The Truth About Carbohydrates and Weight Loss

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The Truth about Carbohydrates and Weight Loss
Dr. James Merchino, DC, MS, ND
I want to tell you the truth about carbohydrates and weight loss, because many diet programs
virtually eliminate carbohydrate food and tell you how dangerous carbohydrates are.
I can tell you that approach is a huge mistake. The reality is, fat burns in the flame of
carbohydrate feeding. So how does all of this work?
The long term success in any weight management program is you have to have some physically
activity; some endurance activity has to be part of the game. When you’re doing these
endurance activities, adrenaline is released, fat comes out of the fat cell and your muscles
can burn the fat. Not only that, but endurance activity also helps prevent cardiovascular
disease, it’s related to a reduction in the risk of breast and colon cancer and it
elevates your mood. So you need endurance activity. It’s part of a healthy life.
The other fact is muscles can’t burn fat by themselves. If you deplete your body of
carbohydrates, your body can’t just burn fat; there has to be some kind of carbohydrates
there. When the carbs get really depleted, the exercise can no longer continue and you
feel tired, exhausted, and you can’t function. And also when you can’t eat carbs, it just
makes you miserable, because carbs actually taste really good.
So you must understand that you can eat carbs, but you need to have the right carbohydrate
ratio into your body if you are trying to lose weight. The right ratio of carbohydrates
would be 30% of that coming from what I call the excellent carbs; they have a lot of protective
nutrients and they’re low glycemiic And 30 percent of your carbs should come from
the good carbohydrates; they’re a little sweeter, but they still have a lot of protective
nutrients. There is another 30 percent of carbs that
come from the starchy carbs; rice, bread, pasta and maybe potatoes.
The last 10 percent can actually come from ‘bad’ carbs; carbs you can actually cheat
with that are a little more sugary. Why would I put those into the mix? Because if I took
everything away then people would want to revolt and at some point, go off of the program
or regain all of the weight. You have to have some cheat foods along the way.
So knowing how to incorporate carbs into a proper weight management program is what gives
you not only short term success, but it also allows you to stay compliant with the program
and make it a natural extension of who you are so you have permanent weight loss.
This is all explained in my live weight loss seminar, which is available right here. I
want you to download it from this site. The thing is, if you restrict those carbs too
much, say you just diet only without physical activity, then 50 percent of the weight loss
is going to become fat and the other 50 percent is going to be muscle. You’re going to slow
your metabolism down and you’re not going to have success. So eating carbs makes life
a lot more fun and enjoyable, and it will lead to long term success if you do it right.
So be sure to watch the three short videos presented here. They will help convert your
body into a fat burning machine. These are the same three laws of metabolism that I’ve
taught my patients over many years of weight loss counseling and I’ve had great success
with many patients doing this. I know this will work for you, as well.
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