[STEP BY STEP] "Golden Purple"-Look (english subs)

Uploaded by magimania on 22.02.2009

So this is the look we are going for!
It´s my second try for a video tutorial for this look, but finally I release this version.
Sorry for shaking the camera - the tutorial itself is still :-P
I hope you like it - please let me know if these captions are helpful or if you don´t like "soundless" videos.
This is one of my alltime favorite looks - I love the cool purple with the subtle gold. I hope you like it - ENJOY!
I am going to mention all used products, but you can find them in the sidebar, too. There is a link for pics in my blog too.
My lids are already primed with URBAN DECAY Primer Potion - use only a tiny amount but apply it all over the lid.
Add some loose powder below your eye to catch any fallout. I suggest to apply some of it to the side of your nose, too.
The first color I use is MACs eyeshadow CLOUDBOUND from the PANDAMONIUM Quad (limited)
SOLAR WHITE, ILLUSIONARY / BURNING AMBITION or GOLD DUSK pigments are great too - or any other golden eyeshadow
I use my MAC 242 to apply it in dabbing motion. You have to most control this way.
You can also use a champagne colored base before to make it more shimmery - I didn't use anything additorial.
Apply as much as you like - I blended it out ca. 2-3mm over my natural crease.
The shade is quite neutral in this light, but as you saw in the begining of the video direct light makes it gorgeous.
I ture gold like GOLDMINE e/s by MAC would be precious too - it works well with the purple we use as it´s a complimentary color.
You can apply it on the lower lid now or after dusting away the powder.
I used still my 242, beacuse it´s super flat.
VIOLET TRANCE is the next color I used. It´s also from the PANDAMONIUM Quad. It´s a matte, super bright and cool purple.
Alternatives are JEWELTONE or you can use similar shades like GRAPE pigment
Used 242 again - I brush the color in a motion from outer to inner corner to make it blend well into the gold.
I placed it in the outer third and created a C-shape applying it on the lash line and in the crease, too.
Try to doublecheck the shape in the mirror looking as natural as possible - looking straight and with naturally opened eyes.
I like my eyeshadows applied quite high above my crease beacause my eye are quite small and I have a lot of space up to the brow
Dab with the tip of the brush into the shadow and apply it as near as possible to the lashline.
It took a while so far. When I make a video I tend to take not enough color just to make sure I don´t take too much.
I used the limited 226 brush by MAC to apply some more VIOLET TRANCE into the crease now.
For my eye shape I need to apply the darker colors through the whole crease up to the tear duct. It´s optional...
Just move the brush from left to right using the tips of the bristles only. It makes the result very soft and well blended.
I added a tiny bit more - sorry - I love it as bold as possible!
As you can see, I don´t make any motion from right to left with this brush!
Again: apply it to the lower lid now or after you have removed the powder.
I am a black-junky. I need a tiny bit of black in the outer corner in every of my looks.
I use RAD PURPLE from Kat Von Ds Beethoven Palette. It´s a super dark, almost black purple. YOU NEED IT!
I applied the shadow with the 226 again and started in the outer corner.
Dapping first to leave the most amount of powder on the darkest point and blending it inside then.
Now I create the famous OUTER V, but a bit more smokey-like. A bit on the lash line - a bit into the crease.
And check again with a natural sight into the mirror. To make my eyes appear larger I apply the darkest shadow above my lid.
I create a fake crease above the true one using the tip of the brush again.
When you prefer less dark looks keep the dark color in the outer 1/10 of your lid only.
Blend - blend - blend. As this is a round tapered brush I move it back and forth.
This tiny brush is from COASTAL SCENTS for $2 only. It´s amazing. Use it to apply ony a detail of a true black.
I used the LUCIFER from the BEETHOVEN palette to make appear it even deeper.
And a tiny bit onto the lower lod again.
And a tiny bit onto the lower lod again.
Now the detail work:
I add some violet trance again just to make the result I want. Leave it, if you are satisfied already.
I just complained here because the brush got wet when it fell into the sink :-P
And finally the same thing with cloudbound - again: it´s only optional, but a nice finish.
And finally the same thing with cloudbound - again: it´s only optional, but a nice finish.
This is the MAC 227 with it´s large fluffy shape...
Now the ''tidy up''- part
Remove the powder below the eye...
MACs BRULE matches my skin tone so I use it to blend out the sharp edge of the purples.
This is my 275 again. I use the edge of the brush like a eraser. The lower lid...
some useless blabla :-D
... and now on the upper part!
As a highlighter I used MACs SHROOM. It´s only a subtle glow below the brow.
I lined with MACs gel liner, the fluidline in NIGHTFISH. It´s a limited shade - an off-black.
I used the round 209 here but I love the 231 the most as a gel liner brush...
I finished the liner, put some liner into the waterlines and applied some mascara then...
Some complaining about my husband - and the result :-P
But I wasn´t satisfied - needed moooooore - made it a tiny bit higher...
Some violet trance with the 226 finally...
I hope you like it - I love it! FAV
Use a cool blush, I tiny bit only...
And please let me know what you think about the captions!