AssaultCube 1.0.4 Hacks: Downloadable M61 Mod Revision 3

Uploaded by theonlypwner on 08.10.2010

This video is about the M61 Vulcan Mod for AssaultCube revision 3.
The explosions show on both your small and large radar.
It is possible for the explosions to hit yourself.
The knife explosion range is limited to two meters.
The damage done by the explosion is equal to the damage of the gun;
One shot can only hit once regardless of the players near the explosion.
If the shot is close enough for to the target's head, it will count as a headshot for the sniper rifle.
You can see the spread on the radar when firing into the distance.
The shotgun has 21 rays, which does will diverge very much when shot in close range.
Each version of this modification contains a pinging tool that allows me to check the people using the mod.
This is me demonstrating the mod online!
Other players on the server will see the explosions your mod makes.
Thank you for watching this video and I hope you will enjoy this unique mod.