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Sorry about that. Charu, why didn't you look...
and then throw the banana? lt struck him.
When did l throw it?
You're not hurt, are you? - Not at all.
Had he been hit hard... the banana would've been squashed!
Hey, she's here.
Just a minute. - What is it?
This belongs to one of the kids that were playing here.
Kids? - Yes, from your college.
There are no kids here. Anyway.
This belongs to one of them, so please return it.
No need.
Thank you. Can you tell me where's the Principal's room?
There'll be a peon there, ask him. - Thank you.
For 25 years now, our college is making excellent progress.
The girls from this college, have got married into good families.
Some girls are holding very high posts in the government.
And this year, one of our girls has become an l.A.S. officer!
What more can l say? Your father was one of the founder members.
This is our new lecturer. ln place of Mr Chowdhary.
She's Sumitra, the Hindi lecturer. Gita, English. Manorama, History.
And Renu, Chemistry.
Do you know Renu? - l've met her once.
When? - Today, on my way here.
l was going to the Chemistry department...
and he was standing with a banana in his hand!
Don't know who he was. Must've come to see somebody.
The banana hit him directly. Charu's great! Plays with us...
and thinks of somebody else! - l was there, remember?
That man approached us with the banana and said...
Sit down.
He's the same Banana-Boy!
This is our new lecturer, Swami Kamal Babu.
From today he'll take your Sanskrit classes.
He's from the Benaras University, and l hope, you will take advantage.
These are our first year students, and this happens to be your period.
Okay, l'll take the class now. - Good, l'll go now then.
Without saying anything about myself, l'll come straight to the textbooks.
You have some chapters on ''Kumar Sambhavam'' in your course.
lt's written by Kalidas and now l'll say a few words about him.
What do you say? - Yes, Sir.
You all must have some know-how about love.
We haven't really studied it. - lt's to be experienced, not studied.
Everyone experiences it in life. You will too, in the near future.
When a longing for it is born ''When will l feel it''...
And when it does strike it strikes like lightning!
The past is erased. A new feeling, a new experience, a new life begins.
Kalidas has described it beautifully. l'll read it out to you.
See what he says about a woman in love.
Look how he puts it. Listen...
ls the period over? - Yes, Sir.
He certainly is smart! On the very first day, he spoke on love!
Why? lsn't your sister's hubby the most interesting man?
lf he was like this sir, my sister would be the happiest girl on earth!
l've got to take class.
We weren't introduced properly. l'm also an M.A. from your university.
Which year were you there? - Here.
My father wanted me to do l.A.S., but it didn't happen.
Since l was keen on teaching, he asked me to join this college.
We have a house here, and he was on the managing committee.
Are you very adamant? - No, not really. But yes...
what l take in hand, l tend to finish.
Who else is there at home? - Nobody here, but l'll keep a servant.
Then you must be married. - No.
l'll get you a servant then.
That Chemistry teacher... What's her name?
Renu; l'll get you a servant tomorrow. l'll fix the pay and all.
Renu... what? - Renu
l meant, what's her surname? - Mukherji.
Be careful with servants. They can be trouble.
How long have you been here? - Why?
No... l just asked.
Better if you send the servant in the morning.
l may not be at home in the evening.
Renu's very strict. She doesn't let anyone get too near her.
Send a servant who can do all the work, and cook too.
And yes, a plus point. lf he's a non-smoker.
Renu's a courageous girl, although a bit proud.
She lives all alone.
She's the warden of the girls' hostel.
She handles everything.
For that tough exterior, she seems very much like you.
Sir, the Principal has sent for you. - Okay.
ln Chemistry we go to the root of everything first.
Today we've reached the moon, but before that, we must know...
what are its properties, what gasses are found in...
Why are you looking here and there? - Nothing, Miss.
Nowadays you're not yourself. Did you revise yesterday's lessons?
Yes, Madam.
l asked the properties of CO2, not Sulphur-dioxide.
Please repeat that, Sir.
This delicate body of yours... This playful youth...
is meditation's undoing. ln your life...
What are you all listening to?
What are the properties of Sulphur Dioxide?
You mean CO2, Madam?
Yes. Tell me the properties of CO2.
Seeing the beautiful lips of Parvati, Lord Shiva became restless.
Finally, as fruit for her penance, Parvati marries Lord Shiva.
Come, let's join the Sanskrit class. - Yes.
What's all this fun and dance in aid of?.
Stand straight first. - We were just having fun.
lf you want fun, go to the college, to the street, anywhere you like.
But not when you're staying in my rooms, understand?
This is a hostel, not a stage! l hate such behavior.
And look at your sari! Wear it properly.
What are you signaling for? Can't l see?
l don't like this signaling! And who's hiding over there?
Come out! l want my girls to be decent and polite.
lf you want to make noise, do it elsewhere, not here!
Now go to your own rooms. And Preeti...
l want to see your room tidy, within 15 minutes.
Where did she come from?
Don't know. She had gone out just now.
He must've met our new lecturer on the way.
You girls better leave. l've to tidy my room.
See you in college.
''l see you when l close my eyes. l see you when l open them''
''Your face, eyes, and smile... l just can't forget''
''l can't sleep. l toss and turn, and hide my face in my pillow''
''l imagine it to be your wide chest where l can rest my head always''
''The pillow is your wide chest...''
Shameless! You wrap yourself...
around a pillow thinking it to be somebody else?
ls this what you learn? You got 4 out of 10 in chemistry.
You don't know what is CO2.
l toss and turn at night, indeed!
Aren't you ready? - But we're going at 6 O' Clock.
lt's 5:30 p.m now. - Okay, l'll get ready.
What do you think of that new Sanskrit lecturer?
He'll hang around for a year, then go away on his own.
Nothing new to us. - He's spoiling all the girls.
Our girls... they're so young... - Get ready, will you?
He can't spoil our girls. You'll see...
one day these very girls will clean bowl him!
You don't understand. He's teaching them all wrong things.
Let him teach. Who's stopping him? But ''A wide, gentle chest...''.
What do you mean? - See this. A lover letter.
Give me this letter. He's away. l'll write such a letter to him.
Who's he? - My beloved. My dear husband.
Keep it right there. - Here you are.
On the table, l won't even touch such dirty things.
l'll show it to the Principal. - What for? She's a widow.
Where did you get it? - ln one of my student's book.
But how did she get this? - She stays among Sanskrit students.
Must have got it from them. - We'll also take Sanskrit tuitions!
lf you don't concentrate, you won't enjoy this.
Okay, Sir. Tell us. - Lord Shiva and Parvati are married.
Today is their Wedding Night. Parvati stood aside... blushing.
And then...
This means... What is it, Charu? - There, at the door.
Yes? What can l do for you?
lf you class makes so much noise, how can l teach?
ln Sanskrit, pronunciation is very important...
And when one is teaching Kalidas... - You should consider other classes...
where other important subjects are being taught. Not your Kalidas!
My Kalidas? Kalidas belongs to everybody. Even you.
Which important subject are you teaching?
Chemistry. Okay, go and teach at leisure. l'll keep the girls quiet.
So, where was l? - At Shiva and Parvati's honeymoon.
Softly. Else she'll be back again complaining. What's her name?
What kind of a name is that?
We call her CO2. - Why?
Because she scares us!
Like some chemistry properties. - No. You shouldn't say that.
You should refer to her by her name.
And we call you ''Jijaji''. meaning ''brother-in-law''.
Actually, brother-in-law is a sweet relation in life.
There's a character in our novel... what's the name?
No, why CO2? She's not like our Chemistry lecturer at all!
ln fact our Chemistry lecturer is more like Shakuntala.
lf you're happy, then our Kalidas... - What are you teaching?
We don't understand Science. - What do you teach?
Sanskrit. Books written by Kalidas. - Has he penned odes on CO2?
l'm sorry. My students are a bit naughty. l'll talk to them.
You will, eh? The way you talk to them, is in fact, spoiling them.
Who is this tea for?
For the gentleman. - ls this tea-time?
Who asked you to make it? - Mridula did.
She said, whenever he comes, make tea for him.
ls she the warden here, or l?
What about my permission? We make tea just twice a day.
What's the matter? - Shall l take the tea back?
No, give it to him. - Come on in. Even sir is here.
Share some tea with me. - l don't want it.
Come on. Have some today. - No! But you, and here?
Actually l was coming to you. The girls forced me to have tea.
Coming to me? But l hadn't called you.
Okay, l was coming on my own. Now, have some tea.
l said l won't drink it. But you, in this girls' hostel...
He comes to teach Sanskrit. - Twice a week to teach ''Romance''.
Without my permission.
The Principal suggested it. For extra-tuitions.
That's all very well, but l'm the warden here.
That's why l was coming to see you. - No need!
l'll talk to the Principal myself.
l hear he teaches well. All the girls praise him.
Teaching Chemistry is affecting you. Don't take everything so seriously.
Don't lecture me! Do something about it, Madam.
l don't understand what you're complaining about.
Do you really know what he teaches? - Sanskrit.
My foot! lf this is Sanskrit, it shouldn't be taught in colleges!
Change the curriculum for her!
Okay, l'll talk to Kamal Babu.
Come, sir. Where were you? - Why, what happened?
The Principal wants to see you.
What for? - You'll find out soon.
A letter has been found!
Come in, Kamal Babu.
We're all waiting for you. Sit down please.
Come here.
This is the Silver Jubilee year of our college.
We want to have a grand celebration.
The staff has suggested that one day, the teachers must take part.
And the next day the students.
Last year Geeta got both together, and organized a very good show.
Geeta, you be the in-charge of the student's program.
Okay, but you'll have to be the in-charge for the teachers.
That's why l've called you. - lf you all insist, l'll do it.
ln fact, l'm very interested in doing such programs.
Right, we still have a month. So start organizing it all.
Renu, why are you seeing through me today? Come here, please.
This is Shekhar, a good advocate. And this is our Chemistry lecturer.
l've some chores to do. l'll go now.
She saw us. She won't cause trouble, l hope.
She has just one interest. Nothing beyond that.
She seems very stern. - Maybe. Who cares?
But she's a good looker! - No need to go overboard.
She gives lift to nobody.
Who is it? - Dhania, Miss.
A letter for you.
Just pass those specs, please.
Why should you work now? We have everything we need
Your brother is promoted. Says he'll get Rs.1200/- now
lt's all due to your efforts. You educated him and made him able
He has a girl in mind, but says...
unless sister marries, l won't wed either
lf you say so, shall l look for, a good boy for you?
ln the summer holidays, Come over.
When you stay with us, we feel so very happy.
Have your tea, and scoot. - Why? Are you going somewhere?
Yes, l'm taking Sanskrit classes. l've got to go to the hostel.
They make fun of you at college. He's studying Sanskrit. A scholar!
But l think you're lucky! - How come?
You're a lecturer at the ladies college.
Girls everywhere! And, being a lawyer, l'm handed with country-bums!
All men, and fools at that. - When are you marrying?
Marriage is different. But, as a bachelor...
isn't it a good feeling to have such surroundings?
When are you marrying? - Some day. What's the hurry?
Sure... where's the hurry for a teacher in a Girls' college?!
Tell me, do you have a Chemistry teacher called Renu?
How do you know her? - l know everything.
That she's very stern, and is a 'touch-me-not' kind.
Who's angling for you? - A teacher from your college.
Then why don't you marry? - There's no hurry here, either!
You only said your profession was a very arid one!
Got anything going here? ln college, many girls swooned over you!
Something is cooking, but it's 50% at the moment.
lt's 50% okay, good! - Yes, but from my side!
Oh God! You mean at present you're fishing?
Yes, at present, that's how it is. - Then tell me, who's the girl?
l'll tell you that when the time comes. - And when will that be?
When she starts biting the bait. - Meaning her 50 % ?
Sir, a letter for you.
Tell him, l'll come later... And listen, a cup of tea please.
This means...
Whose letter? - Miss Renu's.
Maybe she has some work with me. Yes, this means...
l think you better see her. lt could be important.
True. lt could be anything.
Till then read about Kalidas.
''After tuition, come and see me. Yours, Renu''
Liar! She hasn't written, ''yours''. - She has! One doesn't have to...
use a pen for that. lt's an affair of the heart.
lt doesn't need any ink or pen!
By taking tuitions in the hostel, you're causing inconvenience to the girls.
What do you mean? - Mridula is a science student really.
But wastes her time studying Sanskrit! There's another girl too.
lf Charu and Mamta can come from...
another room, Mridula's room-mates can always go there.
That's not so easy, and one can't study well in somebody else's room.
Hey, you brought my tea here? - You weren't there...
and the tea would've got cold. That's why l brought it here.
Then get a cup for your Renu too. - l don't need it. You go.
l drink a lot of tea. My throat gets dry teaching. Sanskrit, after all.
One should go by the rules here.
ls it against your rules to have tea?
Tea is made just twice a day here.
Okay, l'll have it at home and come.
l'll suggest something.
Hot tea is good for the throat.
From today, there'll be no classes in Mridula's room.
Fine. l'll take them in the room next door to the Common Room.
That's not possible either. lt's the Sick-Room for emergencies.
How often do girls fall sick? And here, the climate's good too.
Since it's empty, allot it to us. - No! That's no place to teach!
But it's empty... - Let it be empty!
ls anybody going to fall sick?
Look, unless there's a contagious disease, why send the girls there?
Whatever the ailment, the girls have to admitted there!
Even for a slight fever? - Yes.
Then l'll have to stop the tuitions. l'll talk to the Principal about it.
What will you tell her? - That you're stopping me from teaching.
Why should l stop you? - Then...
l'll see what l can do.
Meet me later on. - When?
After 3-4 days. On Friday.
Friday, eh? - Yes.
But only at 7 O' clock. - Fine.
Thank you. You're from Kashipur, aren't you?
Yes. But who told you? - Nobody. That letter on your table...
it has Kashipur's stamp on it. My sister's settled there too.
She studied in this very college. Name's Sushma.
When l look at you, you remind me of Shakuntala.
Shakuntala? - Kalidas's Shakuntala.
What did he say in Sanskrit?
The 'Shloka' which l recited just now, means...
''ln this naughty season of spring, which woman can avoid...''
''the sweet arrow of the Cupid? No woman can. No woman''
''Make my Chunari, so colorful...''
''That it wins over my lover''
''Don't squirt color like this. l beg you''
''Make my Chunari so colorful''
''This seasonal breeze will make me 'high' ''
''My mind's beginning to sway... What's happening to me?''
''Holi is here...''
''Bringing colorful seasons with her''
''Holi has come with soft hues of color''
''She has also brought new desires within me''
''Listen dear. - Yes, brother-in-law''
''Because of Holi, don't take advantage''
''Come here... - l'm scared''
''Let's see how you escape today. - Please let me go''
''Not now. - Everybody's taunting me''
''What shall l do about it? - l'm going home''
''No way... l won't let you go''
''This seasonal breeze will go to my head, l say...''
''l'm really swinging now...''
''What's happening to me?''
''Sis'' has let down our ''brother-in-law''
''She didn't give him a chance to put color on her''
''She took her revenge even on the ''Holi'' day''
''Oh, how could you do this to him, dear Sims?''
''Sis has let down our 'brother-in-law'''
Let me see.
lt's not mine. lt could be yours, Rajni.
This is a Sanskrit book. Not mine. Must be sir's.
She's reading Kalidas? The sun will rise in the west tomorrow.
She must've just felt like it. - Really? Then why don't we...
feel like reading chemistry?
A gust of wind blows Parvati's sari high....
her thigh is exposed for a moment but Shankar sees it.
She tries to straighten it, but Shankar stops her.
Due to staying up late, Parvati's eyes are red....
Her lips are dry; and her hair is open...
Shankar reaches out his hand, and...
l'm a bit late.
Everyone's gone to the program. - l know. l'm coming from there.
Then why are you here? You only asked me to come on Friday.
l thought l'd be here by 7 O'clock, but l got 5 minutes late.
But today's Holi. Nobody takes lessons today.
l didn't come here for tuition. You had asked me to come, so l came.
l haven't thought about your tuition as yet. l didn't get the time.
Never mind. Think about it later. Let's sit in your room and chat.
lt's very hot inside, that's why l was strolling out here.
Okay, we'll stroll out here. l also don't like it inside.
Why? Are you scared to walk with me out in the open?
What's there to be scared of?.
l know. - What?
That you're brave. You live alone, away from home, and teach here.
Why should you be scared? Come, let's go.
What is it? - l can smell something lovely.
Smell what? - Flowers.
But there are no flowers here.
You won't understand. You teach Chemistry.
lt's spring. The air is bound to smell sweet. And...
And what?
Don't talk in Sanskrit to me. - Why?
l don't like it.
This is how Kalidas... - Kalidas again?!
Haven't you heard of Kalidas? - l don't want to either!
Shameless being!
Look, it's not very difficult, l'll tell you the meaning.
No need. lf l could have my way, l'd stop Sanskrit from being taught.
This language is full of flavors. The flavor of life...
Flavor? Too much flavoring spoils the taste. Do you know that?
l'm noticing all the girls. Because of your Sanskrit...
they're all becoming brash!
Just read Sanskrit a bit. l'll help you study it, if you wish.
''Kumar Sambhavam''. ''Raghu Vansham'', ''Meghdootam''.
ls there anything that tops the sweet prose in Sanskrit?
Yes! That door there! You can use it to...
Look, it's full-moon today. One shouldn't get angry today.
What an auspicious day. Holi! ln fact, l feel like...
applying sandalwood paste and red starchy powder on your face.
Next time l certainly will. Today, you're Kalidas's Shakuntala.
l bought 2 dozen hair pins. - Do you come here to teach...
or to doll yourself up?
One has to be presentable. Never know who one may meet.
No wonder the girls are like this. Nobody dresses decently.
More to show, than cover. - Can't help it. lt's so hot here.
Look Renu, this happens all over. There's no harm in it.
l've said so in my report too. Our college should admit boys.
Right. Boys and girls must mix. That's how it should be.
This way, relations stay healthy.
The issue is not co-education. lt's about what's being taught here!
Whatever's being taught here, will spoil our girls.
You're always hinting about it, but, who is she?
Not a she, but a he, you only have to use your eyes.
He's bang next door to my class. They make so much noise laughing.
l hear nothing but youth, lover, beloved, etc. Take yesterday...
l've written it down.
''Just as waters of the lake rise every day in the Monsoons...''
''ln the same way,...'' You read it!
You read it, Geeta l'm going out for something.
Our ancient texts have everything. And sir isn't teaching anything bad.
lt's all there in ''Kadambari''. l've read it myself.
ls it necessary to teach all these ancient texts?
Darling, dear, at every step!
Look, our girls are not babies! They know what's good and bad.
Sanskrit is optional. lt's not compulsory.
But do you know its effect? l found a letter. A love letter.
My God! Who wrote it?
Why take names? She's from our college. Period!
At least these girls are in college. l wrote one at 15!
No wonder you always take Kamalbabu's side.
Shouldn't l?
Why ask me? Ask the one you meet on the sly.
Why bring his name in this? And has Kamalbabu reserved you...
for himself, for you to get so jealous?
Jealous, my foot! You can keep both him, and Shekhar!
You can write another love-letter.
lt's time already, and there's still no love in your life.
No wonder you're so touchy.
l told you l'd manage something in a day or two.
Till then, you can teach in Mridula's room.
l haven't come to teach, l've come to meet you.
You meet me in college every day. - l've got something to discuss.
Do we sit inside, or do we go out like last time?
You must know that l'm in charge of the Teachers' program.
So l thought we'll do Kalidas's... - Him again?
Since he has written ''Shakuntala,'' l can't take any other name.
Please sit down.
We're staging this Kalidas's drama and it's my personal request...
that you play the part of ''Shakuntala''.
No, lmpossible.
l'm playing Dushyant. - You may be Dushyant or Ravana.
l've no interest in your drama. That too Kalidas's drama!
l always had you in mind to play Shakuntala.
Keep what's in your mind to yourself! Else go to Gita.
She'll be ideal for what you have in mind!
She's in charge too. She may not have the time.
Then go to other ladies. Do what you will.
l'm sorry.
Who ordered tea?
l saw him come. Thought he came to teach...
No, not today. Let it be.
You didn't offer him tea?
And you've no love for him.
Go and call him.
Did you call me? - Yes. Please have your tea.
You're offering me tea? - Please have it.
Then you'll have to share it with me. - No... you take it.
lf you won't take it, then neither will l.
Keep it here then.
l teach Sanskrit. lt's not your fault. Take this.
Will you do Shakuntala's role?
l said no once. You repeating it will not turn it into a yes!
l won't do any role. - l'll have to try a larger bait.
Still 50% to go. - l don't understand.
She makes good tea.
What's the matter?
l'll call sis... tell her. - No!
Tell us what it is. We'll help you.
Sir didn't take me in his play. - But why shed tears over it?
l'll die, l tell you. l'll die without my Sanskrit sir.
Softly. lf sir finds out, he'll drop dead!
What do you know? We have an eternal bond.
He doesn't know. l'm his heroine. His Shakuntala. Only me.
Hush! Don't cry like this. So what if you're not in the play?
You're with me, aren't you?
''Love is...''
''... a sweet emotion of the mind''
''ln an overwhelming thirst...''
''... a drowning desire''
''Love is just that''
''Come, let us pen with our lips''
''Such a poem upon them''
''Just as a river is embraced in the arms of the sea...''
''the time is so right...''
''Wrap me in your arms, beloved A sweet emotion from the heart''
''Today in these green mansions, give me my rightful status''
''Give me such a gift that will remind us both of each other''
''This ring of mine, my darling please accept it...''
''Let it never lessen...''
''our desire for love''
''A sweet emotion''
''Love is...''
''Love is, is a sweet feeling in the heart and mind''
''ln an overwhelming thirst''
''... a drowning desire...''
''Love is...''
A very nice drama. - Congratulations.
She has gone!
''l'm going. Maybe... we'll meet in our next birth''
What were you doing, Charu? - l won't tell you!
Where are you going? - Home.
Just hold on.
Where are you going? - To bait.
Going to Kashipur? Your train is due soon.
l'm going home too. - l see.
After 15 days, l too will come to Kashipur. My sister lives there.
l'll definitely meet you. - Meet me? Why?
Look, we'll both be in Kashipur. And if l don't meet you...
it won't feel nice. And we're colleagues after all.
l'm not going to Kashipur this time. - Then where?
Some other place. - But where?
But you'll return to Kashipur. l'll be there for 15 days.
Here comes your train.
l'll see you in Kashipur. - l won't be there for long.
So why bother? - lt's no bother.
Your address is, 15/3 Raiganj. Opposite the Post Office?
How do you know?
Everyone's address is in the college register.
A small gift from me. - But...
Don't bother to thank me.
You'll have a lot of spare time. Please do read.
Aren't you going home by the 6.40? - No, l had come to see her off.
See this. A platform ticket. - Strange man.
l don't just teach Kalidas. l practice it too.
But why drag me here? l don't read Kalidas.
Such moves demand friends' presence. Come, l'll treat you to some good tea.
She's been here for 3 days, but hasn't been out at all.
Go, take her for a walk.
There are so many places l could visit.
Why drag him along? - But sis, this time...
you're really looking nice. Get yourself photographed.
Might come in handy later on. - l know what you're hinting at.
That's why he's saying it. A photo will come handy.
The climate has suited you. - The place was nice. But l missed you.
You went away yourself to earn. l had written you to return.
Why do you need to work?
l... - Get married!
Shut up! You and your jokes! - ls marriage a joke?
Did our mummy and daddy crack a joke?
Honestly Sis. Better get married. - Why? What's your problem?
lt is a problem! l can marry only after you do, isn't it?
Who's stopping you from marrying? - No sis...
Unless you marry, will it look proper if l marry before you?
So! You've selected a girl. - Months ago!
l've been courting her for a year. See this. Name's Usha.
How do you like her? - She's nice. Where does she live?
She was in the college, with me. Today she's a teacher in a school.
What does she teach? - Sanskrit!
Can't she teach any other subject?
What's bad about Sanskrit? l'll introduce you to her one day.
Okay then... bye. - Okay.
Come on in... sit down.
Sis, this is my friend Ganesh.
He has started his own studio. Where you'll have your photo taken.
And this is Usha, his sister.
She sings wonderfully. - Really?
And sister is a chemistry lecturer in Roop Narayan College.
l've heard a lot about you, but actually, you're very lovely.
As though you're Kalidas Shakuntala incarnate.
lsn't that so, Ganesh? - Absolutely.
Won't you offer tea to your would-be relatives, Sis?
Of course. l'll just get it. - Come, l'll help you too.
Saw her, didn't you? l want a first class photograph.
So that with one look at it, she's approved for marriage.
Hey, these are Sanskrit books... All by Kalidas. Do you read them?
No, somebody has given them for reading.
Then please do. They're so lovely.
Have you read them? - Me?
l know ''Kumar Sambhav'' by heart!
May l borrow them?
l'll read them first, you take them later.
Who is it? - The postman.
''l'm reaching there on the 15th morning. l'll be staying in Rampura''
''l'll meet you on the 15th evening. lf you're in Kashipur...''
''please remain at home, so l can meet you''
Whose letter is it, dear? - From a college colleague.
Hello, Sis. - Kamal?
You recognize him, don't you?
How he has grown! - Our luggage has to be brought up.
Sunder, go and get our luggage from downstairs please.
You should've written. One day late, and you'd have missed me.
Why? Going somewhere? - Yes, to Simla.
l too have a few days work. Then l'll go back.
Never mind. Come in.
Oh God! lt's so hot here. We could've gone to a hill-station.
Why come here to rot? What attraction does it have?
There's the Ganges. One cool bath in it, and all the heat disappears.
And also Rai Gunj, 15/3, opposite the post-office.
What is there?
There's heat. - Then why come here at all?
l won't go there today. - Why?
lt's the 15th today, right? - So what?
l'll go tomorrow. On the 16th...
Go tomorrow, the day after or not at all! l'm not budging!
l'll lie here under the fan. lt's too hot. l'm not going out!
Sis... Send him some chilled buttermilk.
What is it? Are you expecting somebody?
Mom, may l go out? - Where to?
To Rampura. - Why Rampura?
For shopping. - Then get yourself photographed too.
You're Renu's mother, aren't you? - Yes.
lsn't she at home? - No. But...
Where has she gone? - To Rampura. Who...
l'm Kamal. l teach in her college.
Please come in. - Never mind. l'll come tomorrow.
Just tell her l had called. Where did she go you said?
Okay. l'll come tomorrow.
l forgot to tell you. When you had gone out, a man came to see you.
What did he say his name was? - Kamalbabu.
Didn't you invite him in? - l did, but he said he'd come again.
When? - Tomorrow evening.
Tell me. Who is he?
He's a Sanskrit lecturer in my college. - l see.
He's so compassionate; but you've no feelings in you.
Come... Sis, come here.
Let's all go out today.
Have you been there? - Many times.
lt's a lovely place isn't it? - Yes...
Then come with us. - But...
No buts! You didn't come to the movies even.
Today, you'll have to come. - But l've been there before.
But not with Usha. Usha, you must sing the same song.
No, l won't come. - Please come.
You'll enjoy it.
Look, we all are coaxing you so much, come on.
One minute. l'll just go and meet Mom.
Your camera's loaded, isn't it?
Yes, dear? - Nothing, Mom.
Ramesh! How are you, friend? - Hello. You know Usha and Ganesh.
That's my sister, Renu. A lecturer in a college.
l'm Gopal Chowdhary. - He teaches in some college.
You never told me you had... - Let's go...
Which college to you teach in?
lt's not in this city.
l teach in the Madhuban college. - We'll go now. We're in a hurry.
Come on everybody... hurry.
Do keep meeting now and then; with your sister, especially.
Honestly sis. He's a big bore! Come on.
What are you looking at? - Ramesh's...
You're here, eh? But why late? l've been waiting for a long time.
Who's that girl? - Which girl?
The one you're ogling like a dog!
My God! What language. No... that's not nice at all.
You shouldn't say such things. Come on.
We must marry soon. l can't trust you at all.
l'm always tense. - But why, my dear?
We will marry. l promise. But why the hurry?
What's my age, after all. - That's just it. No maturity.
Just 6 months back, you were after that witch Latika.
Dying to wed here. Just because she's a bit fairer than me!
Then l came in between. And now you're not in a hurry to marry.
You are very naughty! Good you came in between.
l really didn't like Latika. Now come on...
l'm tired. You all go around. l'll sit here.
l think teaching Chemistry has made you cold as a stone.
No cinema, no walks. What's the matter.
What is it? - Know what she's saying?
Look, l didn't say anything. - She says, you're in love.
All the symptoms point to it. - l didn't say that, Sis.
l'm fine as l am. You all go for that walk now.
Okay, you sit here. Come on Ganesh, let's go.
''She says you're in love. The symptoms say so''
You're sitting all alone here? - You, and here?
l had written that l'd come on the 15th.
But it's 17th today.
Had you waited for me on the 15th? - Why should l?
Please sit down.
After coming here, l came to know that my sister has gone to Simla.
lf you're sister's away, why have you come here?
To meet someone.
But how did you come to this particular place?
You were also supposed to go to Allahabad? Why didn't you go?
l will... soon.
Don't get me wrong, but today, you're really looking nice.
These steps, this lake-side, this evening...
sitting quietly all alone, you're looking very lovely.
You didn't recite any Sanskrit verses from Kalidas or...
How have you been? - Fine. When are you leaving?
When you leave for Allahabad!
Did you read the books l gave?
Are you really going to Allahabad?
l do intend to go.
When will you return to college? - Can't say.
Thinking of leaving the job? - l may.
Then who'll teach Chemistry? - How are you concerned?
Why not? Chemistry and Sanskrit; science and language.
They both have words in common.
Come and sit. l'll do the introductions.
He's a Sanskrit professor in my college. Mr. Kamalbabu.
This is my younger brother... She's Usha, and that's Ganesh.
Usha and my brother are going to marry soon.
Usha also teaches Sanskrit. - Glad to hear that.
l had asked for your books from Renu, but she refused.
l'm even more glad to hear that!
Usha sings very well. - Yes. Go on Usha, sing.
She's shy. - But still, please sing.
Yes, go on.
''Which song shall l sing...?''
''One which really pleases you''
''The one which the buds sing when a garden is in full bloom''
''How did you come so suddenly, so silently in my life?''
''You've made me forget everything, and l'm lost in you with joy''
''Who has filled these lovely hues in my empty canvas of life?''
''Which song shall l sing...?
''one which will please you, beloved''
''That one day, you'll be my strength, l didn't believe till yesterday''
''But how do l feel today, as though l knew you in all my births''
''l feel as if the whole world is dressed in a gown of green''
''Which song shall l sing?''
''One which is dear to your heart''
Mom, get your son married soon. Else, who'll tidy his cupboard?
l'm getting him married. Talk about yourself.
l don't need to get married. - You mean, you won't marry?
Better keep me away from all this. - Then do what you like after l die!
Mom! Why talk of death? - Then why do you avoid marriage?
Have you found a boy for me?
lf l seriously search, l'll find one.
No need.
Why? Do you like someone? - Me?
l'm giving an ad. in the paper. Listen.
A groom wanted. The girl, M.Sc. A lecturer in college. Age 22.
Why 22, when l'm 25? - Dear Sis, if l write 22...
people will think it must be 25. lf l write 25, they'll think 30 plus!
And you'll get some old fossil! You won't understand.
l'll read again. A groom wanted.
l'll add... An earning groom wanted.
Girl, M.Sc lecturer in college. Age 22, Tall, and good looking.
Must marry soon as possible. - Why soon?
Why? Only you want to get married, eh? What about me?
Okay. Write this too. The boy must write himself, and...
enclose his photo too. - But of course.
The newspaper in which the ad. will be given...
send me a copy of it. - Of course.
l'll approve the boy myself.
Here. - What's this?
Shake! l've to give Usha this good news.
Today, l'll continue from where we left off yesterday.
She's looking out for ''Brother-in-law''!
She appears to be lonely today.
Write the answer to this, while l prepare a new question.
She'll go into his class like yesterday.
Looks as though he has has won her over.
lsn't your sir here even today? - No. Did you want something?
Nothing. What's the matter? Today you're all studying quietly.
You're not making any noise.
When 'Brother-in-law' is here, there's lot of fun.
'Brother-in-law'? Who's that?
We call our sir ''Brother-in-law''. He's so jovial.
Gita's not here today? - No. Nor is Kamal babu.
Principal asked me to take Sanskrit. But what can l teach?
And even if l do...
Sit down.
When you were not here, l also went with your Kamalbabu.
Where? - To a rotten place called Kashipur!
You know Shekhar. - l met him here only.
When did you come, Gita? - Today.
This time everyone's coming late.
No. Only l came a bit late. - Kamalbabu hasn't come yet.
He and l had gone together... to Kashipur.
From there he went home. - You know him?
He and l have studied together from school. ln this city.
Shekhar and l are getting married.
This month. - Congrats.
Why are you standing here? Come to my room.
l've some work. l'll go away soon.
Okay. Gita, come later.
She seems different. She never used to talk before.
Come. l thought you won't turn up. - l wouldn't have.
But since it's the first time, l came.
Come, sit.
Want some tea? - Why the formalities?
Please forgive me. - Why? What happened?
l don't know, but l misunderstood you from the very beginning.
l always thought you and Kamalbabu were an ill-omen to the college.
Fine. But now you don't think so, do you?
l just said to Shekhar ''Renu has changed so much''.
Yesterday, another thought suddenly crossed my mind.
Today l've no hesitation to say it in front of you.
You didn't come, nor did Kamalbabu. l don't know why, but l thought...
you both won't turn up at all. Maybe because of that dance-drama.
l thought you and he... have fallen in love.
And do you know what l thought? - What?
Want to know? - Yes, tell me.
Forget it. You may become stern again.
No. l'm as l was. Anyway, tell me.
l thought you're fallen in love with him!
l don't know. l've never loved anyone before.
And now?
Please come every evening. Having talked to you today...
l'm feeling so light in mind.
l can't come every day. But l'll drop-in, now and then.
May l go now?
''Clouds came... Casting shadows everywhere''
''But the one who was to come... You didn't come''
''Why did you come in my life like this...''
''And then forgot me and went away?''
''l've enshrined your love in my heart''
''And have been sitting here for so long with high hopes''
''The ache in my heart came to my lips...''
''But the one who was to come, you... didn't come''
''When you hear my voice, come to me''
''Don't steal the dreams from my eyes''
''This time, with a great effort...''
''l'll open my heart to you''
''By keeping silent, l just got pain''
''But the one who was to come, you... didn't come''
''Clouds have come casting shadows everywhere''
''But the one who was to come, You... didn't come''
Come in, Gita. The door's open.
lt suddenly poured! - You're drenched. Go and change.
Else, you'll catch a cold. - No. l'm used to wet clothes.
Better change. There's the cupboard. l'll go and get you some tea.
How did you come so late? - l was held up.
l thought you weren't coming back. - You had threatened to leave.
Do you know, Gita's getting married? - Yes, to my friend, Shekhar.
They're going around for 2 years.
l think you want to ask something. - No, not really.
For how long will you stop yourself?.
Why didn't you marry till now? - You're asking me that?
Answer me properly.
Just didn't. - But why?
l never gave it a thought. - Why not? l mean you're...
Why not? - Why not what?
You know very well. Tell me.
Maybe l just can't love. - No... l don't believe that.
Once, at Holi, l went with great hopes to meet someone.
But she didn't show interest. Then l requested somebody...
to become Shakuntala in a drama. She too declined.
Then l went to see somebody off at the station; she was aloof too.
Once, under the pretext of meeting my sis, l went to her town in summer.
l think in their view, l'm a demon not a king.
What's wrong? Why did you get up and go?
l don't know. The king is wise.
He should know that actually it's Shakuntala who doesn't know love.
lt's not so. Kalidas says, the moment a girl attains youth...
an intense longing for love is born within her.
l don't know whether it happened with me or not.
Till now, the sole aim in my life was to take care of my family.
l've got so used to that, that l can't think of anybody else.
That's not true. At times this longing comes late in life too.
Does Kalidas say this too? - No. Poet Kamaldas says it.
You'll be Shakuntala, won't you? - Do we need to play roles now?
lt's 100% now.
What are the properties of Parvati and Shankar, Ma'am?
They're making a lot of noise in that class.
As an excuse, Shankar closed his eyes. At that moment...
Parvati began to look at her lover very coyly.
Yes? - Don't come to my room.
Why? - Cos the girls will know.
l'll come to your place. l've to show you something.
Your class is very noisy! - Pipe down, girls.
The class next door is disturbed. l'll wait for you in the evening.
You're looking so nice in this.
Read this. - What is it?
That's why l've come.
Read it aloud.
''Wanted, a capable, earning groom. Girl, M.Sc. lecturer in college''
''Age 22, tall, beautiful. Write, enclosing a photograph''
Who's this ad for? - Guess... Think.
Get some tea.
Know what you have to do? - What?
Answer this ad. with a photo. - Why?
Cos the girl will choose. - l like this photo of ours better.
No what will my family say? - But l don't have a photo of myself.
Ten get yourself photographed. And write this too...
that you're teaching in my college. - Why?
Do l have to tell you everything? Else my mom will think...
l made you pen this letter, in order to get married.
But what's wrong in that? - No.
But l don't have a photo. - lt's okay. Just answer the ad.
From this lot, these 5 are nice.
An engineer, 2 doctors, a lawyer...
and a college master. First, let's drop him. Useless!
Then the dentist is out too. This doctor is a widower...
so he's no good. We now have a choice between engineer and lawyer.
Do anything, but with Renu's permission. Why come in between?
Okay, but the strangest thing is, they're all in a hurry to marry.
And l thought l was the only one who was so impatient.
First, write that letter today itself! - Okay.
lf sis gets married by the 25th, then 5 days ahead that is 30th!
5 candidates. 2 doctors, a lawyer, an engineer,...
and a college master. - Oh? What does he teach?
He hasn't written, but he must've taught Kalidas.
So what's your decision? - Ramesh is praising the engineer.
Who's Ramesh. - My brother.
So what's your decision?
A college master will not get such a girl. Others may get.
So? - So l've written to him.
''Fix my marriage with the master''
Congratulations. - You too.
Why me? You're getting married.
Don't pretend. That master is you!
Me? But l haven't sent anything regarding marriage.
No joking.
Honestly, l didn't answer that ad.
Why? l had given you the paper...
and asked you to apply. - Look if l wanted to apply...
And as per my father's wish, l'd be married too.
He wanted me to marry a magistrate's daughter.
l only had to apply.
But... why didn't you tell me? l sent home a telegram...
saying l approve of the college master.
What should l have told you? l just know that if my...
our love, is true, then we'll marry each other.
What a mess you've made! Now what do l do?
My sister has agreed to marry you.
l knew it! l just knew it! - What?
l knew it!
But why this over-enthusiasm? - Only one teacher can know...
another teacher's pain!
When do you want to get wed? - The earlier the better...
Say in about in 7 days.
Listen... Now l'll have to buy a sari for your sister...
Also... a blouse. - What?
lt's alright. l'll manage.
Don't worry. - Let's go.
You didn't have any tea.
How will l pass these 7 days? Where will l go? Where will l sit?
Sis has really lost her marbles! ''l'll choose the boy myself'.
This is her choice! An ass!
lf we weren't to wed 5 days after her wedding...
l'd have seen how he weds her!
Thank God you came! There's so much to do.
Where's Ramesh?
Must be busy with your wedding preparations.
l've fixed the date of your marriage too!
No, Mom. - What no?
l won't go ahead with it.
What! lt's just 2 days away. We've distributed the invitations too.
She's marrying against her wishes. - Everybody does that!
These are wedding invitations? - Renu's getting married on the 25th.
You better go to Kashipur. There must be something wrong.
l don't know what to do. Tomorrow's the wedding and today...
Had l known before, l'd have stopped this. l'm against it myself!
And after 5 days, l'm getting married. On the 30th!
Don't worry about your wedding. lt'll take place as planned.
But l'll not marry this man! - But how's that possible now?
lt seems to be an accident. - Yes.
When will our train start? - Last time it took all day.
Give us a cigarette.
Will this brand do? - Yes.
Where are you going? - How far is Kashipur from here?
About 40-50 miles.
Make it run faster. l'm in a hurry.
Don't worry sir. lt's a race horse. Giddy up!
Make him gallop!
Some urgent work has come up. l'll have to go for 7 days.
Last time you said the same thing. And hid yourself here to wed Latika.
Why do you distrust me so? Am l a loafer or something?
You know how much l love you.
Please let me go. l'll definitely return in 7 days.
When will we marry?
Okay. This time when l return, l'll fix the date and come.
Just like a flower... l'm so happy.
Hurry up! We're late.
l'm in a song here, and you're worried about yourself.
Said you'd fly like an arrow. This was a race horse.
And after just one mile, we're in this state?
What can l do?
Who knows when this will get fixed?
Faster, my foot. Good thing my horse didn't die!
l don't know what to do.
Where the hell are you running to? Come back!
Come back. Good boy...
Get that spectacled owl here.
You're abducting my horse, eh? You'll know soon enough.
You're back, aren't you? Why you... stealing my horse, eh.
That too riding on his back? - Look, l must reach Kashipur.
Take this. - How can you go?
You stole him. Rode him... and lamed him too.
l'm sorry, but you know l must reach Kashipur.
How can you go? Pay the fare. What if he had died?
How much?
Here take Rs.20/-. - What!
My steed is worth Rs.5,000/-. Runs like a hare...
Then what shall l do? - Leave your things.
Here take this. - How much?
l don't know.
A sitting duck! Hey mister, do come back.
Here's Rs.400/- will do? - Don't worry. You'll get married.
Ramesh, why the delay? - Everything is fine. Don't hurry me.
Shobha's here. - My God!
Do one thing. You go out, and don't let her come in.
Why the delay?
Ramesh... hurry please.
When will you start? - When l get a few more passengers.
l'll pay for them. - That's Rs. 28, sir. Pay up.
l've no money. - Really? Kashipur.
Keep this jacket. Come on. - This must be worth just 5 Rupees.
Come everyone... Kashipur! Will start soon.
Here, take the watch. - lt'll be worth Rs.20 to so...
plus 5/- for this. Come on, get in.
Where are you taking that? - l'm keeping it on the top.
Let it be anyone... Stop him from coming in.
But... - Yes okay. Rs.100/-
Now see that Shobha doesn't create a scene here.
Watch it, my friend.
How far is Kashipur? - Soon enough.
Have you fallen asleep, priest?
Where are you going? - Upstairs.
Whom do you want to see? - The bride.
You can't go up! - Why not?
Has Shobha sent you? - Who's Shobha?
She has sent you and now it's ''Who's Shobha'' eh?
Get lost! - No! l must go in.
You can't! - l will!
You can't go in.
Hit him!
Let me go!
Hey! What hit you? - Nothing. l'll go tomorrow.
Okay. Come on in.
How did you come here? - l ran away.
You left your husband? - What husband?
Didn't you sit with him in the car? - lt wasn't me.
Then who was it?
So! You were going to wed her, and deceive me.
Noo... That Ramesh had trapped me. He lied to me. l...
Shut up!
lt was Ramesh now. last time it was Latika, wasn't it?
Somebody or the other is always cheating you. A baby aren't you?
Had it not been for Ramesh, l wouldn't be your wife today.
He only told me about your plans!
Rascal! - Now stop dreaming about Ramesh.
You cheat!
Honestly, Shobha. l really wanted to marry you.
Now l'm your wife! You can't escape me now.
lf you ever as much as look at a woman...
l'll gouge your eyes out!
Today is our wedding Night. l can't think of anybody else...
You're lying again! lf you ever lie again, l'll have your tongue.
Wedding Night, he says!
l had got just 3 days leave. Today's 25th, right?
5 days from now, your brother's getting married.
We'll get married on that day too. l'll leave by tonight's train...
and give them the good news that you're marrying me.
But must you go? - At least for a new pair of glasses!
Okay. But forget the 30th. l'll fix a new date and pen you.
''When l close my eyes...''.
The first letter you ever wrote to me... l got it and felt very nice.
Had l written it well!
lt had just one original live from you. ''The date is 12th. Come soon''.
The rest of it was all copied. - What nonsense!
lt's true. lt's all in one of my books.
Which one? - l'll show you.
Here it is. ''Love letters in Sanskrit''.
l deliberately brought it here to show you see l've marked it.
And l know from here, you've stolen it.
Nowadays our girls steal such love letters from the book.
And l'm sure you've stolen it from some girl's notebook, and...
lsn't it? - Yes.