Christmas invasion

Uploaded by Irish9871 on 25.12.2010

I'm so glad to meet you both.
This Doctor is pretty handsome.
Isn't he, Wilson?
Just don't start, House!
What? I'm nearly finished.
Maybe I should go to have some... work.
If you're gonna "work" without me, I'm leaving.
Oooh... So you two are...
I've got to go.
Have fun.
So, what we've got?
Stand up who's here not seriously ill.
Oh, great...
We're on the moon!
How do you know that?
And who are you anyway?
I'm the only one who can help you!
So do it!
Right then.
P-please, d-don't hurt me, don't hurt m-me.
d-don't hurt me p-please, don't hurt me
Language assimilated.
Designation: Earth, American.
We've been mistaken.
Everyone! Get out!
We are loosing the air.
Come on! We've got to move faster.
God, just not running!
Looks like they left us.
Is that bad or good?
Yes, that's pretty good.
This is exactly what I need!
What are you doing?
If I can reset this,
it will send us back to Earth.
Oh no, no, no!
You can't do this to me!
What happend?
Some signal is blocking it!
The telephone!
Can somebody hear me?
Yes, here's the doctor and a dozen of patients.
Are you ready to save all those people?
Right. Listen what you've got to do.
I think that's what we need.
Brake it.
Now block the transmitter.
Yes, sir.
There is whole Time and Space waiting for... us?
Do you want me to?
Of course.
So, what's in there?
A beautifull world.
I just can't leave this place.
Oh yes... Wilson... Right...
Good bye.