Shin Yamato Damacy Ep.8 - Tokyo Anime Fair 2010

Uploaded by ShinYamatoDamacy on 12.10.2010

When did you start watching anime?
From elementary school.
I also watched it from elementary school.
I started watching anime from the 6th or 7th grade.
From preschool.
From about 6 years old. When I was a kid.
I watched anime from about 8 years old...
Sorry, from around 5 years old
About the same. From kindergarten. Like 6 years old.
From around my childhood. 3 years old.
From that time I really got into anime.
At the same time, too. I would watch it with my parents.
Foreign viewers hear the word otaku...
...but don't understand the word...
What is a man?
Action, or... Robots
Everything boys like... Like action.
What's the most shocking anime?
Shocking anime?
Dragon Ball
I watched it when I was a kid. It was really interesting.
It still leaves an impression on me.
Who's your favorite Dragon Ball character?
Definitely Goku.
Why Goku?
Hmm... why...
He always gets more powerful no matter what
He's a truly strong guy
What's your favorite anime?
Skiing anime?
Favorite anime Skiing anime?
Favorite anime
Favorite anime?
EEEH, um... It's in one of the booths, actually
I'd say Dragonball.
One Piece.
One Piece. One Piece.
One Piece.
It's fun
Yes, it's fun
Really, the Gundam series.
It's Baka to Testo Shoukan Juu
Same for me!
What's the best anime you see at this convention?
Hmm. It's Baka to Testo To Shoukan Juu...
I'm the same, man.
What's the worst type of anime?
Bad anime?
Moe-style is no good.
I don't really watch that type of anime?
Why don't you like Moe?
The story isn't fun at all
It's only love.
Ahh, Otaku. Yes, we are otaku.
I'd say I'm a bit of an otaku
But, what IS an otaku?
Ah, meaning.
When you like anime and those type of things...
And you really earnestly watch and collect them...
That's when you truly are an otaku
Hmm.. Really the definition is a little different...
What I want to really say is...
People like us, who love one thing some much
In the way you can rest a finger on the issue
And then, you can ask us, "What's an otaku?"
So, it's ok to ask any of us... Because of him...
Because you know other people you've seen before are Otaku...
You can say these people are Otaku..
That's probably what you got from what you heard first...
Because these people like this type of thing...
We gradually become Otaku, and that's what I feel like
Adults who don't change from their hearts as children.
That's it, isn't it Adults who don't change from their hearts as children.
That's it, isn't it
Have you ever cried watching an anime?
It's happened to me.
When did that happen?
Recently it's been One Piece.
One Piece isn't Dragonball, but...
One Piece has a lot of powerful words in it
When I watch the anime, or read the manga, I often cry
Why anime?
Hmm.. Well...
I really like things that aren't realistic
Things that don't take a lot from the real world
I've been really wanting something like that these days...
Like.. I'm really satisfied to be here today...
After that...
I want to see something dream-like After that...
I want to see something dream-like
Almost all the time I've wanted to see something dream-like, really
And... also
Everyone came here because there's always something new in the anime world
That's the way I see it
What's your favorite anime genre?
What is it?
What is it?
Jump comics... like Gin Tama
Who's your favorite Gin Tama character?
He's a very special person
Who's a sexy anime character?
Oh, that's Bulma from Dragon Ball
What is it about Bulma?
Do you have a boyfriend?
Oh yes.
Ah.. no.
Is your boyfriend also an anime fan?
He isn't an anime fan, but he watches it with me
My favorite things are what have come out in the last 10 years
I really like talking about them
From 30 years ago, I would read and watch anime and manga
And we would also watch anime together from about 20 years ago
If you get that, we've seen a lot of the history of anime and manga
And I think young people's comics are very deep
And at this event, there's not a lot of weaker stuff
So we can say Ahhh it's still good, and everyone can enjoy their time here
I think a lot of the fun events are set up this way
Why anime?
Really... I haven't talked about this
When everyone would watch anime as a kid
They would be REALLY excited
When I was a kid, I really didn't like live action movies
I only watched Anime then
I really thought nothing was more interesting than anime costumes
That was at that age. Now, I've gotten older.
I'm 30 now.
And at this age, I find movies a lot more interesting than Anime
It's because I became an adult
Yeah, that's about it
It's too difficult to explain this, really