Debate 2012 Presidential Obama and Governor Mitt Romney Elections SPOOF

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Welcome America to Presidential debate 2012. I'm your moderator Jim Liar.I mean Lehrer.
Candidates? Oh Sorry. Wrong Party.
Welcome to you both. President Obama? Governor rich guy.urgh!.I mean romney. President Obama
your opening remarks. Well, I'm here when I should be with my beautiful
wife. Unlike Romney who doesn't have a beautiful wife.
Governor rich guy. I mean Romney. Your opening remarks?
I'd like to say that I am happy to be here. Especially on your anniversary but a, I promise
I will be giving you that spanking you are looking forward to tonight.
Whoa whoa. I'm not with that gay sh@%. Uh not according to your policies.
Well Governor Rich guy. Spank you very much. Ha ha… sorry.
President Obama we will start with the economy. Now how do you plan to create jobs and I am
interested in this for two reasons. The country needs jobs
and after this gig….I got no job! So help me! You got two minutes.
I will rebuild America and reduce the deficit in a balanced way to make these critical investments.
Boring! thank you Mr. President. And how about you Governor RIch Guy. I mean Romney. What
are your plans. Look ha ha, let me just start off by saying,
i met a poor gentleman the other day…. Excuse me Governor, you seem to have met a
lot of imaginary people for someone who doesn't like Sesame street…continue…
I'd appreciate it…if you'd let me have my time. I'm not cutting you off. I'd like it
if you'd not cut me off. You know what, I run with Kanye…continue…
Anyways, before I was so rudely interrupted, I spoke to a poor guy the other day, complaining
about how he couldn't pay his bills,whatever the hell that means, I think its obvious what
we need to do. We need to give the banks all of our money and they will create the jobs.
Governor Rich Guy! I mean Governor Romney! I said two minutes! not two hours!
I wasn't finished. No,no Obama got to go first last time.
Uh but uh…I am the president. So! you one the coin toss last time.
Oh well. get over it big baby. YOu know what? Sticks and stone will break
my bones but words will never hurt me. Gentlemen! Gentlemen! please focus! don't
make me cut you! Uh really?
Yes really! Gentlemen are you really going to listen to
me?! I won an Emmy award 11 years ago! I am the moderator! You will respect me! I'm leaving!
Welcome back. Glad you could join us.
Now that we got ourselves together, lets continue with this. Mr. President. How do you plan
on reducing the deficit? And remember, you got two minutes!
Uh…uhhhhh. sorry. The 5 trillion dollar deficit?
Now let me explain how we are going to get rid of the 5 million dollar deficit. 2 words…kill
big bird! I mean, lets be honest. We all grew up on Sesame street but tits time to get rid
of the Big Bird. We just need to Murk his a%$@.
We need to get rid of Big Bird and we need to get rid of PBS.
Wait a second! I work for PBS! Wow Romney. Uh, every kid in America hates
you right now. Luckily for me, they are not old enough to
vote. You! Bird Killer! Shut up! Let the Muslim
talk! Look ah…I want to focus on the more important
problems like a bag of chips being 80% air and 20% chips. Republicans made it that way
because they do not care about America. Wait a minute playa…your in arms reach right
now. Continue! I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable.
Wel I understand that the chips may be down. But when I'm President we will all be in the
chips and I promise to share my chips with everybody in the %1 percent.
Who's got chips?! I'm hungry. I promise to share my chips with the 47% who
are entitled to them. Sorry I couldn't resist. These wouldn't happen
to be Chocolate chips would they? And now for a word from our sponsor. Political
potato chips. Full of Flava..But no substance.Gentleman? Closing remarks?
Look, I care about America. There are people who really hurting out there and they need
money. Well sure you may say, They are already rich. They own the nicest clothing and shoes.
But there are always bigger yachts. And that's! What America stands for!
Sorry. I didn't mean to get all emotional on you.
So there it is. The end of our debate. Black versus white! Bad versus Lowsey!Terrible versus
horrible! I don't know about you but I'm moving to Tahiti! and may God have mercy on the American
public. Good night! You better hope that spanking was covered
under Obama care. No but that jacked up hair cut is mittens.
You know I run with Kanyeezee I assume you are talking about Kanye West…uh
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