Big Fat Liar (10/10) Movie CLIP - Marty's Big Confession (2002) HD

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I stoleJason Shepherd's paper and turned it into Big Fat Liar!
You know who's listening, pal? Hmm? No one.
And they never will. So for the last time, give it up!
Because I will never, ever, ever-- like never, ever, ever,
ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever-- infinity--
tell the truth. [ Blowing Raspberry ]
Because the truth's overrated, right?
That's right! [ Man ] And cut!
I told you, Wolf. The only way to shoot this scene is from 1 2 different camera angles...
with birds flyin' around.
Oh, and, by the by,
Confucius say, ''Kastang, you're busted.''
Rock 'n' roll, baby.
It's just like you wanted, Wolf.
The press is all here.
You stole the idea for this movie from a 1 3-year-old boy?
He's, um--
He's 1 4.
This is the end of the line, Wolf.
It's over.
[ Growls ]
Wolf, I wanna say thanks.
You taught me a valuable lesson.
The truth: It's not overrated.
[ Laughing ]
I am gonna get you, Shepherd!
[ Screams ]