Minecraft - Christmas Mod

Uploaded by MorelStudios on 17.12.2011

Merry Christmas everyone!
I downloaded the "Christmas mod"
With this lovely socks, a tree, these wreaths, lights, more socks, balls and a lovely star.
But there's more! Look in the chest!
OMG! There's eggnog, there's gingerbread cookie, candycane, hot cocoa, christmas pices
They come from fake creepers, I'll show you, and chocolate milk.
So, let's get those fake creepers!
Where are you?
O, there is one!
See? They have a nice Christmas hat! Lovely!
They don't attack.
I'm going to kill him!
Ahw, close...
C'mon, give me your christmas spices!
Yes! Got them!
Aaand... we have some spices!
So, this was kinda my christmas special, so let's get back to our house. Warm and cosy with a fire... Let the house burn (Joke)
So, i found the house and look there, aahw, it's burning.
What's in the sock?
Ooh! I've got a gift!
And another gift!
Let's open them! On the crafting table...
There you are.
Let's put it there...
It's a "iron sword"!
Wow, it's bread, that's what i always wanted!
Thank you Santa!
Look! More presents, let's open them.
Lovely these presents...
I should have hanged more socks!
Well, that's kinda everything.
Let's open them!
I'll start with the green one.
Waaw, it's a "iron helmet"!
"iron shovel"!!
Wow, Santa baught all of this for me?
Yes Santa! Thanx for the music disk!