204 Thomas+Florian 2010.03.09~19 (ENG SUB) (2010 Part 1)

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*Many thanks to Kisara for the translation*
(This part is a small plot from March 2010, which is not relevant to the ensuing parts starting in June 2010 but...)
(...it's still an important part of Thmas and Florian's history.)
(We get to see how Florian is like in his work and some intense/emotional moments of this couple.)
You wrote in your report that there were common elements in the death of Algerian workers.
Officer Boher: There are three, they died by electrocution, they have the number 97 tattooed on their ankles and they knew Franck Ruiz.
Obviously they were men without incident.
Officer Samia Nassari: I personally think these are racist crimes.
I do not share this view.
It is normal for migrant workers die in Marseille. There are many.
- We're being invaded, right? (Samia is an Algerian descendant) - I avoid this kind of remarks, Nassri.
It is an objective statement.
It is not necessarily a racist act just because Magrebins (Arabs) have problems .
And attacking Yanis Rodja (an Algerian Jounalist) was a just a little dispute in neighborhood, right?
We are not here to discuss this issue, Nassri. (Samia Nassari and Boher were lovers. )
Do you mind I tell Mr Judge?
Not at all.
If it bothers you because your friend is invloved and that ...
And what, Agent Nassri?
Nothing, Sir.
Well yes, it is important.
I know what you are accusing your colleague. (She does not know Boher is infilterating into the crime group)
Well, say it.
I suspect Tony Berger (a member of the crime group White Arrow) of attacking Yanis Rodja (an Algerian Jounalist) but Agent Boher said he dined with him that evening.
So if I understand correctly, you question the word of your colleague.
Yanis Rodja recognized Berger during a confrontation last week.
I do not accept this attitude, Agent Nassri.
If you suspect your superiors of perjury, you have nothing to do in the police.
Good, Mr Judge.
I consider the incident closed.
I asked Captain Castelli to investigate Franck Ruiz. (Franck is a member of White Arrow)
Yes, he asked me to do it.
So you can focus on the case instead of accusing Brigadier Boher.
Leave us now.
Since just now, I think the death of workers is a racist crime.
Me too.
That's what I asked you to infiltrate the White Arrow (a racist crime group).
Currently, the small group of extreme right are the most active in the region.
Where are you now?
Tony should introduce me to his friends soon.
When they have confidence in you, ask them if they know Franck Ruiz.
I did not see Franck Ruiz in the members of the White Arrow.
Well yes, but I have so little information that I can leave no stone unturned, even the most improbable.
- Can I go? - Yes.
This is not a gift that I make you with this investigation.
It is a dangerous mission.
According to my information, some members of the White Arrow would be former OAS(Secret Army Organization).
In the 1960s, they put Algeria in fire and blood to keep it French.
What are you telling me?
If they realize I'm undercover, they will not hesitate to kill me?
It's possible.
Mr Judge.
(Blanche is the ex-wife of Thomas' half-brother Francois, who's now in New Orleans. She does not know her fiance Franck Ruiz is a member of White Arrow.)
(Franck Ruiz is an electrician but also a member of White Arrow. Elvire is his boss in White Arrow. She pretends to be a wedding planner to help with the wedding. They are now in a mission.)
Blanche & Franck invited us to be witnesses at their marriage.
They proposed to you, I understand, but I mean nothing to them.
Wait, it's been a long time we are together. You are part of the family, right?
- What's this? - What?
Stop your investigation or your tarlouze (fag) dies there.
Somebody entered while we slept?
I do not think so.
That had to be done yesterday evening when we were at the restaurant.
Yeah right, but who could do that?
I'm on several sensitive cases at this time.
Sensitive? What does that mean?
Investigation secrecy. I can not tell you.
"I can not tell you" ... I'm still entitled to know if my life is in danger or not, right?
It's a bluff.
They are motivated to a sacrament bluff. They do not hesitate to return to the people.
Trust me. It That will not go further.
Finally, you are going to warn all the same the cops, right?
I'll see.
I find you super light on this blow. You can understand that I'm scared, right?
If you knew the number of threats that I received that were never implemented, you would not worry.
Oh sorry but I don't have your experience.
I will speak to the prosecutor, but I'm sure that will remain a dead letter.
What can I serve you?
Do you want a dish of the day?
Blanche: Yes, but give me a small plate. I am not very hungry.
So two daily specials.
Excuse me to ask you this, but were you at home last night?
Franck: I got home late. I had big problems on the construction site. Why? (Franck is an electrician.)
And you, Blanche? You did not see any specific movements in my studio?
No, I stayed all evening watching television. What's happened?
I should not talk about it because I'm afraid to worry Dad but someone came in the studio, left a note and I've been worried ever since.
You were threatened?
Yes. They want Florian stop his investigation.
But what kind of investigation?
He told me nothing.
Have you warned the police?
No, Florian thought it's not a good idea. I try to trust him but I am not really reassured.
What can I serve you for drink?
A jug of water.
Someone broke into their house and left a threatening note at home. Isn't it weird?
I don't know.
Take me as a fool.
No, but what do you want me to say? I don't even know what he's talking about.
It's quite a strange coincidence. This may be the same person who did it.
Hello. (Elvira is a member of White Arrow)
Franck told me that your daughter was surprised seeing us kissing. I came to speak about it with you. (Franck and Elvira kissed as a cover when in a mission.)
Tony will try to convince the head of the White Arrow of my integration into the group.
When will you meet?
Tomorrow, if all goes well.
I thought it would take more time.
Do you remember the scene of the shooting on the faces of portrait robots?
How long am I going to stay in the infiltration?
Until the time that I have enough evidences to accuse them of killing two workers and bring down the small group.
You can be more precise, right?
Maximum a week.
That will go.
I must warn you. Yesterday evening, they entered my home and left death threat on my friend.
It is a good proof that they know you investigate them.
So be extremely careful.
I'm sorry, Sergeant. But as he appears at the meeting, we cannot protect you.
I'll drop it. I'll tell them that I'm prevented at the last minute.
They might be suspicious. We need to know quickly what they are preapring for.
Well, see you tomorrow to take stock. Bye. See you tomorrow.
- Would you mind I bother you? - I do not have much time. What happened?
I'd rather be clear with you. Since yesterday I'm disturbed.
Thomas, I have already said that it was just a threat that would not go further.
Can you at least tell me who could do it?
I have some suspicions and if my intuition is good I assure you it's not you who is the most in danger.
But who?
Well, will you be satisfied with what I'll tell you and let me work?
Oh, stop your investigation secrecy and all that. I want to know what happens.
I'll know tomorrow if the authors of this threat are those I guess.
Well, if that's the case I've just sent someone into a minefield. So if he does not come back, yes, you'll be in danger. .. Are you happy now? You can wait until tomorrow to tremble like a child.
- Am I interupting? - No no, since I was leaving.
- Well then, good day. - Good day.
Tell me, did I just arrive at the wrong time?
No, not at all.
In any case, these flowers are pretty.
You know what? I think he is finally ready to engage with you.
I don't believe it.
Why do you say that?
Because I know it.
That's all. We still slept together.
Wait, I don't understand. It's what you told me yesterday?
Yes, it's over. I am no more in love with him. I just want to pass some good time while waiting to find someone else...
Melanie, you know very well, like me, you're incapable of having a relationship without feeling. You go straight to the disaster. You won't get there.
I know.
So, if you no longer love him, stop sleeping with him.
Well, I still love him.
That surprised me too. Well, and he?
What about him?
He does not care about me. Yesterday, we had hardly finished making love when he left like a thief saying that his son was waiting.
Maybe it was the truth.
Oh no. Stop. I saw enough guys telling me stories.
No, he had drew his stroke and he left. That's it. In fact, nothing has changed. This is exactly the same as before my departure(travel) to Sicily.
Melanie, he cares about you.
Since he left prison, he's disorientated. That's it.
But perhaps I don't want to wait until he is reorientated. I am going to move on and that's enough.
I think the're going to include me in the White Arrow.
You look exhausted.
I spent three hours with them... rather difficult.
That is to say?
They bombarded me with questions.
Questioning everything that is more military.
They torturered you?
Their chief has been to Algeria.
He did not forget the methods which he used to make the Fellaghas (Algerian independence combatant) speak.
What did he want to know?
If I had infiltrated.
Well, what do you do? You want to stop?
No, no.
Not in any case, if I tell them I don't want to integrate into the organization, they will find it fishy. And I risk reprisals.
Were you able to obtain some information?
They were two.
One who's named Loic and the chief. According to the voice, he must be about 75 years old.
So, if the former member of the OAS, we can believe it's the White Arrow that killed two workers.
The victims were part of the FLN (National Liberation Front who calls for the independence of Algeria).
What is their interest, to return to war?
That's what you need to find out.
You know, it's hard what you're asking me to do. I'm a cop base. I am neither smarter nor more intelligent than others.
You are doing very well.
Until when?
Thank you for the restaurant.
I owed you that much. It shouldn't be everyday easy living with a judge.
Yeah, but you managed to reassure me.
Yes, I felt you're strong. I had the feeling that even if I was threatened, he would not get much from me.
If anyone touches only one of your hair, I could become very dangerous.
Oh, excuse me.
I had you tell you not to meddle with what does not concern you.
I will not stop my investigation because of that.
Then tell your guy to make his prayers.
(Franck is the sniper.)
This is more than empty threats.
Next time he will press the trigger.
That will not be too serious. They will never take the risk of killing a friend of a magistrate.
I don't know why but I have the impression that yesterday evening you were not even afraid for me.
Yes... yes I was scared.
But I cannot give the case to another magistrate.
But this is the only solution, right?
And what do I say?
That I do not have shoulders broad enough?
No. You simply tell him that you fear for the life of your man. He will understand.
I would feel coward if I gave up this investigation.
When he decided to attack the Sicilian Mafia, Judge Falcone went until the end.
He died on it.
I take the risk.
Except that it is me which was aimed.
I can ask the Prefect to put you in safety.
I prefer to have a police protection.
In my opinion that would not be effective enough.
But how long do I have to hide?
Until the time that I have enough evidences to bring down an organization of extreme right.
That's your solution? I'm leaving and I'm worried about you for weeks?
I'm sorry.
You will be careful. You call me in the morning and evening. I don't want to spend a day without news of you.
Is Thomas there?
No, he's left.
Left for where?
I know nothing about it but Mr Judge may be ablr to tell us.
Good evening.
Good evening.
Thomas told me about the threat hanging over him. What's the story?
I'm investigating a sensitive case and someone has threatened him in order to dissuade me to continue.
Like last time you were left a note at home?
This time, they were more radical.
Yeah. A sniper ready to shoot Thomas. The red dot laser sight on his forehead.
That's why we decided to put him under the shelter with the Prefect.
And it didn't come to you the idea that you could possibly abandon the investigation, no?
I have spoken with Thomas and he agreed with me. I cannot give in to threats.
Well, is he safe at least?
Yes, I assure you there is no danger.
What kind of file are you investigating?
It is a case where state security is at stake.
Did someone saw this sniper?
I did make a discreet investigation. Someone saw a dark man with a briefcase but he has not been able to make a sketch.
(This is Ahmed, policewoman Samia Nassri 's father. He's from Algeria.)
Elvire: It was a good idea to aim Thomas Marci, but that didn't get the result I expected.
Franck: Apparently the judge does not want to drop the investigation on the White Arrow.
He'll f*ck everything in the air. I'm sure.
It's obvious that he would not give in to threats.
Would that not have been easier to take our responsibility?
We work for the country, just like the judge. We can get along.
But the magistrates are stubborn people. They spend their time proclaiming their independence and never do what is asked.
We want the same thing. Prevent attacks.
Yes, but we have different approaches and methods that are not efficient enough.
I think it's stupid to make war.
Good evening, Madame Marci.
What are you plotting yet?
We talked about marriage(wedding). What's the matter?
I know you're not organizing the marriage.
I know that you are there to kill people.
I know you asked Franck to shoot Thomas.
That's better. That way, everything is clear.
If I am unhappy it is your fault.
Then listen to me well. There will be no marriage, there will be no dress, there will be no little bridesmaids...
and you will leave here.
Ms. Marci, it's impossible. We have been entrusted with a mission, we must go until the end.
I don't care about your mission.
I don't want to see you any more. You go away.
You take Franck with you if you want.