Tableau vs. Excel

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Tableau Software vs. Excel
Zach Leber, The Broad Institute, Assistant Director of Informatics, Genome Sequencing
Platform: Traditionally a lot of our data has been analyzed
in Excel, because that's all people had for a tool. And so they would work very hard but
it wasn't working that smart. Lynzi Ziegenhagen, Aspire Public Schools,
Vice President, Technology: Tableau has been a really powerful tool in helping create this
great positive cycle of teachers and principals ask for data, Tableau enables us to provide
it quickly, they provide feedback on what part they liked, what they want additional
data. We're able to turn that around quickly, and it just creates this really fast cycle
where we all can learn faster and get answers a lot faster.
Andy Kriebel, Coca-Cola Refreshments, Manager, Trade Spend Optimization: Excel has its place,
it's great for creating spreadsheets, I mean it's a spreadsheet tool. But the beauty of
Tableau, you can then connect to that Excel data and you can build things pretty quickly.
Faster speed to analysis Lynzi: So, one thing we were able to do was
replace a report that used to take a whole week to create, we recreated once in about
four hours and now it's updated nightly from the finance system automatically, and that
person has a whole week back of her job that she can do that are actually doing things
that are impacting schools and kids. Zach: Well, you're looking at massive amounts
of data, and it's really hard to pick out outliers from looking at big spreadsheets
of data. But with visualization and all the techniques that Tableau has employed, and
the fundamental aspects of the way the brain processes information, we can show just millions
of points of data on one screen at a time and instantly figure out what's going on with
our processes. Andy: In Tableau, it’s you know, typically
one, two, three clicks and you're done. So, you're saving a lot of time.
Better insight; more impact Lynzi: I think they feel a lot more empowered.
They feel a lot more effective. They're able to better spend their time doing things that
are really gonna effect our schools and our students, opposed to repetitive tasks that
weren't directly tied to student achievement. Andy: You can create your own story along
the way so you don't forget where you were, or you can create different views of the same
information to see which one you like best. Zach: People don't have to spend hours looking
at Excel data, mining it. Right now we can expose what the most relevant data is, they
can see the patterns, and there's a lot less use of Excel in our organization since we
rolled out Tableau. It still has a role, but we're trying to minimize that role so that
people can spend more time thinking about the problem and less time trying to find the