TNTHII - Fake anonymous

Uploaded by Trollsnews on 25.01.2012

Good evening this message is about anonymous video, the video was published by anonymousvoice777
and his video basically asks people to use ddosing software Low Orbit Ion Cannon to take
down facebook, because of SOPA and ACTA, technically it should serve as a demonstration of power
that anonymous has. Many people are calling this video to be made by fake anonymous, but
these people just don't understand.
There is not such thing as fake anonymous, there is no fake nor real anonymous there
is only anonymous, everyone who is part of anonymous can call themselves anonymous and
anyone who wants can be anonymous, there is no mutual goal, no leader, no plan, nothing.
Anonymous are the guys who come to your house rape your dog and kill your mother and anonymous
are the people who will help you when someone hurt you.
Anonymous is a super consciousness of the internet, many people see it as a hactivism
group, but this idea is misleading and only newbs think this way about them. The reality
is that anonymous work pretty much like anonymous mob, I guess that no one would guess that
considering their name, any individual in a mob can decide what to do and the rest of
the mob might follow or not, or one part of the mob will follow and other part will stop
it. The last scenario is pretty much what is going on right now. But there is no real
or fake.
Anonymous isn't about good fight, it's not about moral codes, anonymous is not here to
guard us, you are all anonymous, you have all the same power and you are all the highest
ranked memebers and the lowest scum. Anonymous is the beginning and the end of the internet
and people are its memebers even without knowing it. You see? That's why you can't say some
anonymous memebers are real and some are fake, because we are all equal in our insignificance.
Yes, stop glorifying and condemning anonymous, anonymous is humanity, one part is trying
to help you and the other one is trying to fuck you over! There is only one thing that
connects anonymous and that is hunger for the lulz. I hope that now you understand,
you can support anonymous attack on facebook it's your choice, but remember it's not fake
just because you disagree with it and because you have some romantic idea about Internet
For more please read articles on ED, knowyourmeme and other things, links in description. Thank
you for watching, we are anonymous