UNC Students Teach Burmese Women How to Bake

Uploaded by UNCoMedia on 01.11.2010

>> Maria Sanchez, Community Integration Coordinator: We have newcomers into the community that
can’t understand the language, that can’t read or write; it’s real difficult for them
to make decisions for their families.
>> Sanchez: What we want to do is empower them - teach them how to learn, how to read
and write - so they can make those decisions for their families.
>> Sanchez: They want to learn how to make American food. What happens when they get
to America is we provide things like Safeway and Walmart for them; a lot of times at these
places - grocery stores - they can’t find the foods that they’re accustomed to.
>> Mindy Stewart, UNC Senior: You want it to fill the whole thing... you
want more.
>> Sanchez: The students from the university are trying to show them how to use the resources
that we have in the local grocery stores.
>> Sanchez: They love sugar, so we’re really trying to teach them different alternatives
to sugar.