Breast Cancer Obesity Info, Cancer Expert Explains

Uploaded by drjayharness on 21.02.2012

>>> DR. HODA ANTON-CULVER: Well, obesity affects lots of things in the body and obesity at
different ages affects the hormone level in a woman’s body, so obesity premenopausally
and risk for breast cancer is different from obesity postmenopausally and risk for breast

Obesity in postmenopausal women is more of a risk factor than obesity in premenopausal
woman. Obesity also is an indication of inflammation, and inflammation is a risk factor for breast
cancer and we know that there are inflammation genes that may be effective in terms of increasing
the risk for breast cancer.

So, controlling weight is really beneficial not only for breast
cancer, I must say, but it will be beneficial to prevent cardiovascular disease, to prevent
diabetes, to prevent other conditions, to feel good about oneself.
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