The 2012 Enigma by David Wilcock Pt. 03

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Well you don't just find them anywhere.
You have to go into these circles.
And you can only enter them at certain times,
because it has to do with planetary alignment.
You see, the Earth has naturally-occurring,
natural Stargates on it.
I know that some of you might not believe this,
but there is so much evidence and we are going to go through
some of that.
There are natural Stargates and you actually can time travel,
so there's a very important reason why the ancients were
building things like Stonehenge and the pyramids.
This is not just to entertain themselves and to build a tomb
for the dead pharaoh, okay?
It's much more than that.
So I read this book when I was seven years old;
and in the book, we have descriptions of experiments in
ESP between Harold Sherman, the author,
and between Sir Hubert Watkins, who was an Antarctic explorer.
They documented some fantastic telepathy experiments.
In one case, Sherman is sitting there in his room in LA and he's
tuning into Watkins and he gets this pain in his head.
And it hurts a lot, and so he writes down - "okay,
pain in the head".
When we correspond that to what Watkins' journal says at the
same time, all the people in his Antarctic expedition team were
bumping into this stove pipe that had fallen down with a
sharp edge and they were actually lacerating their heads.
The skull was hit, bleeding from that
and he was feeling the pain.
Just like I said, there's an energetic transmission
of the pain.
Well, after Watkins died, the telepathy continued because they
were so much in affinity with each other,
that he could recognize Watkins when he spoke.
So Watkins is describing in some of these readings -- I guess you
could call them what it took for him to get into Sherman's mind
-- and he said [that] there was a nested set of spheres that he
had to go through.
And he had to find a channel to the centre to get the message to
Sherman, which was not easy.
That's why they call it channeling.
Because -- and I didn't go into this last time
-- but what really appears to be
happening here is [that] everybody knows about the system
of chakras, the esoteric system of chakras.
The chakras are actually different levels of your soul
and different levels of where your thought processes and where
your consciousness processes are happening.
So as you go through these kundalini meditations,
the idea is that you are supposed to raise the kundalini
I was shown in multiple readings that the actual process of
raising that kundalini is collapsing the chakras together
into this set of nested spheres.
Because, when you do that, you focus everything into the one
part in your brain that we are going to go to here.
So this is bringing all your chakras together and then
finding that channel so that the entity that is trying to reach
you, or your higher self, can get to the center -- because the
center is where all the action happens.
Why is that?
Well the center of your brain has a small gland in it called
the "pineal gland", which, as you can see here,
it was called pineal because it was shaped like a pinecone.
This is the exact geometric centre of your brain.
It's right here and - this, as we're going to see,
is very important in ancient cultures -- the Sumerians gave
it a description, which, you can see here,
the little acorns on the top of the staff that he had,
and there's also a little jobber up here and what we found out
from Dan Burisch, is that these can be reversed.
The cylinder seals can be flipped over and,
when you start doing that, you see some very interesting
Like the eye in the triangle and another eye in the triangle
right here.
So the Sumerians were hiding information.
They were encrypting information in these seals.
So this is the one we were just looking at.
Here's your little pineal gland and the other one up there.
Well look at this; now, if you've seen Stargate SG1,
the first episodes, you remember the Goa'uld,
the villains in Stargate?
You remember how they had these helmets that went around their
head that looked like a snake?
That's the helmet.
That's the Annunaki.
They were human, like people, but they wore these weird
helmets in order to appear like Gods to the primitive Sumerians
they came to.
This is how they encoded the secret of what they really
looked like inside this image right here.
It only works when you put a mirror image on it.
But then you also see he's holding all these pineal gland
staffs and he's got this seal over his head and more symbols
here, but it gets a lot more direct as we go on.
And you're going to start wondering to yourself why in the
world are all these cultures focusing on the pinecone.
This is Osiris, the Lord of the Underworld in Egyptian
This is his staff, which, as we now know,
this is the raising kundalini, the serpent.
But it also represents DNA and, there on the top as the
kundalini rises, what are they looking at?
They're looking at the pinecone.
That's the junction point where all this energy comes together.
Now King Tut has this kundalini serpent actually going through
his head.
That's a symbol that they gave that the pineal is fully
That your chakras have now all turned into that nested set of
spheres and that access from the higher realms is moving directly
through your head.
They believed he had that.
Whether he did or not, we don't know.
Here's the Babylonian God, Tammuz.
And as you can see, he's holding a pinecone.
So once again, he's a very powerful God from that tradition
and you're seeing the same type of symbolism coming through.
Then you go over into Hinduism, the goddess Shiva,
the Goddess of Destruction -- the breaking down of the old to
purify the way for the new.
What does her head look like?
What does that hair look like?
It's another pineal gland.
And you've also got the redundancy with the symbol of
the third eye and you've got the serpent wrapped around her head;
the same iconography once again.
And it's so powerful in the Hindu tradition that, even now,
it's common practice to wear a symbol of the third eye on your
forehead, if you are a woman, and they all have these various
bindis, as they're called, that they can order and wear.
This is as we go more into more recent gods,
the god of drunkenness and revelry, Bacchus.
You can see he has the goat-shaped ears here.
They are kind of demonic-almost-looking.
And he also has the cloven feet.
But then look at this, what's that?
There it is again.
There's that pinecone.
So once again, why do you think alcohol,
hard liquor is called "spirits"?
Think about that for a minute.
Because it opens the door to these influences and the ancient
people knew that and that's why they were called "spirits".
Have you ever seen people who get, like,
completely possessed when they are drunk and they just seem
different; they seem a lot more negative?
Well negative entities in some cases,
seem to be able to grab hold through the pineal gland.
They know about all this, they knew that drunkenness and
revelry opened up the pineal, that why he's got it on the top
of his staff.
Dionysus, who is the usher through the underworld,
the usher through death and rebirth;
he's also got the pineal gland, the pinecone, on his staff.
So there's the same message, yet again.
And here's another image of Dionysus with a bigger pinecone.
Well let's not leave out Buddhism.
Check that out, right?
Same exact thing once again, the hair -- that's another symbol of
the pineal gland.
And even the fact that it looks like a pinecone with the way
that they braided their hair.
I mean -- all this was done deliberately to honor the
So then there's a quote from the Bible: "The light of the body is
the eye, if therefore your eye be single your whole body shall
be full of light".
That's Matthew 6/22.
Well that's pretty weird huh?
Guess how the mainstream Bible scholars interpret this passage?
I told you yesterday for those who were here.
They say "well you just have to be single-mindedly focused on
God the Father as your salvation".
That's why it's one eye.
You just want to kind of look at them, "Uh-huh".
A single eye and it makes your whole body full of light,
well the Bible says God is light,
so this is what's going on.
It's your hyper-dimensional gateway.
The third eye, yes.
But, surely we say that, even though maybe a Bible passage
could be interpreted a certain way, it might not mean anything.
It probably doesn't mean anything.
Surely the Vatican wouldn't follow something like this.
That would be silly.
There's never any public acknowledgement of it...or do
Well check this out.
This is the Vatican Square.
And this is a gigantic statue of a pinecone.
It's the largest statue in the Vatican anywhere outside except
for this little ball over here which we're going to look at
closer in just a second.
Notice the peacocks, which have a very kind of Egyptian feeling
to them.
Like the Ibis, the Egyptian Ibis.
It's a very similar type of bird.
And what's this all about?
What's that look like to you?
That's an open sarcophagus.
Just like in the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid.
What does the open sarcophagus symbolize in the Great Pyramid?
No more death; the transition into spiritual life.
So, this all has to do with -- I'm going to start walking a
little bit -- this all has to do with the knowledge of the higher
forces, the sacred geometry.
All this stuff focuses on the pineal gland, the pinecone.