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It's Cougar Town time.
-Sorry about that.
I'm Beth Hoyt.
This is MyDamnChannel LIVE.
You look so different.
Everything is different.
Are you crying 'cause Grace was in a metal box yesterday?
She's in LA.
What's going on?
Beth is up against a wall.
You guys, I'm here to take you through this.
I'm a very good tour guide.
I gave tours in a submarine in Manitowoc,
Wisconsin for a summer.
Anyway, that's a little factoid.
But what's happening is that it's Tuesday, and we just kind
of want to, like, hang out with you.
I do.
I just want to get personal and talk about what you're
commenting on and talk to you.
And just, like, we want to change the room up, and get
like a close-up view of all this cool stuff.
Look at this thing.
Did you ever see this before?
Have you seen this?
Are you scared?
Does that scare you?
I am freaked out by this thing.
That's a thing my uncle would have in his house.
Let's look at--
OK, so what I want to talk about, is I tweeted out
wondering if you guys hate-watch anything, like
maybe what I did this weekend, which was when
I was near a TV--
I don't have TV, so this was, I couldn't turn off the Miss
USA pageant, because I was-- and there's--
and then I just, like, wanted, I tried to
turn it off, and I--
I couldn't.
I fought against it.
I was, like, oh, they make me feel so--
I watched the entire thing.
Go Rhode Island.
She won.
So I was wondering what you guys hate-watch, and let's
talk about that.
And first we have a tweet from, um, from
Oh, this, OK.
Oh, Glitter.
Hate-watches Glitter.
I don't think they wrote that movie to get laughs, but there
are millions of them all the way through.
Yeah, I hate-watch the crap out of that movie, and I kind
of want to do it again right now.
That's a very good example.
You guys know what I'm talking about now?
Have you seen Glitter?
Oh my god, it's so bad.
Here's a comment.
This is from bsheep.
I like to hate-watch any bad singer
thinking they're amazing.
That's also a really good one.
That's really good.
How much are you (SINGING) hating this.
Although the difference is I didn't think that was good.
So that's good I didn't think that.
You know?
Let's look at another tweet.
This is from mom-e-wrath, or momerath.
Movie Extreme Ops.
what is happening?
Can I read?
Movie Extreme Ops.
Extreme snow athletes versus terrorists.
Special kind of bad.
I can't not watch it.
Silo's entrance was great though.
What just happened?
Can I see that again?
Movie extreme ops extreme snow athletes versus terrorists
special kind of bad I can't not watch it.
I get it.
This is very meta.
This is very meta, that that comment was like
a hate-read, right?
So it was like, I dare you to not read this whole thing out
loud, acting like you know what's going on.
That's something, though, that you guys all know what that is
and I don't.
What just happened?
Movie terrorists.
I liked that.
We used to have a silo in my backyard.
I grew up in Wisconsin, but not on a farm.
It was an old silo and I used to climb up it
when I was a kid.
And then my mom'd be like, get down, boo-boo.
And then I would act like I was gonna hang out up there,
but I came down.
I came down every time.
Let's look at another comment.
This is from bro-fis-foster13, brifoster13.
How do you get sick abs.
I need to knowwwwwww.
All right, brifoster13.
First of all, you need to do whatever
Jillian Michaels says.
Just do it.
She knows how to do it.
I don't--
I try.
I did the same ab exercises all the time, which is like a
lot of the bicycle.
I have like one, one ab.
One ab.
But to get the six-pack--
sick abs.
That's what you want.
You gotta just, you gotta take the things away from the top
of the belly.
And that's a hard thing to do.
So you got to not eat the things that make the things
grow on top of the abs, and then just keep, just crunch
Um, speaking of sick abs, though, do you know who should
look, actually?
Mark Malkoff, MyDamnChannel's Mark Malkoff, did--
he does all these crazy challenges.
He did a one-month six-pack ab challenge, and he succeeded.
So you should watch what he did or find out his tips,
because it worked for him.
So that's a great--
I just gave great advice.
But it's really Mark Malkoff's.
Also, Mark Malkoff just did a challenge with Netflix to get
the most out of his Netflix subscription.
And he tried to watch 250 movies in one month.
Which sounds like my dream, right?
Isn't that awesome?
I would love to do that.
He showed us how it wasn't the easiest thing to do.
Let's watch Mark watching 250 movies.
-Hi, I'm Mark Malkoff, and I am one of 23 million
subscribers on Netflix Streaming.
I want to see what the best possible value I get my $7.99.
For example, if I watch 100 films on Netflix, that works
out to about $0.08 per film.
I want to do even better.
How many movies would it be possible to watch on Netflix
in a month?
My goal, 250 films.
Let's do it.

It's really cool.
I've gotten almost 500 film suggestions on Twitter and
Facebook, which is awesome.
Here goes nothing.

I haven't left my apartment in 155 hours.
I'm starting to feel a little bit like Jack
Nicholson in The Shining.
-"Here's Johnny."
-You know, the only thing I miss with streaming is there's
no commentary.
I'm gonna put a fix to that right now.
-How you doing?
What's going on?
-We filmed this in one of the high schools in Austin.
And apparently all the locations are now like go-to
visit, you know, kind of tourist destinations.
See that?
Most people don't even know that that's Ben Affleck.
-That's Affleck?
-They said they'd watched the movie about 30 times before
they actually figured it out.
-You OK there?
You're looking tight.
-I have little knots.
Just keep going, keep going.
I've decided this week to watch movies by theme.

Help me, Obi-Wan.
You're my only hope.
People online are like, Mark, what else are
you doing this month?
And I am like, I'm reading War and Peace.
What do you think?
I'm doing nothing but watching movies.

-Mark's Netflix watching has really started to have a
negative effect on our lives.
Please, I need coffee.
I need coffee.
I need coffee.
Thank you.
Get me coffee!
I need coffee!

I'm here with actor Andrew McCarthy.
You're going to be doing commentary on St. Elmo's Fire
as I watch it on my iPhone.
-That's a big thrill, Mark.
-I bet it is.
There you are.
That's you!
-Yeah, I'm very good in this scene, aren't I?
-It's very good.
-I improvised that line.
-Is it true that wrote the whole movie yourself?
-Well, the better scenes, I did write, yeah.

No, no, that one needs to turn around.
But I think this is--

I was wondering if you could meet me here tomorrow to do
commentary on Weekend at Bernie's.
-You're outta your [BLEEP]
mind, Mark.
I got stuff to do.

-I'm gonna be up until, once again, 2 o'clock in the
morning watching movies.
Thanks, Netflix.

Another movie.

I'm going to be getting more value for my money than any
customer in Netflix history.
No more movies.
No more movies.
No more movies.
-You can do this, Mark.
-I did it.
Total films, 252.
404.25 hours.
Cost per film, 3.2 cents.
Thank you, Netflix.
Thank you.

-Hey, guys.
We're back.
There are, like, 252 films that he watched.
What an overachiever.
Isn't that crazy?
I bet-- do you think they were sequels?
And he was like, I just gotta, I just gotta
watch these two more?
I mean, he did it.
Let's look at-- oh.
First of all, I looked up Extreme Ops.
It's a movie.
And the title on the movie poster says, "Fear is a
And secondly, Devon Sawa is in it.
Remember him from Little Giants?
And I wrote him a letter when I was a kid.
I wrote a few letters to celebrities.
We all wanted Devon Sawa.
He's still doing it.
Still making bad movies.
Comment from CallMeCarson.
What is the most awkward moment you've had recently?
Well, gee, there are quite a few to choose from.
Like maybe me talking about that Extreme Ops movie before.
But, oh, I have one.
Of course I have one.
I have ten from this weekend.
But here's one.
I tried bike-riding with the pedals that you lock into your
shoe pedals, like racing bikes, you know, when you go
to spin class?
I was outside in the park and I tried them out.
I hated it the whole time.
My inner monologue was, like, I hate this.
I hate fear and thrills.
I mean, I hate fear.
But I hate thrills and speed, and I don't like that.
So I was going too fast and I had my feet locked in.
I felt like I-- and I fell off my bike.
And your feet are locked in, so when you fall,
you can't step off.
You learn this the hard way.
You just fall.
Fell three times.
This is one spot.
See this bruise right there?
In the exact same spot.
And there's a big one on my knee and my head.
Anyway, third time I fell, I just laid there, because I
just cried a little bit.
I just-- it hurt and I felt bad for myself.
And a little girl said to her mom-- we were in Prospect
Park-- she said, look, Mommy, she fell.
And pointed.
And she was riding a two-wheeler.
And she was, you know, successfully riding it.
I was lying on the ground crying.
That's a true story.
And that is awkward and embarrassing.
I'm healing just fine.
All right, I feel good about that.
And so now we have one more--
oh, we know what we're going to do now?
I do.
Good thing I do, 'cause I'm hosting this shit.
All right.
We're going to talk about being serious.
So Fred Armisen set up this--
this video project.
Do you guys know about this?
He set up a video project saying that--
I want you to do a 30-second film, and there's these rules.
Rule one, has to serious.
Rule two, 30 seconds or less.
Rule three, two people max.
Rule four, there must be a five-second dramatic pause.
Five, a cut-away to an inanimate object.
Six, best acting possible.
Seven, end with a door slam.
Got that?
Grace, Daily Grace and I did one, and this is it.
Check it out.

-I just think you haven't thought about the
-I have.
-OK, well, this is a live show, so whatever you put out
there, you can't take it back.
-If you were in my position, would you
really just do nothing?
-I think you're gonna regret this.

But here's how you should do it.
-Get out.
-Get out.

-So serious.
So serious, right?
You guys should do one too.
Anyone can do one.
Do one.
OK, we have one more comment we're going to talk about.
We want to look at more.
Talk to me, wxsyz.
Christian Finnegan is on tomorrow, right?
Took the words right out of my mouth, wxsyz.
Yes, he is.
He's going to have more surprises for you.
It's our big Wednesday show.
And it's on again at 4:00 PM.
This was fun, right?
What do you think--

what do you think, India, of us doing this near the wall?
I liked it.
It was really fun.
Thanks for sending in your comments and tweets and stuff.
And do it again tomorrow.
Ask questions for Christian, because we will
do that with him.
That's gonna be super fun.
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Oh, and I'll love you then, too.
Thanks for watching.
And I'll see you tomorrow, 4:00 PM,
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Bye, guys.