleeping through the long summer days, the long winter nights.
You lie sleeping through the long summer days, the long winter nights.
In a hundred years, I will lie next to you.
In a hundred years, I will lie next to you.
Please wait in peace until that day.
Please wait in peace until that day.
This is an old Chinese poem.
It's beautiful, heartbreaking poetry, but it's not on any tests.
It seems the poet wrote it after the death of his beloved.
Even though mankind seems to have made great progress,
In the human heart, deep within,
there hasn't been much change.
This poem was written about 2,000 years ago.
But it's more touching than today's poems.
Someone please read it out loud.
What's the date today?
- It's the 17th. - Yes, student #17!
You guys all repeat after Su-eun.
You lie sleeping through the long summer days, the long winter nights.
You lie sleeping through the long summer days, the long winter nights.
In a hundred years, I will lie next to you.
Please wait in peace until that day.
My father's real scary.
You better not call me at home.
A beeper number... You said you lost your beeper.
You dummy. You can still leave a message in the system.
Oh, right...
- Bye. - Bye.
- See you at school tomorrow. - Yeah, bye.
You dimwit!
What I'm saying is,
our homeroom teacher is dating the math teacher.
Yeah, it's really true. Think about it.
Then why'd they sit together during the school picnic?
The science teacher and school nurse were there, why sit next to him?
Hey, you spineless sea slug!
- Did you rent out the phone? - Look, you're just too dimwitted.
How do you get by in the real world?
I'm always an hour ahead of anyone else, really.
If I'm right,
you buy me lunch tomorrow. Kimbap and hot rice cakes, okay?
Who do you want to call?
You want to call your girlfriend, right?
I just can't allow that, brother.
Go back to your home planet!
You have four messages. First message...
Oh my God! I heard you're dating the sea squirt!
- God, what a fright! - Su-eun, this is Seong-jin.
Can't you give it a second thought?
- Me too! - Me too!
- Oh, jeez... - Hi Su-ho, it's me Su-eun.
Does it still feel strange?
Actually it does for me too.
Where did I ever get the courage?
Oh, so she needed courage too.
You dummy, not even knowing that someone's staring at you.
You dummy, only thinking of what you want to say,
not of the person you're speaking to.
When I first saw you, you looked like a boy emerged from the sea.
While I felt like I had fallen into the sea.
If I don't speak out my feelings now, I think I'll suffocate.
I like so much being with you.
I like being with you too.
Su-ho, you'd better go home.
Your grandfather collapsed.
What could I do? The weather's so gloomy,
If I don't drink with you, I'll always regret it.
So you just summoned your grandson from class?
Lying about having a stroke?
How could you?

Look, you're changing the sign. You must be up to something.
I'm not up to anything.
Just wanted to have a beer and talk.
Talk about what?
Are you in love with anyone?
Why do you ask?
Just tell me, yes or no?
What is it this time?
Want to hear about my first love?
You mean how you met Grandma?
Not that, my first love.
Grandma wasn't your first love?
No, you dope.
Huh? Su-eun!
- I brought your bag. - Oh, thanks.
Grandpa, this is my friend Su-eun.
How old are you?
Excuse me?
How old are you? Nineteen?
Then turn around eighteen times.
It's just superstition.
Go ahead.
That's enough.
You helpless, grandpa.
She mustn't get stuck with bad ghosts.
- Are you dizzy? - Yes.
A sip of this will make you feel better.
- Oh, Su-eun doesn't drink. - It's okay, I like drinking.
It's my first time in a place like this.
It's not good to come too often.
Oh right, please continue your story from before.
What's that?
About your first love.
I had a first love too.
When I first saw her, I thought I'd seen an angel.
My eyes were so blinded, I couldn't look straight.
She was too precious for a guy like me to even dream of.
Naturally, her family was completely against it.
We were from two different worlds.
But we loved each other.
We loved each other to death.
Soon-im! Soon-im!
Come back alive.
Please, come back alive.
After the war, I came back to my hometown,
but there was nobody waiting for me.
I came to feel the words,
"Alive but not living, dead but not departed."
I was never able to meet her again.
I thought over what your grandpa said.
It may be upsetting to you,
but I understand him.
It's amazing to love somebody for one's entire life.
But at the same time I'm relieved.
If your grandpa had married her,
you wouldn't have been born.
That would be bad for both of us.
It's hard to believe. Your grandpa kept her in his heart
for all that time.
- Fifty years. - He's so cruel.
- Who? - My grandpa.
All those years with my grandma, he loved someone else.
What would you do if you were him?
Could you love only one woman for fifty years?
You three, stand with your hands up.
Wait a minute.
You, Hye-seong!
You're not in this class, what are you doing here?
Go to your own class!
Sorry, sir.
Is he so fond of my class?
You little punk!
My grandpa made it possible for us to meet.
Like you said, if his love had come true,
we wouldn't have met.
- Do you believe in an afterlife? - Why?
Your grandpa hopes to fulfill his love in an afterlife.
I believe in God, but I don't believe in an afterlife.
How are God and the afterlife different?
I think the afterlife is just made up by people.
Then what about your grandpa?
Isn't he just getting consolation
from thinking about an afterlife?
You cried when you heard his story, too.
Well, you cried, so I did too.
Then you think after we die we just totally disappear?
If we don't, then the afterlife will be pretty overpopulated.
Are you saying that people who believe in it are idiots?
- Who said anything about idiots? - You're mean.
Wait, Su-eun!
- You're egotistical! - That's not what I meant.
Hey, do you think he's asking her because he really doesn't know?
He's the best student in the whole school.
I can't stand good-looking guys who are smart.
Look at the two of them.
They're having fun.
What's with you?
You dummy. What are you upset about?
Don't you know?
Is it Min-soo?
Because he asked me about that math problem?
If that's what it is, I'm really disappointed.
You can't stand me talking to anyone else,
so if I married someone else,
you wouldn't last 5 minutes, let alone 50 years.
Keep it dry and well-ventilated.
Thank you.
Thanks, take care.
Don't sigh, it chases out good luck.
Why'd you have to tell her about your first love?
It was raining, how could I not talk about it?
Then after that, you never saw her again?
Never mind, you punk!
A single rabbit.
Without a mast, without a pole.
It moves smoothly towards the land in the west.
I was called to prepare a funeral, and it was Soon-im's husband.
We couldn't exchange even a word.
Whether not recognizing me or ignoring me, she just kept crying.
That's how karma works.
You think everything is set in your favor,
but life puts many curves in your path.
One small twist can bring an entirely different fate.
They say everyone has their own destiny.
For grandpa, it was my grandmother.
For my dad, it was my mom.
I wish that you could be my destiny.
Me too.
O, then, dear saint, let lips do what hands do.
They pray, grant thou, lest faith turn to despair.
Saints do not move,
though grant for prayers' sake.
Then move not,
While my prayer's effect I take.
Thus from my lips, by yours, my sin is purged.
Damn, I can't see them.
Hey, you.
You haven't kissed her yet?
He hasn't even held her hand.
Would you shut up? I can't concentrate.
You haven't even held her hand?
Just catch the ball.
You know how many guys have their eyes on her?
Sang-gyu from the baseball club, and school president Min-soo.
Hoon-tae from the literary club, Hye-sung, Seong-jin...
Don't leave out yourself.
Hey, look where you pitch...
Have you ever seen Marriage Rock?
The rock on Fog lsland?
It's a real supernatural rock, you know my second sister?
As you know, like Su-ho's sister
she's not a great catch.
That rock must be supernatural.
A well-known shaman pointed to that rock.
She told my sister
to pray in front of the rock.
You know her personality? She raced over there.
What happened?
She met him!
My brother-in-law!
It's really mysterious.
Opening her eyes after praying by the rock,
she saw a guy.
And he said, "You have the eyes of a deer."
A deer!
The Marriage Rock?
We leave Saturday after class.
We'll spend the night and come back on Sunday,
Can you come?
Who are we going with?
Seong-jin, Hye-seong, Jong-gu, and Jong-gu's girlfriend.
Jong-gu has a girlfriend?
Mi-young. They started dating again.
I'll ask my mom.
Where the heck are they?
Why are you at home? The boat leaves in 5 minutes.
We aren't going.
We had a talk, and decided to drop out for your sake.
You happy?
Are you crazy?
Don't pretend you don't like it.
Make something up, and don't stutter.
Anything wrong?
Nothing wrong...
Aren't they coming?
Well, it seems something came up.
The dog... Seong-jin had puppies,
I mean his dog had puppies...
Jong-gu, his... Roof is leaking, so he has to fix it.
- It's not even raining. - Oh?
You're right...
This is a scam.
You planned it, right?
No, that's not it... Do you think l... You...
Two tickets for the two o'clock boat, please.
Su-eun! What are you doing?
What did you wish for?
What about you?
You say it first.
No, you go first.
Shall we do it together?
One, two, three...
Let every day be like today!
- Jinx! - You got me.

She must be quite pretty,
- Are you newlyweds? - What? Yes.
Live well, and don't argue.
Yes, ma'am!
It seems she can't see well.
That's what happens when you get old.
Seems she has good ears.
Yeah, only my ears. Everything's too loud.
Better to die when you get old. Better to die.
Do you want more?
Go and help yourself.
Tonight, even the stars are sleeping.
You gaze at the sea alone...
The waves dancing their lonely dance...
I'm wandering about...
Lost and found?
Stuff people left behind?
My darling, did you forget my image and my heart?
Did the cold wind erase your love?
All is the same as before,
and there's no reason for things to change.
But what makes me miss you
are the midsummer night dreams...
This rain reminds me of something.
When my dad and grandma were alive,
A blind masseuse used to come to our house.
She looked to be in her sixties.
She had been blind from birth.
But one day she asked me a question.
Su-ho, does the rain fall in drops.
Or does it fall in threads?
So how did you answer?
It falls in drops. Drop by drop.
Oh, so it falls in drops...
That night,lworried about whether
it actually falls in threads.
I'm still not sure. How does the rain fall?
In threads...
In drops...
When can I find out?
What are you doing? Couldn't you sleep?
The rain stopped.
In the center of a typhoon, there's no rain or wind, only tranquility.
Then, are we in the center of a typhoon?
It's beautiful.
What's the probability of seeing something like this?
What's the slim probability of us meeting each other?
Like the probability of seeing a star during a typhoon.
I made up my mind.
I will cry for you, laugh for you,
and live for you.
You are the center of my universe.
You're easily offended, jealous,
clumsy and you stutter when you lie,
but I like that.
I wish we could stay here forever.
Hold still.
I'm okay.
It's not okay. Let's go home.
Get up.
I'm sorry.
Throughout the history of Korean poetry,
Nothing among formal verse compares to shijo, loved by people
Of all regions and classes.
The earth is protected by the Fantastic Four,
and Bae Su-eun is protected by Kim Su-ho.
Princess Anaemia, please accept my proposal.
My brain is small, but I have much blood,
So I'll be your blood.
Have you seen my grandfather? I guess you haven't.
He treats people with medical problems.
In fact, my grandpa is the head of this hospital
Nice room, right?
Oh my gosh!
Oh, Grandpa, are you making rounds?
I like the sky.
The clouds, too.
And the sunset.
And the rainbow over the sea.
And you?
I like school uniforms.
I must be crazy. Why do they seem so pretty?
I hate the smell of fish coming from my mom.
What I really hate is side dishes made of fish.
When they glare up at me from the table, it's scary.
I hate needles.
Couldn't I just drink it up instead?
What does mom dream about?
The saddest thing is watching my mom sleep from behind.
For me the saddest thing...
Even if we find a marrow donor and operate...
For me the saddest thing...
Where are you going? To the hospital?
I can't go too often.
Her father hates it when I come.
So when will she get out?
It seems a long stay for anaemia.
What did you do on the island?
Did you pick up some bad jinx there?
What did you do? You're hiding something from us.
Did you really only kiss her?
Just kissing?
- Hey, what's wrong? - What did you do?
- Which floor? - Second floor.
- We'll go buy some juice. - Okay.
Where's the patient from room 203?
From room 203. Bae Su-eun.
Bae Su-eun disappeared this morning.
Where did she go?
I don't know.
Take this to the pediatric ward.
- A patient disappeared? - Who?
- Bae Su-eun from room 203. - The leukemia patient?
So this is what it feels like.
Having fun?
Are you having fun?!
I'm sorry.
Su-ho, I'm sorry.
When I call, will you always answer me?
Dad, come home early today.
I'll cook your favorite fish soup.
Okay. Take it easy.
Oh, welcome.
I'm looking for Mr. Kim Man-geum.
Yes, that's me.
You're exactly as I heard.
My mom kept this for a long time.
She'd like to see you one last time.
And if it's all right with you, I'd like you to prepare her funeral.
Did she go peacefully?
It wasn't difficult. She went in peace.
If only we had met earlier.
Why was it so difficult for us to meet?
Thank you. So you haven't forgotten me either.
I'm sorry I never bought you any clothes while you were alive
I made this myself, so please accept it.
In the next world,
Iet's meet again, and never separate.
Wait a bit longer. I'll follow you soon.
Today Grandpa's love was fulfilled.
He finally met Soon-im.
As you said, people in love can meet even after death.
It seems that destiny isn't as simple as I thought.
Soon-im was missing grandpa as well.
Do you think we can love like grandpa?
Princess Anaemia!
I've come under the Queen's curse.
How can I break the curse?
I need to be kissed by a prince.
Just a minute, Su-eun.
You dummy. We can't do it directly anyway.
Even still.
What did you say your name was?
Kim Su-ho.
Have a seat.
What do you like so much about Su-eun?
She's pretty, right?
She really is pretty.
I don't just say it because she's my daughter.
Seeing all this, there's so much to be sad about.
That she's so pretty,
and that I couldn't do more for her.
She's so young.
There isn't anything I can do for her.
If there's anything you can do for her, please do it.
Mom. How did you cope?
When dad died...
Don't you miss him?
Have you gone mad? Why that all of a sudden?
Of course, I think of him sometimes.
I miss him.
Being left behind is as scary as leaving.
You... I can remember, but who can remember me?
When I disappear, all the people I know will remember me.
But as time passes,
Only my friends, parents,
and you will remember me.
And after more time passes, who will remember?
After a long time, will you forget me, too?
No, I'll always remember.
That's what's most scary.
Remember me.
Like your grandpa said, only the body dies, not the mind.
I want you to remember me until you die.
My brain is small,
So I'll forget you after a few days.
I'll buy croquettes for another girl.
No! Even if I die, I'll stay in your heart.
When you ride a bike, go to the bathroom,
Meet a girl, I'll always follow you.
You can't date another girl.
I'll marry a wonderful woman,
have lots of kids,
make lots of money
and be incredibly happy.
Just so you can see it all.
To save, press 1. To listen again, press 2. To cancel, press 3.
The message is cancelled.
- Su-ho. - Huh?
I want to go back to that island.
Please take me there.
Now for a news flash.
As typhoon #12 moves north,
a high sea warning has been
declared in the southwest...
My birthday...
It's a week before yours.
Since I was born first,
I waited alone in a world without you.
In the future,
I'll wait for you a long, long time.
Take your time. Stall all you like.
As long as I've been living, there's never been a day without you.
And there never will be.

We can go.
For sure we can.
Wait a minute. You can wait, right?
I have tickets to Fog lsland. The ferry will run?
- It's suspended. - What?
See the next desk for a refund.
Hello, this is Jangseungpo Pier.
Not just the 2:00,
all ferries are suspended.
Hello, Jangseungpo Pier.
Yes, all day long.
No, for refunds, you must come in person.
It's really pouring out there.
Oh my god!
Please, let us take the ferry!
How can you insist that? Can't you see the storm outside?
- Please! - What the...
I need to go! Please, I'm begging you!
What's wrong with you?
- I need to go there! - Get him off of me!
Thank you, Su-ho.
Thank you for letting me have only good memories.
And I'm thankful that it's you I should thank.
You are the sea of my life.
So I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I can't stay next to you,
and sorry I loved you.
Please be happy.
Because I love you, you must be happy.
Do you understand me?
Will you promise me?
That you'll be happy, that you'll be well...
I'm sorry, Su-eun.
The boat can't go because of the rain.
I really wanted to take you there, but it seems impossible.
Su-eun... I'm sorry. Su-eun...
Want a room? How many people?
When these seeds become flowers and cover the hill,
I'll come with Su-ho.
I'll come back next year and the year after.
This hill covered with flowers will be my gift to Su-ho.
Will he accept it?
I'm curious...
What color flowers will bloom?
What face he will make?
It's beautiful.
What's the probability of seeing something like this?
What's the slim probability of us meeting each other?
Like the probability of seeing a star during a typhoon.
I love you.
I love you too.