Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley

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everybody t like the sports talking or boxing with robert axl the editor in
chief of boxing dot com robert how are you today r_u_ ready for saturday's
fight are you ready for the packing up rather
do you feel that way that i think i think i'm ready for that
we're talking reform we went on
uh... many packed the alley you know it's it's thirtieth title fight his
sixtieth total flight in his career
uh... seventeenth under freddie roach the is
uh... the current w_b_u_r_ welter weight champion and tivity bradley comes into
the picture is twenty eight no for a reason
he hasn't convinced me at least in the wind over devin alexander
again uh... paki ui four to one favorite in these last few fights let's just
focus on the first
he fought against uh... marquez in their trilogy fight and many people were left
with a sour taste in their mouth that he
many pack you know that is did not win this fight and i for one still believe
one men wall marquez won that fight that night
but going the two
their track record amin what can you say about tim bradley and the opponents that
he has fought compared to
uh... many packet
there is no comparison between between new york the network judicial court
if you look at the resume threatening to move back ready for a total cost of a
late report david alexander
you have to hear what he's bad conduct claiming that he tried to hurt me
agreed to get out and a great way blacked out and that's what this might
go but not to be at the caliber other partners that akio hospital but over the
years one name that you did leave out however was the month peterson now with
all the
uh... accusations that are going on with him he still quality opponent and until
he is totally proven guilty
he still beat amir khan now they're rematch is obviously opera dating back
to this
i would argue however that many packed the hours
opponents the ones of the face the antonia margaritas the shingles is a
berkeley hands yesterday lawyers
those sorts of opponents none of them were in their prime would you say the
ten bradley is in his prime
recruiting bradley a certain time i'm gonna get he's under we don't know how
to yet
the clock down kept up every concoction complicated but i think the fact that
he's constantly he's
credibility but the problem is i don't know that we can adjust his
waikiki nineties power and that going to be the tipping point and respect
he also fought on paper so and offer no anglo as an amateur is just a second
at a hundred and forty seven pounds you were talking about his style what style
is that what does he bring
now untrue
scattered said you know that he uses victoria just
which was used to treat during his career completely different eclipse
topical cut gravity officials complicit writer and suggestions o blogazine
circles around backyard being backed remains to be seen and it appears robert
dot the blueprint against many patio has one manuel marquez brilliantly displayed
in their last fight
their final fight of their trilogy as we said was counter punching out what kind
of counter punching skills does tim bradley possess
loan remains to be seen i mean i think you could reading pactel it and alone
i think you can get a decision
and he wants to leave
truant replay cassidy relatives inside my house exactly you will
well too badly decision haryati takaful did not receive reluctantly
a situational his markets release of that's great
how exactly do you think he will
wooden this fight ten bradley that as i mean
we we can say that his counterfeiting skills are not totally evident he is a
come forward fighter and most of those come forward fighters
allow ricky hatton alliance on a margarita heavy either been knocked out
or needed surgery on the redness i mean how exactly is he going to win this
i don't know what he's going to put it anemic known in the carter
i'm not sure that the brought
the big top at the top right farrakhan
and specifically asked about her pack yelp
i'm not sure black he is going to win the title
mathematicians he can't do that with respect to be perfectly frank
i mean would you totally rule him out though from winning this fight would you
be always shocked if you walked away with the decision
i would be shocked if you are treated with the decision home anyone
soap operas chance disneyworld athletes but didn't have a caller josh how are
you going to work with a decision on the books
topside that do you work judges have no choice but to put together
to requested
pet would have to be but the judges are going to go against my house parker what
seems to be a friend from any of the logs in articles that i have
rare they need the ninety s p m dot com
third name dropped one that is well-known many have said that ten
bradley is going to walk away with the court's decision then there will be a
maybe in november maybe obit earlier or later what do you say to them
well finishes together
uh... executing this split
what what's happened to land at the understood how these how to reach that
conclusion bust a private room industry it because of the distractions attacking
destruction of the little rock steady distractions and that's great
watchlists structures and patch a certain after she delivered when
kathleen actually came and there
you know the deadly game and doctor cotton surprising at pathogens that
people would include looks like we watch think that we can frightening one thing
that could go into bradley's favor is that many paki on his last few fights
has suffered from like france now
we don't know exactly what the causes freddie roach has said
that its basketball and he doesn't want in playing anymore basketball prior to
his fights and pretty rotors even quoted as saying if many looks bad i'm going to
ask him
to retire is that his trainer trying to get him up trying to pick up his fighter
to bring
his indictments what seems like sellable
well it's a possibility i mean because we're pretty sure feverish leader pani
puri temporary no i'm not you know boxing and not even if they were to
expand accident rate
twinkies specific jokingly sicily disability
and kids
and i'm not going to do with situation solution to bring up the idea of
retirement a little bit as we know the contact group's pocono all the packet in
the past and through the slight maybe your just about to start the politics
can't be managed futures going to be so thank you know grabbing a steel
pay-per-view and jim graham saturday night in las vegas nevada
how do you see ending the seating and not got the seat being a decision you've
already said you think back into the wind how is he going to do it
articles section unique picked up and started i was glad he's getting bad
perhaps you could knock out a few times and the
and that statutory mcmichael they have a robert half of the editor-in-chief of
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childhood thank you mr