Interview with M5.Fox after day 2 @ IEM6 WC

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Mar 7, 2012

- Hello, everybody!
Today is the 2nd day of IEM championship in Hanover.
Games in group B are over.
I’m here to interview with Sergey Stolyarov from M5.
Fox, hi!
- Hello!
- My congrats with getting into the play-off.
Tell us about your games.
You won the game against fnatic…
- We played with WinFakt.
We freaked out a bit.
There were at least 3 possibilities to take the round.
However we managed to lose it my miracle.
Unexplainable mistakes.
While playing vs Lions we felt insecure on the map we have chosen.
They killed us no mousepadter where we were going.
If we had won the knives round,
everything could have been totally different.
That’s the way it was.
We played vs fnatic on inferno.
We had a lowskill tournament recently.
We played on inferno, inferno and nothing but inferno.
It worked!
I feel confident on this map.
It was a good game.
We read their actions.
- Did you have enough pracc before the tournament?
Did you have any bootcamp?
- We had a 2-week bootcamp.
We had very few days-off.
We killed approx 10 thousands of bots.
The practice was very serious.
We have the same computes as those here.
It gives confidence.
- Where is Dima Smelyi?
- He couldn’t go with us.
I don’t know the reasons.
He wanted to come very much.
- Do you feel lack of his support?
- Definitely.
He is our best supporter.
- I got it.
I saw Roma playing on M5 mousepad.
Did your dream to create the line of M5 devices come true?
When will your mousepad be available for sale?
- The mousepads are still being developed.
We have only the patterns. That’s how Roman got it.
- Do you have the one tester?
- We have two actually. But one of them is rough.
We don’t use such mousepads.
- Did you watch yesterday’s games?
- So-so.
We were on our way here.
When we were lucky to find Wi-Fi, we watched a bit.
- Where do you live? Are you satisfied with the conditions?
- The conditions are rough.
- Spartan conditions.
- Yeah. It’s a bit cold inside but we are OK in general.
It reminds me of the previous year.
- You are playing relegation match vs Poles tomorrow.
How do you estimate your chances?
Which maps will you choose?
- We have to win.
We are most likely to play on inferno, tuscan and nuke.
- Do you know that Na`Vi overcame them with 14-10 or 14-8 on tuscan yesterday?
- Yeah.
I saw everyone was writing “comeback” “comeback”.
- Ok. The day is over.
I wish you good luck tomorrow.
Have a good sleep.
- Thank you.