Rebuilding Communities After Flood in India

Uploaded by Cisco on 22.02.2012

KALPANA CHAVAN: Right from childhood, I always used to look for an opportunity where I can make a big difference to the community.
In year 2009, there was a very bad flood in Raichur district in Karnataka.
To help this the government of Karnataka reached out to various organizations, NGOs, and people to come forward and help revamp this community.
This gave birth to Project Samudaya.
Raichur is the poorest district in Karnataka, so they not only lack the basic necessities of life -- that is, food, clothing, and shelter -- but they majorly lack a good education system and better healthcare.
Currently what we see is, the education system is so bad that the classrooms are very limited, and you have very few qualified teachers, and that is where we thought Cisco's remote education system would definitely help.
Cisco came up with this technology of remote education with an NGO called Childrens Lovecastles Trust, who helped deliver remote education from Bangalore.
And now you find schools getting good quality education from a remote city.
Cisco's technology also helps deliver a better healthcare system at Raichur.
Now they have access to good professional doctors, because we have Cisco's remote HealthPresence set up with a hospital called RXDX.
RXDX is a tele-radiology hospital, which helps in consulting the patients remotely from Bangalore.
Now they feel that getting that getting access to this kind of facility is possible.
Money can't buy the smile that I see on the children?s faces, the old people who have recovered from some ailment.
It's like giving back their life, and they?re enjoying what they deserve.
It's really heartening to see that you can do some magic.
And that is what has happened at Raichur.