How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (7/10) Movie CLIP - Mental Person (2003) HD

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Thanks, benny.
That means you, too, thayer.
Oh, yeah.
Ben: All right, everyone in for a buck.
Next card, five, nines and fives, nines and fives.
That's back to you, tito.
Oh! Nine and a seven.
Go for the straight.
Ben: Round two.
Tone, the bone, you're up, man.
Tony: She told you my hand.
( chuckling ): Oh, hey. ( laughing ): Hi!
Guys, are we going to play cards here, or what's going on?
Tony: What game are we playing?
We're playing hold 'em?
( men talking inaudibly )
All right, I'm already maxed out.
We got a nine up, nine up, guys,
Nine up, nine up. Blow.
( chuckles )
( clears throat ) blow.
Nobody likes a mr. Sniffles.
I hate mr. Sniffles. ( snickering )
Come on, stuffy head.
( joe snickering )
( loud blowing )
Good, good, good.
Ooh-- white.
Healthy boy. Good. Mm-hmm.
Healthy. Hmm.
Tone, get your head in the game. Please? Oh, no.
Joe: Are we playing?
Oh, no!
( andie gasps )
Our love fern!
It's dead!
No, honey, it's just sleeping.
You let it die!
Are you going to let us die?
You should think about that.
What the hell's a love fern?
All right, guys,
Let's try to get through one hand.
( chatter and chips clinking )
Is she on something?
God, I hope so.
( snickering )
( clears throat )
( quietly ): Are you saying I'm some kind of
Mental person?! No, no, no, he wasn't...
( dog barking ) oh, tony!