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Good morning.
Over the last several weeks the boards of Jewish Hospital and
St. Mary’s Healthcare, St. Joseph’s Health System and
the University of Louisville Hospital and James Graham Brown Cancer Center
have met to go over the details of a formal agreement
to create one entirely new organization
Today I am pleased to announce with intent to meet
the needs of the people of Kentucky and beyond
every board has unanimously approved this partnership
and we are moving forward
I am Bob Hewett as you already know and I am honored to be the board chair
new partnership we started this journey together more than two years ago
the process has involved thousands of hours of meetings and collaboration
and our purpose when we began was the same
as it is today to transform healthcare in Kentucky

the purposed healthcare legislation and will reshape the healthcare
landscape in Kentucky and the region By coming together we will bring
collective expertise and quality to patients and their families even in the
most rural areas already serving more than a half million of the state’s citizens
our map illustrates our current reach we plan to expand access even further
through embracing the latest technology, establishing new
partnerships and enhancing existing services
individually each organization already provides extraordinary patient care
but together we are providing an unmatched geographic reach from
Louisville to Paducha to Lexington and to Martin
You will hear from several leaders today both from the partner organizations and
our sponsor’s organizations and they will continue to illustrate the rich history
that will make up this new organization as a current member of St. Joseph's
Health System board it is my pleasure to introduce Dr. Dan Varga
chief medical officer of St Joseph’s Health System
Thanks Bob and welcome to everyone
St. Joseph’s Health System has a tremendous reputation and history
in the state three years ago multiple hospitals came together to create what
is now St Joseph’s Health System and they made the commitment to honor the
collective heritages of each organization and allow that blended culture to
respect our past and prepare for the exciting future we held together
today we celebrate the same opportunity to honor our respective
heritages with the announcement of this new statewide organization
of St. Joseph’s Health System’s nine facilities the St. Joseph’s Hospital in
Lexington is the largest and also the oldest with its roots dating back to 1877
when the sisters of charity of Nazareth had established the city’s first hospital
and from that humble beginning of a small house to a major tertiary referral
center it’s the beginning of what we have celebrated for many many years
the first heart cath in the state of Kentucky and the first open heart
surgery in Lexington that pioneering spirit is the reason behind the success
of St Joseph’s Health System because we share the best practices and learn
from each other for the greater good of the organization and we look forward to
doing the same as we move forward with our new partners as a physician
I have a keen understanding of the state’s health status and our need for
more doctors at St. Joseph Health System where we have hospitals in
several smaller communities we also have firsthand knowledge of our need
for physicians in rural parts of the state and with our increased presence
in smaller towns we plan to change that for the better
We will with our new partners focus on retention and recruitment in areas of
need especially in primary care and targeted subspecialties in rural areas
and we will expand and coordinate continuing medical education
across the state the new organization will pride itself on unparallel
transparency and accountability. I’m proud to be here today with my friends
and colleagues from Louisville, Lexington, and across the state and we
are hopeful that together we can improve Kentucky’s national ranking of
health status thereby improving the quality of life and happiness of our
citizens across the commonwealth it is now my pleasure to introduce
Mr. Michael Rowan executive vice president and
chief operating officer of catholic health initiatives
Thank you Dan.
In catholic healthcare mission is the constant reflecting our past and guiding
our future here in Kentucky CHI’s history is built on the legacy of the
sisters of charity of Nazareth who we recognize proudly as the foundresses
of many of our hospitals that are a part of the St. Joseph’s health system today
next year the sisters will celebrate the biscentital of their
congregation 200 years of service and ministries
that began on the Kentucky frontier and now span the globe
If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the sister’s example it’s the need to
forge ahead, take risks, and change with the times, and that why we’re here today
with our partners we will work to transform and improve how healthcare
is delivered in the commonwealth now what does that mean for patient care
specifically it will be about greater access to care especially in medically
underserved areas new models of care and treatment modalities built on
evidence based practices superior quality that is a standard across the
system education and research that adds value to patient outcomes and
ultimately healthier people and communities in Kentucky and beyond
At CHI we’ve been asked why we’re taking this course in Kentucky
we consider this partnership a mission imperative only by partnering with other
leading providers having a clear and compelling vision for the future of
healthcare and charting a new course can we ever hope to
make the kind of difference that Kentucky so desperately needs
We are proud of what we will contribute to this initiative through St. Joseph’s
health system and the other CHI sites of care and resources around the country
we look forward to building on our successful partnership with
Jewish Hospital healthcare services and we are excited about partnering with
the University medical center which will mark the first such relationship between
CHI and a premier academic medical center together we will reshape the
landscape here in Kentucky and now I’d like to Introduce
Dr. Jerry Temes chair of the Jewish Hospital Healthcare Services board
Thank you very much Michael
I am extremely happy and proud to be here today on this occasion where we
are going to create an organization that will be an honor for all of us
to be involved with and be a real benefit to the state of Kentucky
This is a day to celebrate our histories as well look forward to our future we will
be one organization we want to take a few minutes to just tell you a little bit
about the important relationships that we have had over the past five decades
when Jewish Hospital was originally envisioned in 1903 our father’s looked
to the future to create a hospital where all physicians could practice and all
patients could be treated regardless of race, creed or religion the desire to treat
all patients regardless of their ability to pay was central to that vision
over the decades as Jewish Hospital grew we evolved into an organization
that recognized and honored the value of medical research and education
our four fathers made a commitment to partner with the University of Louisville
with the school of medicine to invest jointly in
future physicians, nurses, and researchers
one of the primary reasons that the Jewish Hospital was built in its current
site in Louisville in the 1950s was to be close to the University
this vision has driven our organization for decades because of
the investment, medical training and research have benefited
today we are at a new beginning the Jewish Hospital healthcare services
organization is incredibly excited about the future of our organization as part of
a statewide network that you’ve already heard about we are committed to being
an active engaged partner and shaping the future of this great state
As a retired thoracic surgeon I am proud to tell you that Jewish Hospital
healthcare Services also understands our unique ability as an organization to
continue our decades long support of the academic medical center for this
new organization to be successful access to ongoing funding for research
and programmatic development will be critical going forward the JAHS board
will set aside significant resources primarily for the continued investment in
medical research education and training and programmatic development within
the academic medical center this continuing commitment will insure that
JAHS continues to honor the legacy of those who preceded us and lays the
groundwork for those who will come after us with recognition of the past
we move into the future with a shared vision of creating a world class
academic medical center and a leading statewide healthcare network for all the
citizens of the state thank you very much for being here and
I’d like to now introduce LouAnn Atlas
who is chairman of the jewish hospital health care services board
Thanks jerry
And it is my pleasure to be here with you this morning
it is a great day for the citizens of our commonwealth
The word partnership is one that cannot be underestimated the organization
that I govern Jewish Hospital and St Mary’s healthcare
is a partnership between Jewish Hospital healthcare services and
Catholic Health Initiatives and as Jerry mentioned we’re also partners with
the University of Louisville in 2005 when Caritas Health services and Jewish
hospital healthcare services merged to form Jewish Hospital and
St. Mary’s Healthcare we had a shared vision for improving healthcare delivery
in our community both organizations had unique strengths Caritas had one of
the country’s largest psychiatric facilities in the country along with a
thriving physician network as part of their health system the Jewish Hospital
organization had a new model of care that focused on extending ambulatory
care services to the communities where our patients lived together we have built
upon both of those strengths since our merger we’ve opened a number of new
ambulatory facilities we’ve added additional facilities for those needing
psychiatric services and we’ve partnered with dozen of physicians to
develop an impressive physician healthcare organization our other
critical partnership is with the University of Louisville for decades we have
worked to improve the quality of life for all of our communities and to develop
new medical procedures that have changed countless lives together we
have performed medical research such as the world’s first successful hand
transplant in conjunction with Kleinert Kutz and associates
University physicians led by doctor Laman Gray implanted the world’s first
totally implantable replacement heart at Jewish Hospital and most recently
Dr. Suzzy Harkema a University researcher gained worldwide attention
with her groundbreaking work she is doing at Frazier Rehab Institute
the partnership has changed lives forever
So as I reflect on the word partnership I think of the shared commitment and
passion that our respected health members and physicians bring to our
individual organizations and how together I am confident that we’re going
to build a world-class organization that not only changes lives for the people in
the commonwealth but around our country and now I welcome
a valued partner Dr Jim Taylor with the University of Louisville
Good Morning.
it’s been my privilege to have served the past 15 years as the CEO of the
University Medical center who the community knows has
university hospital and the James Graham Brown cancer center
the partnership that we’re talking about this morning will effectively double the
size of Louisville’s academic medical center as we bring together Jewish
Hospital, Frazier Rehab Institute, University Hospital and the Brown
Cancer Center it also formalizes a long history of collaboration between our
organizations in addition to the longstanding partnership with Jewish
hospital that resulted most recently in the neurosurgical breakthrough that
LouAnn just spoke about, University hospital neurologist have been seeing
patients at St. Joseph’s through telemedicine robotic technology for
several years but this partnership we’re talking about today, in
spite of the rich history that we all bring to it is really about the future
for patients and families in Kentucky and beyond the new academic medical
center will mean increased access to the latest developments in diagnostics,
therapeutic and preventive healthcare developed by some of the nation’s
leading physicians and scientist at the University of Louisville
in particular more Kentuckians will be able to weep the benefits of Kentucky’s
first nationally accredited breast care center at the James Graham Brown
Cancer Center and Kentucky’s first certified
primary stroke center at University hospital
for future physicians, nurses and other allied health professionals this
partnership means enhanced and extended learning opportunities both in
Louisville and in partner hospitals across the state by extending learning
opportunities we hope to effectively address the physician
manpower shortage that’s being experienced
in so many communities in the commonwealth
bottom-line this partnership is about improving the overall
health of the communities that we serve all of those communities
Unfortunately Kentucky consistently leads the nation in incidents and
risk factors for cancer, obesity and death due to heart disease and stroke
By training more physicians ensuring our academic expertise and
collaborating on best practices this partnership is
poised to make a difference in many lives
My thanks to all of those who worked so hard to long to bring this vision to life
and now it’s my pleasure to introduce Dr. James Ramsey the President of
the University of Louisville and the chairman of the UMC board
Good Morning.
Michael talked about catholic health initiatives, CHI and he said mission is
the constant and so it is with the University of Louisville in 1997 the
Kentucky journal assembly adopted the post-secondary education improvement
act of 1997 and while it was a massive piece of legislation over 200 pages it
was a very simple bill in its intent for the post-secondary education improvement
act was about a better Kentucky and was about higher education doing all
that it could do to improve the quality of life and economic opportunity for the
people of our community and state and so our announcement today is a
reaffirmation of our commitment at the University of Louisville to the goals and
the mandate of the post secondary education improvement act of 1997
This merger will be an embodiment of that legislation LouAnn and Jerry
mentioned the longstanding partnership that we’ve had with Jewish and it’s
been a great partnership and a valued partnership and we look forward to
taking it to the next level we’re excited to partner with St. Joseph’s and
Catholic Health Initiatives this is an organization that
is committed to quality healthcare for the people of our state
This is an organization that is committed to quality
healthcare for all people of our state
and to providing access to quality healthcare for all people within our stte
This is an organization that is committed to Kentucky that has been in Kentucky
and has as you can see from the map facilities throughout our state and this is
an organization that has values that we at the University of Louisville value
so today is about what everyone of our previous speakers mentioned and that
is a better Kentucky a better healthcare for all the people of Kentucky but for us
at the University of Louisville it is all about those things from a clinical
perspective but also this partnership between our organizations will allow us
at the University of Louisville to continue to build on the great teaching
programs and education programs on our health science campus
What we’re talking about today in terms of this merger will allow us to continue
to build our world class research programs with a focus on translational
research, research that truly makes a difference in the lives of people
so today is about us at the University of Louisville continuing to move forward
and meet our statutory mandate given to us by the people of Kentucky and that is
to be a premier nationally recognized metropolitan research university so
we’re very excited this is a great day not only for the University of Louisville and
our community but the entire state so I’m now looking at Mark and thumbs are
up so we’re going to introduce you to one of our truly outstanding faculty
members at a faculty physician researcher who is responsible for
putting in place our stroke program at the University of Louisville both
St. Josephs and the University of Louisville for the last number of
years have used the highest form of telemedicine and
it’s this robotic application medicine so mark what do I do now?
Just get out of the way? OK
Morning. How is everyone?
I am so happy to be here, thank you president Ramsey disingusted guests
one thing that I have to say is that I am beaming in I’m Kerry Bremhal I’m a
stroke neurologist at university of Louisville and I’m beaming in from the
9th floor of University of Louisville hospital where one of my control station
is I have control stations at Jewish Hospital we have them at my home
we have them at the clinic facilities and we have 450 doctors at the
University who really could be capable of using technology like this
It’s not new to me and it’s not new to the United States but what’s exciting is that
we are going to expand from now 11 robots in hospitals around the state
of Kentucky central and western Kentucky to a greater number because
St. Joseph’s healthcare system has robots as well and we are not just
expanding in technology of course you see this technology is pretty high end
but we are not just expanding in this technology but also in other technology
and in the numbers of doctors available so now with our expanded network we’ll
have 3,000 physicians who can continue evidence based care research
and education for the state of Kentucky what we want to do is to have a
healthier Kentucky and healthier region and so our goal as physicians is to
partner with each other, here’s the technology that we have to reach all
parts of Kentucky and the region and to give the evidenced based care to all
patients no matter where they are no matter who they are
this is our goal we’re so excited to be a part of our expanded network a
larger family of physicians and nursing and healthcare providers
so this is something that I am very proud of as part of an extended
network thank you president Ramsey