Photoshop - Making a Navi from the AVATAR movie

Uploaded by hungnguyen520 on 10.11.2010

(go to for this tutorial and resources inluding images)
Use Healing Brush Tool (J) to flatten the nose
Press Q to Enter Quick Mask and use Brush Tool (B) to get all skin areas
After choosing the skin areas, Type Q, then Select > Inverse (Shift + Ctrl + I) to select skin areas
Choose Images > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation (Ctrl + U) and set Hue = 180
Type Q to change to Quick Mask mode. Use Brush Tool (B) to draw 2 nose curves
Press Q again and Select > Inverse (or Shift+Ctrl+I) to make selection. Double click Background layer to make it Layer 0
Create a new layer, on new layer, fill the selection with color (R:53 G:78 B:115)
Choose Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur with value around 3.0 and set layer opacity to 70%
Duplicate Layer 0. On layer 0, type Q to Quick Mask, use Brush Tool to draw the nose tip and lips
Type Q, Shift+Ctrl+I to make selection...
Choose Images > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation and choose Hue = 99. Set layer opacity = 54%
Now Merge all layers, duplicate Layer 0 and choose Filter > Liquify
Use Bloat Tool to make big eyes and Foward Warp Tool to widen the nose...
On copied layer, choose Erase Tool and erase the eyes
Choose File > Place and import some Avatar eyes outside (go to for this tutorial and resources)
Put the eye on one layer, put this layer under copied layer
separate the two eyes and put each one one a separate layer
Now resize them and put them on right place as I do... Type Ctrl+T when you nedd to resize the eyes
(Optional) Add some eyelashes to enhance the beauty :) (eyelashes available on
Now add some zebra skin. Choose File > Place and import Zebra pattern (available on
Choose Filter > Liquify, use Foward Warp Tool to make it look a bit strange.... See what I do...
Then cut the curves at right side by Rectangle Marquee Tool. Duplicate the layer and Flip the skin image to make it symetrical
Now merge to layers that contains zebra skin together and set opacity to around 12%
Duplicate the zebra and hide it. Now place the zebra on skin areas and use Eraser Tool to remove unwanted zebra skin the
Remember to erase the eyes, nose, lips as well
When you finish applying skin, merge all layers together
Now create new layer, use Brush Tool with white color to make some dots
Right click on dot layer, choose Blending Options... Check the outter Glow and set values as you see
Now make create new layer and make some dots for the arms
Choose File > Place and add the ears (available on
Separate the ears in two layers as you did with the eyes
place them in right places
choose Filter > Filter Gallery and choose Plactic Wrap with Hightlight: 11, Details:1, Smooth:8
Duplicate main layer (layer 0) and place this layer above the two ears.
On the copied layer, use eraser tool to make the ears appear as you like
Use Dodge Tool to make the ear on your left brighter and Burn tool to make the ear on your right darker
Merge all layers, and apply Leather skin if you like