[ENG] ZE:A's fashionistas?

Uploaded by EmpireKidLove on 09.01.2011

Oh...You still wear this even you didn't remove the tag...
It has to be there...to look like new clothes~
[Perhaps Sponsor? Another tag discovered!]
It really hurts! To be true this hurts right?
(This...you can fit into it?) Yea...
Wow super...
But can you attract girls by wearing this 23-inch (trousers)?
Wouldn't girls feel the rivalry?
[Item that bring pressure to the ladies' diet"]
[The 23-inch jeans that makes girl friends embarrassed - OUT!]
Oh the way you keep this is interesting~
This is a product from a Japanese designer...
If my mother sees this she will immediately iron it flat~
You see the bias tape here? This is only used in high-quality clothes
Oh~ I've got an expensive one~
This looks good...I kinda want it...
This looks like an armor...
These specials items...He usually wear them at rehearsals instead of intentionally...
Whose is this?...Oh the coordination is all done...
Slightly...giving a Parisien...French Chin feeling...
Because my face doens't look that avant(?)...
The end looks like being cut by scissors...
I want it to look more avant so I choose this round-cutting design
[Design is good...Smell is oops!]
Open the door~please~~
I like animal print very much~ I'm going to show you more~
This person is starting to love the leopard print~
Will female fans like it if you wear this?
Doesn't it look masculine?
He wears animal prints even for underwear~
This has a Alexander McQueen feel to it~
This rocks when wear at rehearsal time (HS:This is so funny XD)
[To wear it with chocolate colour Sheepskin boots?]
[The match that is so hilarious even only think about it]
[Female fans' reaction? Kwanghee, breaking the limits of fashion?]
I also save the tag...It's in the pocket! To follow Siwan...
Other than stage outfits...This time we'll try to go for some casual wear that female fans would like~
The best dresser can get his items as present!
Aww just choose me than~
[Nine Muses's Leader Rana]
I'm worried~ The boys may not understand much about women's heart~
Who's more cute between these 2?
The general trend lately~Kwanghee~
Seems that women like funny guys~
If that funny guy even has a good taste in fashion that would be perfect
Dongjun looks quite popular among girls?
Why it seems that I can't pull any clothes off?
Kind of not interested in fashion...
To be frank this doesn't seem to be a look that girls like~
That pullover is with strong patterns
It seems not too suitable for Kwanghee as he has darker skin
It would suit Hyungshik better since he has lighter skintone~ I hope Kwanghee is not wearing it
Looks like he prefer some simple cutting trousers~
ZE:A members all have slim legs~
Dongjun played football when he was small so his legs are stronger
Especially the hip line looks good ><
But how did you know that?
I see it when he is practising~
The neck looks a little uncomfortable...It looks like gibbs
The colour of the clothing is too strong
I put much attention to how guys look at the back...
That's why you like Dongjun...
This is plain~
Don't choose the style I've chosen...unconditionally!
Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most handsome of all?
As expected, the tag fetish Siwan~
Dongjun, Rana seems to know a lot about your body? Hip up, your chest muscle...
Men gotta have buttock! It's obvious when you wear long coat
The back of my coat just stands out
For Siwan, he is wearing something different from his usual style~This gives out the feeling~
He's got the same shoes as Kwanghee...
But his styling is better~
This military style can look both cool and casual~
Usually people showing the T shirt under...
To give a photoshoot feeling~
I would like to thank my surgeon. I'll stay well in the winter~
So the winner is...
Let's go and pay~
Oh! What is this?!