Trash Meat and Go Vegan With Mayim Bialik!

Uploaded by officialpeta on 01.10.2012

Hi I’m Mayim Bialik for PETA! (music) I decided to team up with PETA for this campaign
largely because PETA is the industry standard for veganism and I think also as a mom, as
a mom of two vegan kids I think it’s really important to put a young mom face on this
aspect of veganism which is completely compatible with being a parent and raising healthy kids.
One of the main inspirations for me towards a decision to complete veganism was Jonathan
Safranfoer’s book, Eating Animals. I think that was the nail in the coffin for me (laughs).
It was really after that book that I had both the education and the confidence and the personal
conviction to be able to say, “ I don’t know where to draw the line anymore I’m
not going to draw it, I’m going to step over the line” and there’s been no turning
back. Some of the best advice that I’ve ever gotten is what I tell other people and
it’s actually information that I got from PETA. Find the foods that already do not require
meat and find the foods that do not necessarily require dairy or for which there are substitutes
that you find palatable. So my favorite question is when people say “what do you eat?”
and I list all the things that they also eat just without thinking about it being vegan,
so pasta marinara and salads and Mediterranean food in particular and Asian food in particular.
Those are things that often do not have meat or dairy as part of their ingredient list.
There is an age for children, whether they are vegan or not, when they kind of put together
the world and their plate. We decided to kind of let it happen organically and gently. We
do visit rescue farms with our boys, we do take them places where we describe what happened
to these animals before, that some were left to die on the side of the road, that some
were used and abused and when they weren’t needed anymore nobody cared about them. There
was two major shifts for me when I became vegan, I’ve never had a sinus infection
or been on antibiotics since cutting out dairy. I obviously had an allergy to dairy that my
whole life was called seasonal allergies, well why are they all the time? It’s like
every season allergies. I’ve noticed that my true seasonal allergies are much less severe
now that I’ve cut out dairy which is amazing to me. But I think the most significant shift
for me was I used to feel guilty, even as a child I felt very guilty about eating animals
and never knew there was something to do about it, and as I got older it became clearer that
there are things I can do and choices I can make and so to me lifting up any guilt associated
with consuming animal or using an animal for my clothing or my pleasure, that guilt is
completely gone. (music)