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%uh of the April two thousand three
the city which had seen numerous conquering army is now filled to the on my of the united
in the days after the US invasion
the edge of priceless ancient treasures from bodyguards museums symbolize the destruction
and humiliation American ralph this land the cradle of civilization
you know the ancient world of music that you
the greek word for the land between the rivers over five thousand years ago
you see there is created humanities first state visit need a stack of cultural society
invented the while in writing
this is where law and the counting were invented and where the old testament place by the nazis
well yes the flow of human liberation war and conquest
draw succession of civilizations
in the thirteenth century
but that was destroyed by the the the mongols in the region remained economically we get
and the fell under the domination of the Turkish ottoman empire sixteenth century
the Turkish rule which lasted until world war one Iraq the the administrative provinces
by the end of the nineteenth century
the ottoman empire was in decline
and the middle east have become a
she knew growing lot of relief
among the world's colonial powers police source that transcended for others
provided the fuel for the expansion European
the period of time
and oil
made the militants
she was the US state department needed call
the greatest strategic prize
in history
the envelope version of oil companies now British petroleum began producing oil in neighboring
in nineteen oh eight
winston churchill converted the empire ships to all I know in nineteen twelve
airplanes and tanks made their first combat appearance
the world war one
foreign petroleums new strategic value
during the war
the British most famous way through that offered to she lives
lawrence of Arabia
promised independence for the people of the region
the allied with Britain
against the ottoman empire
at the same time
they were promised independents the British and the French renegotiate in the nineteen
sixties sites so agreement
because ultimately that's the truth
British got in Iraq
palestine and jordan
and the French to with his senior aide including Lebanon
like his American counterparts today
British general soon or declared after taking power
our army is did not come into your cities and lands as conquerors or enemies but as
the new rule is a mess of that area and they're imperial court authors
clearly the region
by detach a oil rich kuwait from the problems of basra informally making it a British colony
the British French the trail triggered of revolt for the independence of serious palestine
in Iraq
people fought so fiercely that British leaders used chemical weapons against winston churchill
I do not understand this issues about the use of gas I'm strongly in favor of using
poison gas against on symbolized by confronted with massive resistance
britain's lord prison
propose creating and our interests lie
behind which the British would rule
modern day in Iraq
was created at a closed door meeting
of British officials
at this time around this hotel in cairo egypt
two pro British Iraqis were present to witness the scene
the British anointed one of the stars of Sharif was saying
the hashemite ruler of moscow and what is now Saudi Arabia
as King of Iraq
his brother was made King of jordan
there was no Iraqi national anthem
so during the coronation
the British military band
it's also was forced to sign a statement from akef in session
we've seen before in the so you have to do
the rights to the country's
the British ruled Iraq directly
and indirectly
from the and of world war one
until a nationalist coup
well move through the hashemite monarchy
in nineteen fifty eight
after world war two
British tension in the in the middle east the challenge
the events in Russia and irish a