Gönülçelen )) Episode 37 - Part 1/2 [English Subtitles]

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We are engaged Hasret.. Do you know what does that mean?
you are engaged to Levent Hasret
This is your choice
Whatever your reason was.. You chose this
You promised Levent Hasret
Levent is a good person
He loves you so much
You have no right to break his heart
Be nice to him Hasret.. Be nice to him
come in mom
Levent is calling
good morning! I was just about to cal you
why what happened?
did you have breakfast?
I only had a cup of coffee
having coffee on an empty stomach is not healthy
You need to eat healthier food
like what?
Honey, butter, farmer cheese, organic eggs, toasted bread
How will I find all this food?
Go out of the city to have breakfast?
I know a very nice place
I can take you there
Ok.. get ready I am coming
is that Hasret?
What does it say?
her album will be out soon
good morning
good morning sir!
any important news?
no the most important news is Hasret’s album
the album will be released soon and the producer is Levent Yildirim
Hasret must be busy she couldn't even come to the lesson
maybe she will make it to the second lesson
Shall we start my friends?
I can sit here all day
and I'll go to the photo shoot and pose
we have to go to the photo shoot today right?
your album will be released but you haven't got a suitable photo
of course you have to go
ok but let's not talk business until we leave this place
This cheese is lovely
This is a nice café?
Maybe we should have one of your clips recorded here
no business talk!
I had forgotten we needed a clip too
no business talk!
- what a mayor Cobra will make! - you're right
the mixer is not here
where are the speakers?
I told you yesterday not to keep the equipment here
what will we do know?
let's go ask maybe someone saw it in the neighborhood
ok let's go
my dear neighborhood's residents
I announce again that I'll be running for the mayor election
I will be talking about my plan
Jafer! free tea to all.. I'll pick up the tab
In addition to the food in THE TWIN RESTAURANT
will be rice, meatballs, yogurt drink, and
what are you doing? why did you take our equipment?
I needed it so I took what's wrong with that?
Kadir.. I didn't think you would mind me using it
What if Murat hoca sees it?
we will take it back
Wait a minute.. What are you doing?
let's make a deal
let's keep the equipment here until the end of the election
stand here by it.. you'll get it back after the election.. agree?
what are you doing?
we don't usually pay the tab until we finish eating
So just be patient and wait
yes.. wait.. came on..
what did Cobra say?
did you understand anything?
we will be talking about arranging and organization in music
Good day
Hasret couldn't come today
she's working on her album
she will forget us when she is famous huh?
yes.. great
now the other side
excellent! yes...
move your hair
yes.. smile a bitt
yes.. that's it
do you want something?
I'm thinking of inviting Levent for dinner tonight
will Hasret will come too?
of course she will.. she's his fiance
Ah Levent couldn't he find someone else?
this is none of our business Nakiye
well it's none of our business
but Hasret get engaged while here I am sorting rice
well you will get engaged soon
flowers.. letters.. secret admirer
will I get married soon
well this man seems serious
AYyy.. I hope so
I have to print posters and find a slogan
I came to service the good and bite the bad.. TSIISSIII
your candidate for the mayor Cobra
I'll write this one down
I came to service the good and bite the...
Hey you!
what is it brother?
what is this?
meatballs my brother
Jafer what is this?
I know it's meatballs.. do you wanna destroy me
you put 10 meatballs per plate just put 3 meatballs only
Cobra it's not appropriate only 3 meatballs??
if I told you so then it's appropriate
you take it with water and bread and eat it
put 3 pieces only
this is not right.. just 3 meatballs per plate??
3 pieces
He wants to be the mayor Huh?
Mrs. Saime he insists and won't listen to anyone
hey kids what are you doing here?
my brother in law brought our equipment here
we're guarding it so nothing wrong happens to it
Ok.. Bravo.. That's good
support the man a little...
smile for one more capture
let's have a break.. we'll continue later
my friends we will take a break now
do you think it is going well?
Look you are not as excited as before
You are becoming a professional at this
no I am very excited
It is good to be excited.. for instance I am excited too
about the album huh?
that's one of the reasons
but most importantly.. you make me feel excited
let'a go inside and have a break.. come
Hasret’s album is being released?
yes I heard
Is there anything you need to tell me?
well I do not know if I should tell you or not
yesterday night Hasret came to my house
It was as if she had gone crazy
She was asking for you
I told her you weren't there
at first she didn't believe me but was convinced later
then she left
I did not understand what is going on
never mind Bahar
maybe she was worried about me
I don’t know how she found my address
I guess her instinct is good
you know she found the hotel too.. so never mind..
Anyway I thank you for telling me
We can start in 10 minutes
Ok thanks
he said we can start in 10 minutes
what's wrong?
do you think everything will be ok?
of course it'll be ok
are you afraid?
what if no one likes my album?
And I have been working like this in vain
don’t think like that
we are trying our best
think positive everything will turn out positive
aren’t you scared?
I am but I have different reasons
like what?
very soon your album will be out
you're pictures will be everywhere
Everyone will be listening to your songs
I will have to share you with everyone else
This is what scares me
So I am thinking maybe we should not release this album
just joking.. I have no intention to do such a thing
Trust me.. everything will be fine
I'm off Bahar
ok. Mr. Murat
Mr. Murat
About what I said before
forget about it because I did
good day
good day Mr. Murat
I won't give you the Gold Cobra
stop asking me about it
my flower I have to spen money on my campaign
not my business
I have to print posters and buy a new hat
why would you need a new hat for?
it's a political symbol you won't understand it
people will ask me for a hat how can I not give them one
you're exagerating a bit Cobra
I told him so but he's still insisting
I wonder what will happen
Girl how are you?
fine how about you
who this? Hasret?
yes you sister's here
How can she be? Of course she's happy
I told you give me
from business to politics I'm very busy
busy?? Give me!
Helo Hasret
How are you girl?
tell her to come the day of the election and vote
shut up!
are you coming?
I don't think so sister.. I'm really busy
we're ready Mr. Levent
we have to start the photo shoot
what photos girl?
Ah! you're taking picture for you Album's Cover
where are they taking the pictures?
we're very proud of you
where are they I need to make couple photos
my flower ask them where are they taking the photos
Ok just shut up so I can ask
Ok Bye
Don't close.. give me.. give me
How is this? Good?
yes yes.. shall we continue taking pictures?
yes you take the picture and I'll pick the ones I like
look I've two babies I'll invite you for their circumcision's party
move your head
that is if I win the election
look Mr. Levent
how is that? good?
look.. look
how do I look?
what's your name? red? or N?
what is this?
I burned it
Aie! Maybe he came
oh was it you?
who else were you waiting for?
no one.. give me
I'm thinking of inviting Hasret and Levent for dinner tonight
and what does Murat have to say about this?
nothing that chapter is closed
darling you know that Murat won't like this
I don’t think he will mind
And if that chapter isn't closed we can see for ourselves
call Murat
I'm here
just in time
your mom wants to invite Hasret and Levent for dinner
But maybe you are busy..
why not? It'll be nice to have dinner all together
Mr. Levent thanks to you the photos issue was resolved..Thanks
oh it's ok.. As long as you win the elections
what are you saying?? With these photos I will be number 1
I have to go.. I have work to do.. see you
say hi to everyone
I will.. thanks
good bye
hello Nesrin?
Oh sounds nice but I need to ask Hasret
Can I call you in a minute?
ok.. see you
Nesrin is calling us to dinner she says she'll set a nice table
what do you think?
you can go I don’t wanna go
why? Is it because of Murat?
no it isn’t
ok then
Nesrine doesn't like me at all.. you know that
if she didn't like you why would she invit you specifically?
remember she even came to the engagement dinner
it won't be nice of you.. what do yoy say?
I'm going Mrs. Nesrine
yes Mrs. Nesrine
look at me for a minute
where are you going?
I told you Mrs. Nesrine
I'm going to the greengrocer
to the greengrocer? Like this?
Mr. Levent is coming tonight
So I'll buy some fruits
why go yourself just call them they deliver it
I prefer to buy it myself Mr. Ethem
because I'll pick the freshest ones
if you order it by phone they won't send you the freshest ones
you look beautiful Nakiye
really? thank you
Anyway I don't wanna be late.. see you
look what I got you
inside this envelope you find a picture of Turkey's Future
pick one
it was done by Turkey's best photographer
I don't know which one to chose
they are all beautiful
like a model
you look like an artist
Oh! I walked so much
I wonder in which one he is?
I can't find him? let me see this one
good day
Excuse me.. Hi
I'm Nakiye
I'm Yachar
pleased to meet you
darling did you get the tomato sauce
I got it darling
who is this woman?
I don't know
- how you don't know? - I don't know her
what do you mean you don't know her?
go Nakiye go.. you embarrassed yourself
good evening
come in
I am married!
how are you Levent?
I'm fine thanks
But I am upset
you never came to our engagement dinner
sorry about that.. I was ill
really? I didn't know.. sorry to hear that
what’s that smell
it’s like burnt food
what happened darling?
all the food is burnt!
don’t worry
worry? Did you now hear me? All the food is burnt
Nakiye left them all on the stove
did you call Nakiye?
she left her mobile here at home
what should we do now?
don’t worry Nesrin Nakiye is not here.. We're here
we can cook
yes I can cook pasta
Levent cooks great pasta
but you are guests
nonsense. We like being together in the kitchen anyway
don't worry.. We will sort something out
I invited them and they are cooking themselves
I will go help them
look problem is solved
don’t you have an apron?
No need for an apron.. I work clean
this suits you
you look gorgeous..
So let's start
Ok.. I will prepare the sauce
I will boil the water
so how is the salad going?
I can help you if you want
everyone’s expertise is different
you talk as if you cook everyday
yeah and I taught Nakiye how to cook
shall I prepare the garlic
your hands will smell.. I can do the garlic
ok I will cut the peppers then
ok then.. But chop it fine like last time
Careful you might cut your finger..
don't worry I won't cut it
Ta da!!!
Chef’s gift
so pretty.. How did you do that?
I will teach you net time
this is so disgracing.. Hasret must be mocking us
no way.. Hasret didn't say a word
look she's preparing dinner for us
I'm sure she must be laughing inside
because she saw us like this
look what's happening to us
I'm actually worried about Nakiye.. I wonder where she is?
I don't know
let me go see what Hasret is up to in the kitchen
how does that taste?
Is it salty?
It so perfect
how is the sauce coming on?
It is nearly ready
this smells nice
maybe we should open a café and forget about the album
See we are so good together in the kitchen.
don’t worry about the salad..
I will find a solution for that too
how is it going?
the pasta is ready.. the sauce is ready
we're waiting for the salad
the salad is nearly ready
lets see what you've done
yes.. here Levent’s miraculous sauce
how do you find that diamond necklace
which one?
that one over there
Ah! nice.. Is it for Mrs. Nesrin
No. I'm buying it for Bahar
oh it is great.. Thanks Levent
let’s not forget Hasret’s help.. We are a team
Let's set the table then
Ok but first I need a little parmesan
I think we have ran out of parmesan
Ok let me go and buy it
so where are the plates Mrs. Nesrin?
In the cupboard in the dining room
set up the table if you want
I don't know where everything is.. I will clean up here
oh? Ok..
then the man said I am photogenic
and what did you tell him?
you don't believe me?
of course I didn't believe you
it's my fault that I told you
give me some soup
the soup is not ready
Oh God!
good day
be careful or I might brake that drawer on your head
what are you saying?
be careful Cobra
you got yourself into a subject that needs skills
it destroys men
go.. you can to threaten me in my restaurant
out! out!
who are you pushing?
OK my friend.. don't exaggerate.. just go out
Nizam go out.. you're finished
get ready to be kicked out of the neighborhood
I'll beat you up
you will see who will leave and who will stay
Ok.. just go.. go
Damn you
Ok.. Calm down.. go sit down
just give me some soup
you didn't come to the lesson today..
I was busy
about the album I guess
I went out to breakfast with Levent so I couldn't come
what happened?
I cut my finger
let me see is it a deep cut?
It’s not important
can I have a look
It's bleeding
Press this on..
Is there a bandage?
It is not important. It is not even bleeding much
the bandage will make sure it is kept clean
Where is the bandage?
it should be there
at the bottom drawer
give me your finger
here you go nurse..
stop making fun of me
I'll put it the trash
the cheese is here..
What happened to your finger
I cut it
she got one single letter and she's lost her mind
Ok darling just talk to her when she's back
of course I'll talk to her..
I'll ask her about everything
look at us we're preparing the table ourselves
darling if Nakiye didn't come back we would've done this each night
do you have to be so realistic Ethem?
but this how it is
don't mix up stuff
Nakiye came back
we're talking about today's circumstances
according to today's circumstances I don't wanna be in Nakiye's shoes
It looks like we are ready
We can eat
is dinner ready?
the salad is ready
what happened to your finger
I cut it
it's Nakiye's fault
It is not her fault I cut it
at this moment.. I blame Nakiye for everything
did you cook pasta??
I'll show this so called Nizam
he'll get only one vote.. his own vote
ok Cobra calm down
how can I calm down my friend
he threatened me in my own restaurant
this isn't a mayor this is a piece of stone on the sidewalk
the soup needs salt
Cobra just give up this mayor idea
it doesn't suit you
something bad is gonna happen to you
she's right.. This man isn't easy Cobra
No way my friend.. It's a pride issue now
I won't withdraw
No other choice: either I WIN or I WIN
Levent.. What do you say..
shall we open this bottle
you know better
I bought it from protugal
I kept it for a special occasion
oh great.. I shall bring the glasses then
let me take that.. you bring the glasses
yes Nakiye I'm waiting for your explanation
Mrs. Nesrin you know that I have a secret admirer
I didn't receive a new letter so I got impatient
so what did I do?
what did you do?
I went looking for him
Ok but why were you late?
I didn't notice time
I only noticed it at the 6th greengrocer
what happened to you NaKiye?
I think I'm hooked Mrs. Nesrin.. what can I do?
this is delicious
Bon Appetit
you know how to cook a good pasta
yes but I don’t know anything else
you will learn more recipes in time
getting along in the kitchen is very important
My grandma used to say
if a couple get along in the kitchen
they'll have a great life together
oh that is good cause we are good in the kitchen
Hasret when will your album be out?
It’s nearly finished
I went to the photo shoots today..
is the recording finished?
tomorrow I will do the final recording
and then it is out of our hands
I need to rest.. Because I am so tired
oh now you have to get ready for the wedding
did you set a date?
we have not gotten the date yet
Oh you should hurry
I want to see you guys in your home..
I will come to dinner and have pasta at your house
wait I need to close the door
ok close it.. close it
where did you get this idea at night?
we can't afford to loose one minute
Nizam has unpredictable plans
I can't just sit down
what would we do in people's houses?
we would ask them to vote for me my flower
Ok.. Ok.. I understand
Oh my God what will happen to us next?
look one day I'll be in the parlement and you'll proud of me
in the parlement?
of course this is politics my flower
you start as class president, next as school president
next as a mayor, next as an associate
what does it mean?
I don't know time will teach us.. come on..
it was a nice night
it's good we went?
we were wowed about the pasta
yes but I will look at new recipes when I get home
The pasta is getting boring
I will ask my mom for recipes
Everything is going to be fabulous Hasret
good night
can I come in?
yes come on in dad
how are you son?
you're really fine?
yes.. why shouldn’t I be?
my son Hasret and Levent
one is you're best friend and the other..
I know it is not easy to see them together
dad.. all I see is a couple who like each other
I respect that. It is not a problem for me. Don’t worry
Ok son .. If you say so..
you should have seen Levent mom
He cooked a sauce for the pasta in minutes and it was delicious
he is skillfull
he sure is
so did you cook everything?
Murat prepared the salad
Oh god it took him an hour..
and he cut his finger too
so Levent is great in the kitchen
yes but he says he will learn new recipes
You should teach me a thing or two
so you want recipes from me
yes so? I should be able to do something..
for example. How do you cook lentil balls?
brother.. brother.. would you like to buy tissues
please brother
please buy some tissues brother
are you gonna buy some tissues..
Thanks you
hello Murat
hello Hasret
I was wondering how your finger was
fine no reason to be worried
are you playing the piano?
and with the finger I cut
Get your basket and come
Sell me flowers at the Bird's Hill
Get your basket and come
Sell me flowers at the Bird's Hill
Don't look back
Don't look back
Don't look back at me
Don't look back at me
Flower girl I am ill for her
Flower girl I'am in love with her
sound.. sound.. sound
dear people of my neighborhood
because our words to you are promises
that's why I'm gonna help you in something now
everyone who eats at the TWIN RESTAURANT today
will be free
my friend he said free
Mr. Cobra is giving food for free today come on
what are you doing?
you didn't understand not food I said tea.. tra is free
Finally we fot to this stage Miss Hasret
we're gonna do the last recording of the album today
yes finally
I wish you success to your album
thank you
we're gonna do a trial for this recording
did you send the pictures I picked to the ad agency
yes Mr. levent it's being printed as we speak now
but no rush in picking the album cover
Hasret has to see the pictures first
of course Mr. Levent.. as you wish