Introducing National Prevention Week

Uploaded by SAMHSA on 08.05.2012

Hello, my name is Fran Harding,
Director of the Nation’s Center for Substance Abuse Prevention
in the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.
I am pleased to announce National Prevention Week,
an exciting new observance that celebrates the roles
[that] communities play in preventing substance abuse
and promoting mental and emotional health.
The inaugural National Prevention Week will be held
on May 20th through the 26th, and embraces the theme,
‘We are the ones. How are you taking action?’
This theme recognizes that small, everyday action
contributes to healthier and more vibrant communities.
Throughout National Prevention Week,
community organizations across the country
will be hosting events that celebrate the work
they do year-round to prevent substance abuse
and promote positive behavioral health.
These events will raise awareness about issues
that are central to SAMHSA’s Strategic Initiatives,
including the prevention of underage drinking,
prescription drug abuse, and suicide,
as well as promotion of mental and emotional health.
Please join us in celebrating National Prevention Week,
whether it’s by attending a National Prevention Week event;
taking the ‘Prevention Pledge’ through SAMHSA’s Facebook page;
volunteering with a community organization;
taking part in a healthy activity with friends and neighbors;
or simply talking to loved ones about the importance
of substance abuse prevention and the
promotion of mental and emotional health.
Take action and make a difference
in your life and in your community.
To learn more about National Prevention Week,
please visit