iPhone 5 released and Tim Cook from Apple allows a rare interview

Uploaded by RitchiesRoomTV on 14.09.2012

Michael: Hi, and welcome to a Special Feature on the Review Room where we talk to some of
the heavy hitters in the tech industry and give you the inside running. Today, direct
from San Francisco we have the one and only man in a black shirt, white hair, and spectacles
that matters, Tim Cook from Apple.
Tim: You're too kind and please, it's just Tim.
Michael: Okay Tim, welcome to our show.
Tim: Thank you Michael.
Michael: Tim It's only been a few hours since you took to the stage in San Francisco
to unveiling the iPhone 5. How do you feel it went?
Tim: It was awesome it was fantastic, It was... it was great. Yep, it was really good. Look,
it's the iPhone 5 right, so of course. Five...
Michael: Okay Tim, I have to ask you, what inspires some of the new features on the iPhone 5?

Tim: You know, we're always looking at new products and other products in the marketplace
and I thought to myself, why don't we just copy some of those? I mean why don't we
imitate them?Be inspired by, is what I really mean, you know.
Michael: Well, what are some examples that have inspired Apple?
Tim: Well, there's numerous examples. I mean there's over the air updates, multitasking,
drop down notifications, even, even a front camera on the phone. But you know what, you
couldn't even change the wallpaper on the iphone screen until we saw someone else do it.

Michael: Well, your honesty is refreshing Tim, but how has the iPhone 5 improved from there?

Tim: Well, Michael there is a Galaxy - ah, a universe - of new features with iPhone 5.
For example, Facetime over 3G.
Michael: But Tim, phones have had video over 3g for years.
Tim: Michael, exactly! And you know what, that Facebook stuff, I mean that is amazing,
imagine being able to link your facebook contacts with your phone contact list and your calendar?
I mean that is just wild stuff!
Michael: Moving on Tim, what other features does the iPhone have?
Tim: Well I particularly love the turn by turn navigation. Yeah that was Google. I also
love the return SMS to unanswered calls, also google. But also I love the browser web tab syncing
Michael: It was Google. Let's move on, what about the changes to the screen?
Tim: Yeah look despite movies, television and gaming all moving to widescreen, we held
true to our vision. While all these other products come out with stunning screens.
Michael: So there's Thunderbolt on Macs, and the new Lightning connector on the iPhone 5.

Tim: You like that? Thunderbolt and Lightning? That was my idea. I'm a big fan of Queen.
Michael: Okay, so where do you see the iPhone 5 positioned in the market against other competitors?
Tim: Well, I think our team has done a great job bringing the best features that are already
out there and packaging them together into a beautifully designed phone.
Michael: Okay Tim thank for your time and we look forward to hearing from you again.
That's all we have time for today folks...until next time.
Tim: Well that went well!
Tim: the camera's off, yeah?
Michael: Uh yeah, I think it is.
Michael: Hang On! That's not an iPhone 5 are you getting this?
Tim: Wait wait turn it off!