Cancer Survivor Researching For A Cure

Uploaded by KState on 14.10.2010

In my sophomore year, it was October 19th when I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. My
tumor was so rare that I would think about my own treatment options for myself.
Andrew is a very impressive young man and I think that his own health history probably
makes him more personally involved in his research than the average student.
Right after the surgery I was in a class where I had to come up with a research project or
research something, and I researched the type of cancer that I had. This was while I was
going through the chemotherapy.
He actually invented his own project along with the help of his two close friends and
collaborators, and in doing that he recruited his own mentor in the department of chemical
engineering, Dr. Schlup, and Dr. Schlup became one of our affiliates because of the work
specifically with Andrew.
Our idea goes back to a technology that was thought of a long time ago called boron-neutron
capture therapy. The chemo drugs hurt every cell in my body; they just hurt the cancer
cells more. And so the holy grail of research now is "can we find some type of treatment
that only hurts the cancer cells, that doesn't touch your healthy tissue?" Then you can give
all you want to somebody and you can guarantee cure.
As a general rule, the students are all working directly on cancer research problem, so they're
not making solutions or washing dishes. They go into the laboratory and they and the mentor
will have worked out a particular scientific project for them to participate in. And so
on a regular basis, several days a week probably, they will go in and work directly on that
So our hope is that this form of technology, if it doesn't work exactly the way we did
it, then maybe someone else can hone that. I want to do this with my life. I really enjoy
this, not only for me and for my well-being, but for others as well.