Advent Calendar - Numberphile

Uploaded by numberphile on 30.11.2012


Yes, it's that time of year again, and for Numberphiles
that means one thing--
Advent calendars.
For each day of December, I'm going to be adding a new video
link to each number in the calendar.
On December 1, number 1; December 2,
number 2, and so on.
It could be a Numberphile video, old or new.
It could be one of my other videos from another channel or
from another YouTuber altogether.
But the one thing they'll have in common, either in an
obvious or nonobvious way, is an
association with the number.
One of the videos is also going to be an unlisted one
that you'll only be able to watch through the Advent
calendar, because I'm a bit sneaky like that.
I know that annotations don't work for some people, so there
are also links under the video.
So please, come back each day of December, or whenever you
choose, and find out what videos have been added.
And also, it's not too late to suggest one, if there's one
you think I should be linking to.

Well, if you're still here, I'm going to tell you, you
should also be following Numberphile on Twitter or
Facebook, links below.

All right, you've had long enough now.
If you haven't clicked on something by now, you're never
going to click, so I'm stopping the video.