Audacity Tutorial How to Sample Music for Mashup Remix Loops | Tutorial to Edit MP3

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hello musicians My name is Andrew Mercer and in this short tutorial on the show you
how to expanded sample
songs and samplings of sing songs hey extractable pieces sound
to use it these agreements is
and mashups and all sorts of things so hold tight
greatest their determination and it is something it's excellent al-rashid
check-in it's called seeds by the band
haiti rosetta
hate rosetta pre-k demands
okay checkout
so now uh... sampling music in our destiny
ten seconds
before get started
be careful bits sampling music that doesn't belong to you may sample
something that that you don't have uh... proper legal entitlement to end up using
any music and before you know what you won't be of the publisher music so we
could very careful but the samples you use
so now i mean samplings xy queasy not actually uh... let's get started with
the piece that i a m wrote idea wrote i just uh... recorded
four a year
for uh... different video on beat matching seen check that one of two
that's for mashups in
mixtapes and things
so this is a very short piece of music but let me just play beginning to that
one sample to beginning section
okay he had a little chomping at the beginning that snare drum pattern
yeah i want to get that out so um... what i'll do is i'll take my mail still
sliding across the very beginning
of this of this music
either of those of little did she say can see it cm sliding crossed
this is the very beginning
i noticed take if the the beginning section here and i'm gonna blow up even
more so i can see it may seem clearly
uh... look for the thinking down the street one playing
nico that's
that some of the force that little bit at the beginning here so that's
me just samplawski this much right here in tx play again
okay i don't want this little data set at the end
so i'm gonna do is in a place like cursor
right aunt the
beginning that radiator and so on get just a drum corps
some listening in
now that's what i want okay so now i will take that out
now the way i think you know it is pretty easy i'll just go copy
and a copy
and takes it now um... i want but this is something new
so i'll go file and i'll start a new project
so they go quick new
and now i don't blame project i'm gonna piece to what i just recorded twenty two
sample that was
or paste it into uh... too new too
he goes to their days this blow that up
nato so now much too that's that's pretty easy
on unless you're a little bit of the uh... i think that i do all the time it
helps tighten things up
when you've seen off some sound you cut at the end
and sometimes a little
little sharp spike at the end of the of their or the beginning of a sample
and uh... uh... the way he carries reduce it possibly that happen
is buying doing a little trick i do
you know what you can see here i consuming and zoom it freezes the with
my knees and means imminent
magnifying glasses and is in the way in
under the review recant
now trade here you'll notice that mayan
my sound
this the waveform
it doesn't
and at the very in point than little docked is not exactly eczema rope point
and if that was way off off the miserable you concert ticket
now on one of the on zero for the jury in the civil and streeter four of these
he sample points i'm going to put him artpad at xerox or use little pencil
tool here
and i was just take the little guyana movement zero
see that
just last two or three yugo do the same thing for the other channel
we do that the rafters zero
what is your own you know at that last three
now in this sample assembly it wasn't a ticket the end but it could have very
well been
and some time to get me i don't know how it my samples eighteen cleaning there's
a tick or begin cutting
nazi deliberate dear
now at the beginning there's a little bit of silence you can see i i want to
get rid of that too
so a back up here and on tiles like my selection tool
and go back to the beginning here
uh... missus blow this beginning section up a little sincere eric
on the mystery here and instant coffee at much first of all
see how we sell now
that's pretty good
so so no basically we got now is we've got a a sample we can use
all we didn't check to see what the uh... west was like at the beginning of
the day at the end
that that was a lot too
so those of the law
too little
sample point several high so we can move goes up
tied up a bit for our next meeting and uh...
udall where words beginning india and it's it's aria zero so that's ok that
won't be a bill tick would be fine
so they don't know uh... that's basically it
now you can just take this sample this could have ended a terrace solo cabana
voice piece it could be something you know or hit
you know criminal kinds things
and you can now take this and just paste it directly into other piece of music so
that's a good things out now we're gonna have a look at another video i had
actually put things back in again so um... ross guy who have a look at how we
can use these kinds samples and changed the vista tempo the speed
of the sample
and change a picture of the sample into all kinds of things in order to make it
fit into musical better but that's for another video
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