Learn More, See More, B'More: Episode 5, Neighborhoods of Baltimore, Part II

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Lucie: Hopkins is an amazing university
and Homewood is a beautiful campus
Noah: But what many students don't know is how much the city of Baltimore has to offer
Lucie: I'm Lucie
Noah: And I'm Noah
Lucie: We're students at The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland
Lucie and Noah: And we're here to help you
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Lucie: Just a few miles up North Charles Street lies Towson
home of Goucher College, Towson University, and one of Baltimore's largest shopping areas
Noah: This area is home to the largest indoor mall in Baltimore County,
a popular concert venue for local and national artists,
and the Towson Market Place
a shopping center that houses such major retailers as
Walmart, Target, and Bed Bath and Beyond, among others
Lucie: In Towson there are a number of historic pubs and famous eateries
such as The Greene Turtle and The Melting Pot
Noah: There's always so much happening here
As we were walking around, we stumbled upon a street fair
with food vendors, live outdoor music, games and raffles,
and a large, red bouncy castle for ages 12 and under...
Lucie: Which of course, we are at heart
Mount Vernon has some of the most charming and well preserved 19th century architecture and monuments on the East Coast of the United States
Noah: There are a number of theaters and concert halls, such as the Lyric Opera House,
Center Stage, the National Jazz Institute,
and the Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall, home of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
Lucie: Mount Vernon has a very warm and welcoming atmosphere
with a number of parks, cafés, and interesting historical sites
Noah: This residential neighborhood is characterized by vintage row houses
and beautiful landmarks such as the Mount Vernon Methodist Church
Lucie: The Peabody Institute lies in the center of Mount Vernon
and is easily accesible through a number of free transportation services
including the Charm City Circulator and the Johns Hopkins Shuttle
both of which pick up and drop off in front of Baltimore's Washington Monument
which, in fact, predates the Washington Monument in DC!
Noah: Hampden, the neighborhood commonly referred to as JHU's backyard,
encompasses a wide variety of cafés, shops, and art galleries
Lucie: This neighborhood is known for its music and art scene
In fact, after our visit to the skatepark, we ran into my comedy a cappella group,
The JHU Mental Notes, and we decided to sing a song on the streets of Hampden
Mental Notes: ♫ Do Da Do Do♫
♫ Where has all the good food gone? Screw these $**** subs! ♫
♫ Where's a tasty cheap sandwich to fight my need for grub? ♫
♫ Isn't there a sandwich upon a fiery steed? (*Neigh*) ♫
♫ Late at night I toss and I turn and I dream of what I need ♫
♫ I need a GYRO (Lucie: wrapped in a pita) ♫
♫ I'm holding out for a gyro 'till the end of the night ♫
♫ and it's gotta be long and it's gotta be fast and it's gotta be freshly sliced (Lucie: OPA!) ♫
♫ I need a GYRO! (hoo-haa!) ♫
♫ I'm holding out for a gyro in this hunger fight ♫
♫ and it's gotta be shawarma with tzatziki sauce ♫
♫ and it's gotta be larger than life (WHAT?) larger than life...♫
Lucie: Thanks for watching part 2 of our "Neighborhoods of Baltimore" episode
Noah: There are so many other great neighborhoods in Baltimore to visit, but we're finally back at Homewood
Lucie: Be sure to come explore this campus for yourself. And join us next time to
Lucie and Noah: "Learn More, See More, B'More"
A cappella....not capella.