How to Cook Classic Christmas Meals : Traditional Eggnog Recipe

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Egg Nog Ingredients 4 fresh eggs, separated into yolks/whites ½ cup sugar (divided into
2 equal parts) ½ cup white rum 1 ½ cups milk (whole or 2%) 1 cup heavy whipping cream
(divided into 2 equal parts) Ground nutmeg (to sprinkle on servings) *Serves 8 All right.
Today we are going to show you guys how to make some eggnog for the Christmas season.
To start with I’ve separated 4 eggs, 4 large eggs actually so I have 4 yolks and 4 whites,
and what I am going to start with is I’ve got 1 ¼ cup of sugar here, and I am going
to mix this by hand into the egg yolks until we achieve all one color. So I’m going to
go ahead and dump that in, and I’ve got a wire whisk, and we will just gently break
those egg yolks and get all that sugar incorporated in so that it is all nice and pretty and all
one color. I’ve got my 4 egg whites here in our trusty kitchen aid. So what we are
going to do is pour the egg whites in here, and we are going to crank this a little bit
high, medium high actually, and what we are going to do is bring these to a stiff white
peak. Now that we’ve got the 4 egg whites to a nice stiff peak, you can see in there,
they are a build up upon themselves, and we pull out the wire whisk, and they are holding
their form real nice. Now what I want to do is I’m going to keep this on a low speed,
and we are going to fold in 1 ¼ cup of sugar. I say fold in, but I am really just going
to kind of sprinkle it in there. I don’t want to dump it in, but I just want to kind
of gently incorporate it into the stiffened egg whites. Just an even steady stream. Just
keep everything looking nice and pearly in there, and get it a real nice even distribution.
All right, now we are going to drizzle in the egg yolks and the sugar that we mixed
by hand. I’m just going to get a little stream, and as you can see it’s a really
nice fluffy consistency in the sense that it’s got a lot of air whisked into it, and
it’s still holding that stiff peak stage essentially. So we will speed it up here just
a little to get all of the egg white from the middle out. That’s exactly the consistency
and the color we are looking for before we proceed on to the rest of the recipe. So now
we are going to go ahead and start to throw in the liquid ingredients for our eggnog.
I’ve got some milk here and some heavy whipping cream. I’ve divided the mixture of heavy
whipping cream in half. One-half I am going to actually whip by hand and thicken with
the air as we whip air into it, and we will fold that in at the very end. For now, we
are just going to incorporate the milk, the heavy cream. I’ve got some white rum here,
and then I also have some whiskey as well. So, this is the real deal as far as eggnog.
Just drizzle in some white rum first. I’m just going to do small amounts at the time;
just a drizzle because I don’t want to shock our mixer too hard by throwing in everything
all at once. However much rum or whiskey or whatever liquor combination you want to use;
Malibu would be a good choice too. It’s a coconut flavored rum. Whatever amounts of
alcohol you want to use at your discretion, do so. Just be sure not to make it flammable
in the sense that you won’t be able to taste all the other great dairy products that you
have within the drink itself. All right, we are back with the eggnog, and we have all
our liquid components mixed in, and I’ve taken the last amount of the heavy whipping
cream, and I manually used the wire whip of the heaving whipping cream, and I manually
used the wire whip and thickened it up and added some air to it, some volume. So all
we are going to do is take this and kind of fold it into the mixture. I’m going to do
just a little bit at a time and this is part of the appeal to eggnog anyways. You’ve
got this light fluffy liquid mixer, so you are actually adding a real velvety volume
to it with the last remaining bit of heavy whipping cream here. I’m just using a flat
spatula to do this. So it is very pastry-like in that sense. The ingredients that I’ve
poured in were cool, and my mixing bowl is actually a little bit cool, but traditional
eggnog and the alcohol version like we’ve done here is really served at room temperature.
So we realize that some folks may be a little bit skeptical with regards to the raw egg
products that are inside of the eggnog mix, and the fact that it is served room temperature.
You are more than welcome to just bring this to a gentle warm heat over a longer period
of time, just in a saucepan would be fine. But just make sure it’s a gentle steam that
comes off of there because otherwise all these things are separate if the heat becomes too
hot. Again, if you are going to do this room temperature, the amount of alcohol that you
put in essentially kind of cures and cooks the eggs because the alcohol that we use is
such a high alcohol by volume, which is rum and or whiskey or a mixture of the two, then
it kind of takes care of that problem for you. All right, so we are ready for service
on the eggnog, and traditionally it is served out of china cups like this one. So we are
just going to stir this gently one last time to incorporate our whipped heavy whipping
cream. Get all one nice color there. We are just going to ladle this into our cup, and
for a final touch, we’ve got some ground nutmeg here. We don’t want to go too heavy
on that. Just enough to give it a little bit of color and little bit of flavor. Now we
are ready for yuletide festivities.