Folding Money - Tips for the Blind

Uploaded by WAStSchBlnd on 13.10.2008

Hello, I’m Jim Eccles. Welcome to video clips on blindness tips. Brought to you by
the Washington School for the Blind.
Unless a blind person uses a separate fold for each paper money denomination, there is
no way to non-visually tell which bill is which when spending the money later. This
video demonstrates such a money folding system. The guiding principle behind this system is
that faster folds are used for those bills carried most often. 1, 5, and 10 dollar bills.
A one dollar bill is not folder at all making it most easier to put it away now and identify
quickly later when spending money.
A $5 bill is folded in half length wise and creased along the width of the bill.
A $10 bill is folded in half width wise and creased firmly along the entire length of
the bill. It is very important to make a firm crease in case to guard against the monies
accidentally unfolding later on.
A $20 bill is a five dollar bill folded in half twice.
The $50 bill is a ten dollar bill folded in half again length wise.
A $100 bill is a fifty dollar bill folded again length wise. This makes the $100 a very
recognizable square shape.
In my own wallet I store $1 bills on the top.
$5 bills below that and $10 bills on the bottom of the main money compartment.
If possible large denominations can be stored in a separate compartment in a wallet, pocket
book or purse.
Personally if I have anything larger than a $100 bill I go directly to the bank at the
earliest possible moment and deposit that money into savings.
Finally, there is the very rarely encountered $2. I’ll show you the $2 fold using a $1
The $2 bill is folded from each end into the middle using the most complicated fold for
the bill encountered least often.
With a little practice even young children can learn to accurately identify the cash
that they are spending.
A link on this subject is available at the American Foundation for the Blind’s website.
Please let us know if you have found these tips useful.
We hope we have helped you successfully strived for independence for yourself or your child.