Война и мир фильм 1 / War and Peace film 1

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All ideas that have momentous consequences
are always simple.
My idea is that if evil men
are linked with one another and thereby strong,
then honest men too must do likewise.
It's as simple as that.
Direction - Sergei Bondarchuk
Screen Adaptation - S.Bondarchuk, V.Solovyov
Director of Photography - Anatoly Petritsky
Sets - Mikhail Bogdanov Gennady Myasnikov
Music - Vyacheslav Ovchinnikov
Sound - Yuri Mikhailov
Natasha Rostova - Ludmila Savelyeva
Pierre Bezukhov - Sergei Bondarchuk
Andrei Bolkonsky - Vyacheslav Tikhonov
Ilya Andreyevich Rostov - V.Stanitsin
Countess Rostova - K.Golovko Nikolai Rostov - O.Tabakov
Petya Rostov - N.Kodin, S.Yermilov Sonya - I.Gubanova
Nikolai Andreyevich Bolkonsky - A.Ktorov
Princess Maria - A.Shuranova Liza Bolkonskaya - A.Vertinskaya
Prince Vasily - B.Smirnov Helene - I.Skobtseva
Anatole - V.Lanovoy Dolokhov - O.Yefremov
Count Bezukhov - N.Tolkachev Akhrosimova - E.Tyapkina
Drubetskaya - K.Polovikova Drubetskoy - E.Martsevich
Anna Sherer - A.Stepanova Katish - D.Firsova
Karagina - G.Kravchenko
Kutuzov - B.Zakhava Tushin - N.Trofimov
Bagration - G.Chokhonelidze Denisov - N.Rybnikov
Alexander I - V.Murganov Napoleon - V.Strzhelchik
Emperor Franz Joseph - V.Sofronov General Mack - N.Bubnov
Shinshin - I.Solovyov Nesvitsky - Yu.Chekulayev
Timokhin - P.Savin Staff Officer - A.Smirnov
St.Petersburg, 1805
The illustrious Anna Sherer,
Maid of Honor to Empress Maria Fyodorovna,
held soirees that were
unrivaled in brilliance.
Tonight she is treating her guests to
the Viscount de Mortemart
who has sought refuge in Russia
from the antichrist, Napoleon Bonaparte.
The execution of the Duc d'Angient
was a matter of state expediency.
Napoleon is a great man and the revolution was a great act.
Forgive me, my dear viscount,
but the ambassador's reception
obliges me to leave your delightful company.
It grieves me to part with you.
Anna Sherer's soirees were attended by
"the intellectual essence
of St.Petersburg society."
And indeed no other gatherings
were such thermometers
society's political temperature.
My husband is deserting me. He is going to his death.
Why must we have this nasty war!
You are going to the war, prince?
General Kutuzov has made me his aide-de-camp.
- And your wife Liza? - She is going to the country.
How can you be so cruel as to deprive us of her company?
My dear Hippolyte, why cannot men do without war?
How is it we women are content with things as they are?
Why have you caused Madame Sherer such distress?
That abbe does not understand a thing.
Surely permanent peace is possible, only...
only not by preserving the political balance.
You must not always say what you think.
Are you to enter the army or the diplomatic corps?
I do not care for either.
No doubt that abbe is a freemason.
Have you applied to the Horse Guards?
No. But this is what I wanted to say.
Here we have this war with Napoleon.
If it were a war for freedom I would understand it
and would be the first to join the army.
But I am against helping England and Austria
to fight the world's greatest man.
If we only fought for our convictions there'd be no war.
Ah, that would be perfect!
Perfect perhaps, but hardly possible.
What are you going to the war for?
What for?
I don't know.
That's the thing to do, I suppose.
Also because
my present life has become intolerable.
I often wonder why Annette has never married.
You men are foolish to have let her slip by.
You are incapable of appreciating a fine woman.
Why should he want to go to war?
When are you leaving?
Today I have realized
I must break all these dear ties...
And then, you know Andrei...
Liza, I cannot understand what you are afraid of.
Men are selfish, all of them!
For some foolish whim you pack me off to the country, alone.
Not alone. You'll be with my father and sister.
But without my friends. And you expect me not to be afraid!
I still don't understand what you are afraid of.
The doctor tells you to go to bed early. You'd better go.
I don't care if Pierre hears us.
I've long been wanting to ask you, Andrei.
What has made you change so towards me?
What have I done to deserve it?
You treat me as if I were a child.
Pray stop this talk, Liza.
Calm yourself, princess. You just fancy these things.
I know from experience, because...
Excuse me. Of course I shouldn't be here. Au revoir.
Please stay. The princess is too generous
to deprive me of your company.
He thinks of no one but himself.
Do not marry, my friend, until you can say to yourself
that you have accomplished all you mean to accomplish.
And until you have ceased to love the woman of your choice,
until you see her clearly.
Marry only when you are
a useless old man unless you wish to sacrifice
the best that is in you to petty concerns.
You talk about Bonaparte and his career.
When Bonaparte set out to accomplish his aim he was free.
He has nothing in life but his goal. And he has reached it.
And here? Balls, gossip, receptions - vanity, vanity!
A vicious circle from which I cannot free myself.
But why talk about me?
Let's talk about you.
What is there to say about me? Who am I?
An illegitimate son,
without a name or fortune.
But so long as I am free, I am happy.
The only thing is I cannot decide what to do in life.
I am attached to you because
you are the only really live person in our society.
Neither the army nor a diplomatic career will spoil you.
The only advice I have is, stop frequenting the Kuragins.
That sort of life - drinking, debauchery -
is not for you.
I know it. But it keeps me from
taking things seriously and making a decision.
He invited me tonight but I am not going.
Give me your word you'll stop visiting them.
I swear to it.
Listen, all!
I'll pay 100 imperials to anybody who does it.
It's utter foolishess!
- He'll fall to his death! - Leave him alone!
He'll fall if he's startled.
If anybody dare come near me I'll push him over the edge.
Gentlemen, I can do it too. Give me a bottle of rum.
I will do it without any wager.
Let him do it!
Just climbing the stairs makes you dizzy.
Give me the bottle! I will do it!
Very well, but tomorrow.
Now we have a rendezvous with some actresses.
Come along! And we will take Teddy with us!
Prince Vasily in person. Count Bezukhov must be worse.
His condition is bad enough as it is.
That incident with his son will kill him.
What did Pierre do?
He and two others took a bear in the carriage with them.
Police went after them.
They tied one of the policemen to the bear, back to back,
and threw them in the Moika River.
What a sight he must have made! How terrible!
Dolokhov's been demoted to the ranks.
And Pierre Bezukhov's been banished to Moscow.
I hope none of our friends here will receive him.
I refused to see him. After all, I have daughters.
What a prank! I can just see the policeman.
Ah, Monsieur Pierre...
Here she is - today is her name day.
How do you do, my dear. Accept my congratulations.
- She's a veritable firecracker. - Takes after me.
They're nice children.
- What's the trouble, Sonya? - Nothing. Leave me alone.
You are all the world to me, Sonya.
- Don't say such things. - Mustn't I? Forgive me.
Oh, how simply wonderful!
Boris, come here!
There's something I want to tell you.
Come here, come here!
What is it you want to tell me?
Kiss this doll.
You don't want to?
Would you like to kiss me?
Congratulations, my dear. Many happy returns of the day.
You must be finding Moscow dull, you wicked man.
Soon you'll be hunting husbands for your girls.
How are you, my child?
I know she's a vixen, but I adore her.
Come here, young man, come here.
I always told your father the bitter truth,
and I certainly will tell it to you.
A fine son you turned out to be, I must say!
Your father on his deathbed, you entertaining yourself,
tying a policeman to the back of a bear!
A disgrace! You'd do better to go off to the war.
Well, I presume it's time for supper.
A declaration of war has been issued in St.Petersburg
and despatched to the Commander-in-Chief in Moscow.
Why should we fight Bonaparte?
He has taught the Austrians a lesson. Is it our turn now?
The Emperor is fully aware of the situation.
"Sit home, my boys, And play with your toys."
On the contrary, we must fight to the last drop of blood.
We must give our lives for the Emperor.
That will ensure the general welfare.
The less we talk the better.
That is what we old hussars think.
What do you say, young hussar?
I agree! We Russians must win or die.
That's a true hussar speaking!
What is the reason for all this noise?
One might think the French have come.
The war is on all tongues.
My son is going.
Four of mine are in the army and I am not complaining.
Everything is in the hands of God.
One can die in one's bed and be spared in battle.
True enough.
I have sent for Pierre.
The count pointed to his picture and asked for him.
I pray for only one thing, cousin:
that God forgive him his sins
and that his soul be at peace leaving this world.
Yes, but you know that according to his will
he has ignored his direct heirs
and left everything to Pierre.
He cannot do that, Pierre is illegitimate.
You don't understand, Katish.
If it's true that the count has written to the Emperor
asking him to recognize Pierre as his legitimate son,
then Pierre is no longer Pierre, but Count Bezukhov.
In which case he will inherit all.
Mother told me to ask you to dance.
I fear I will mess everything up.
But if you wish to teach me...
Semyon! Let's have "Daniel Cooper"!
Look at father!
Look at father!
Lord-a-mercy! Look at the master!
Perhaps the count hasn't asked for me.
Believe me. I suffer not less than you. Be a man.
No one can survive a third stroke.
Who is to inherit his fortune?
Many are hoping to.
Do not despair, my friend.
He has sent for you. That is a good sign.
Shall I call Prince Vasily?
They want to be turned over.
He is dying and you are leaving me alone.
That is what you wanted. Rejoice now.
Ah, what sins we commit!
What deceptions we stoop to! And for what purpose?
I am over fifty, my friend.
All things end in death. All... all...
Death is a terrible thing.
He has passed away, Pierre.
Come, I will see you off.
You must try to weep. Tears bring relief.
Our heavenly Father will support you.
You are young and now, I trust, wealthy.
Prince Nikolai Bolkonsky, a retired general,
whom society nicknamed the "King of Prussia",
had been banished to the country in the reign of Paul.
Ever since, he lived in his estate Bald Hills
with his daughter Princess Maria.
You are well? Come, sit down.
Tomorrow... Wait, here's a letter for you.
- From Eloise? - Yes.
I will skip two letters and read the third.
I'm afraid you write a lot of nonsense.
Do read this one, father.
The third, I said, the third.
These triangles are similar. The angles...
The strict routine of life in this house
was not to be violated even
by the departure of the old prince's son to the war.
How clearly I see into his character here!
Your father is an exceedingly wise man.
Perhaps that is why I am so afraid of him.
Pray, sit down.
Sit down, Mikhail Ivanovich.
You must take long walks. The more you walk the better.
Despite yourself God will save and forgive you
and bring you to Him.
For in Him alone is there peace and salvation.
Please, Andrei, do it for me.
- Leaving? - Yes. I've come to say goodbye.
Kiss me here.
Thank you, son, thank you.
Why should you thank me?
For not hanging back,
not clinging to your wife's pettycoats,
for putting service first. That is what I thank you for.
If there is anything you wish to say, speak up.
It's about my wife. I'm ashamed to leave her with you.
Nonsense. Come to the point.
When her time comes, send to Moscow for a doctor.
It is highly improbable, I know,
that anything will go wrong.
But she has been told things and is afraid.
Everything will be taken care of.
- Things are bad, eh? - What do you mean?
- Your wife. - I don't understand.
All women are alike, and there's no un-marrying now.
Have no fear, I will not tell anyone.
Can't be helped.
A pretty face.
I'll take care of everything, you needn't worry.
Give this letter to Kutuzov.
I am asking him not to keep you an aide-de-camp long.
That's no post for a man.
Tell him I remember and esteem him.
Write and tell me how he receives you.
If well, serve him well.
But my son is not to accept favors from anyone.
And now come here.
No doubt I will die before you do.
Here are my notes. Give them to the Emperor when I die.
They will be invaluable
to whoever writes the history of Suvorov's campaigns.
These are my ruminations.
Read them when I am gone, they may help you.
I shall do all you ask, father.
And now - farewell.
Remember one thing, Prince Andrei.
If you are killed, your old man will take it very hard.
But if I hear you have behaved in a way
unworthy of the son of Bolkonsky, I will be ashamed.
There is no need of saying this to me.
Another request. If I am killed and if I have a son,
I want...
...you to bring him up.
Not his mother?
Well, we've said our farewells. Go now.
The 50,000-strong Russian Army commanded by Kutuzov
entered Austria so as to join forces with
the Austrian Army under General Mack.
Together they were to move against Napoleon.
They say Kutuzov has only one eye.
Yes, he's one-eyed.
But he took in everything, from boots to buttons.
If only they'd call a halt.
Looks as if we'll be going 5 versts more on an empty belly.
That was something, when the Germans gave us a lift.
Then it was mostly Poles, now nothing but Germans.
Singers, forward!
Good morning.
Greetings, Austrians! Greetings, Russians!
Greetings to the whole world!
We've been ordered to explain why we aren't advancing.
And why aren't we? No news from Mack?
If Mack had been routed
we would have heard of it.
No doubt.
General Kutuzov?
General Kutuzov is busy. Whom shall I announce?
You see before you the unfortunate Mack.
- Why such a long face? - Why should I look cheerful?
Make way! Make way!
Make way!
Congratulations! General Mack has come.
Well and sound except for a little bruise here.
If you must play a buffoon
there is nothing I can do about it.
But if you make such jests in my presence another time
I will teach you manners!
I am not joking. Be good enough to hold your tongue.
- Come, what's the matter? - The matter?
Are we officers serving our tsar and country
or lackeys who take no interest
in our masters' affairs?
40,000 men have fallen, our allies have been wiped out,
and you find it funny!
Three men took the bridge,
and then the French army
crossed it.
If the French army has taken the bridge,
Kutuzov's army must have been cut off and is doomed.
I am counting on you tonight.
Isn't she ravishing?
Lucky is the man who wins her.
Her husband will of necessity hold a high place in society.
- What is your opinion? - She is lovely.
Here is my blessing to accomplish great deeds.
Take a seat beside me.
Allow me to remain here, in Prince Bagration's unit.
Get in. I too am in need of good officers.
Yes, I am in need of them myself.
There is a great deal yet to be done.
If tomorrow one-tenth of Bagration's detachment
returns safe and sound,
I will praise the Lord.
That is why I am asking to be assigned to that detachment.
With 4,000 tired and hungry men
Bagration was to engage the enemy forces for 24 hours.
This was the time Kutuzov needed
to withdraw his army and escape an encounter
with the French army three times its size.
Now, gentlemen.
This is no time to relax.
Captain Tushin?
Aren't you ashamed?
As an artillery man you should set an example
and you have taken off your boots.
A fine thing if suddenly the alarm is sounded!
Every man to his post, gentlemen!
The soldiers say you can run faster barefoot.
To your post!
Ever nearer drew that solemn moment
for which they had prepared themselves at such a cost;
for which the soldiers had undergone 15 years of drilling;
for which these peasants had left home and family;
for which soldiers were made of muzhiks;
for which 80,000 men were living in the field
without wives, mothers or children,
and without taking any part in civil life.
They lived on alien soil and moved along alien roads,
in the fields, roads and woods,
deprived of the normal conditions
of human existence.
For all these men, roads did not lead
to their families, to work and comfort,
but to an attack or a retreat.
Houses were not homes
but seats of ambush.
Men were not brothers,
but pawns and cannon fodder.
I'll tell you what.
If only we could know
what awaits us after death!
I'm sure we would not be afraid to die.
That's it, brother.
Afraid or not, we've got to die.
Hey, you are afraid.
Your artillery men are so wise
because you carry everything with you,
down to vodka.
And still you are afraid.
It's the unknown one is afraid of.
They say the soul goes to heaven.
But we know there is no heaven -
only the atmosphere.
Here, give me a pinch of your weed, Tushin.
As for enjoying
a future life...
It's begun! Here it goes!
It's begun! Here it goes! Fearful and exhilarating!
It's begun! Here it goes!
I beg you to draw back, Your Excellency.
For God's sake, Your Excellency!
Look what is happening!
The French!
They're a fine sight.
Left, left.
Left, left.
Close ranks!
Battalion, halt!
Off with your knapsacks!
God be with us!
What? I've fallen down, I've been killed.
Men... They'll help me.
Who are they? Can they be French?
God our Lord, whoever is in heaven,
save me, forgive and protect me.
Can they be coming for me? What for?
To kill me?.. Perhaps.
Me, whom everybody is so fond of!
Surely they don't want to kill me.
Tushin's battery was forgotten.
The covering troops stationed near the guns were gone.
The enemy did not know there were
only four guns there.
They were sure that the main Russian forces
were concentrated in this spot.
Gentlemen! All retreat!
Your Honor?
A grenade.
Show what you can do!
She's breathing again!
Captain Tushin!
Are you mad?
Twice you have been ordered to retreat!
Well, I...
Retreat! Everyone!
Two trophies, Your Excellency.
I captured an officer. Our men can testify to it.
I'm Dolokhov, who was demoted...
A bayonet wound... I remained at the front.
Try to remember, Your Excellency.
Captain Tushin, you have been ordered to retreat.
Goodbye, old fellow.
I've been wounded in the arm, Captain.
I can't walk. Please, tell them to make a place for me.
Lay a cloak for him to sit on.
Kutuzov's army of 35,000 men
was saved.
The French did not resume the attack on the following day.
The remains of Bagration's detachment joined Kutuzov.
Are you in pain?
Leave me, for God's sake!
How many men were maimed!
Something terrible.
The General has sent for you, Your Honour.
He's in the hut.
I wish to thank you, gentlemen.
But how is it the gun was abandoned?
I do not know, Your Excellency.
I had no men left.
You might have taken some from the covering troops.
Tushin said nothing,
though in fact there had been no covering troops.
He was afraid of getting some other officer into trouble.
Your Excellency,
you sent me to Tushin's battery.
I found two thirds of men and horses killed.
2 guns were smashed and there were no covering troops.
I venture an opinion that we owe today's success
primarily to the action of that battery
and the heroic endurance shown by Captain Tushin's men.
Captain Tushin.
Thank you, dear fellow. You saved me.
Many thanks.
At yesterday's meeting of the State Council
Sergei Kuzmich, our new Governor General,
read a letter sent by the Emperor from the army.
It began thus:
"Sergei Kuzmich! From all sides
reports reach me..."
The poor fellow couldn't read any further.
Not further than "Sergei Kuzmich"?
Not an inch further. Sergei Kuzmich
from all sides.
So far so good.
Time and again he undertook to read it,
but as soon as he got to "Sergei" snuffles came;
"Kuzmich" brought tears;
and "from all sides" provoked uncontrollable sobs.
A handkerchief again
and "Sergei Kuzmich from all sides"...
I must try to understand her.
I must realize what she is really like.
Was I mistaken before or am I mistaken now?
No, no, she isn't stupid. And she is beautiful.
Are you satisfied with the party?
Oh, yes. A charming party.
One of the best actually.
It is late, I must...
Well, my dear Helene?
"Sergei Kuzmich from all sides..."
It's a brilliant match,
but will they be happy?
Marriages are made in heaven.
"Sergei Kuzmich..."
What was the point of that joke?
I missed it.
I did too.
See what they are doing, Aline.
Sitting there as before.
God be praised. My wife has told me everything.
My dear Helene!
I am very, very happy!
I loved your father.
She will make you a good wife.
God bless you both.
Come here, princess.
My dear child! God bless you.
God bless you.
Take off those... those...
It's too late now, the deed's done.
After all, I do love her.
Contemporaries called the Battle of Austerlitz
the "Battle of Three Emperors."
The Russian and Austrian emperors
reviewed the allied forces.
What shall we do if Napoleon attacks?
It's unlikely that he will.
The disposition for tomorrow -
or rather, for today, since it is now past midnight -
cannot be changed.
You have heard it. We will do our duty.
Nothing is so important before a battle
as to get a good sleep.
Ah, tomorrow, tomorrow.
I have a feeling that tomorrow
I shall be put to the test.
What do you think the outcome of tomorrow's battle will be?
I think we shall lose it.
I told Count Tolstoy as much.
And I asked him to tell the Emperor my opinion.
I long for fame,
I long to be known
and loved by all.
Am I to be blamed for wanting it?
For living for fame?
Just for fame!
Never will I admit it to a soul!
Death, wounds, the loss of my family, all this is nothing!
I compared to a moment of fame and glory
and the love of people I do not even know.
Suppose the price
is death?
Well, if I have to,
I will die as bravely as others.
Your orders have been carried out, Your Excellency.
Just look at them!
Long life to Your Excellency!
Why don't you begin?
I am waiting, Your Majesty.
Not all the columns have drawn up, Your Majesty.
This is not a parade.
A parade is not begun until all regiments arrive.
I do not begin precisely because this is not a parade
nor a Tsaritsyno lawn.
But if Your Majesty orders...
By 5 o'clock in the evening
the battle was lost
in all fields.
- The enemy. - No.
It's over, fellas.
Are you wounded?
Not here, but here.
Stop them!
Bolkonsky, what is happening?
Forward, lads!
How calm
and quiet!
How solemn!
How different from all the running, shouting and fighting!
How is it I never noticed that glorious sky before?
How happy I am that I have seen it at last!
All is vanity,
all is false
excepting that endless sky.
Nothing exists but the sky.
And even the sky does not exist.
There is nothing
but quiet and peace.
Thank God for that.
A glorious death.
Denisov! Here we are!
Candles! Tea!
I didn't expect you. Nikolenka! Dear boy!
And me? What about me?
I am Vasily Denisov, a friend of your son's.
You are very welcome.
Nikolai wrote about you.
Natasha! Vera! This is Denisov.
Denisov, dear! How nice! Simply perfect!
Ah, Princess Maria.
Father, any news about Andrei?
I have a word that he is not among the prisoners.
Nor among the dead.
Kutuzov writes...
he was killed.
Father, don't turn away. We will weep together.
Rogues! Scoundrels!
To lose a whole army...
What for?
Go and tell Liza.
Tell me how it happened.
He was killed in a battle in which Russia's finest men
and Russia's glory were massacred.
Go and tell Liza. I will come later.
Give me your hand, Maria.
Here. Do you feel it?
It's all so strange...
You know what? I am going to love him dearly.
What's the matter, Maria?
I'm just worried.
About Andrei.
Have you received any news about him?
It's too early to have received news.
But father is uneasy and I am afraid.
But you've heard nothing?
Mitya, ride to our country place
and tell our gardener Maxim
to send me 200 potted plants for Friday.
And we must have singers
and also strawberries and pineapples.
No need for that.
Bezukhov is here. We can get everything from his greenhouses.
Tell Bezukhov to come and see me.
Is he here with his wife?
Such a noble soul, and so miserable!
I shall try to comfort him.
What's it all about?
I hear Dolokhov has compromised her.
Pierre entertained Dolokhov in St.Petersburg, and - lo!
She came here, and that dare-devil followed her.
They say Pierre is quite beside himself with grief.
Tell him to forget it and come to the club.
We'll have the feast of our lives!
Don't you hear?
Here is to the Emperor's health!
I didn't recognize you.
Don't you wish to renew the acquaintance?
The deuce with him.
Here is to the health of the hero of our last campaign
Prince Pyotr Ivanovich Bagration!
Crowned with glory and the laurels
After the brilliant campaign
You, the Russians' pride
Are with us here today.
You'll forget those fierce battles
Amid fellow-countrymen
Who would listen with bated breath
To your military exploits.
Moscow is very proud
To welcome thee within these walls.
You'll forget those fierce battles
Amid fellow-countrymen.
And now here is to the health of the fair ladies.
You see nothing through those glasses of yours.
The affair your wife is having with Dolokhov
is a secret to no one but you.
You see nothing through those glasses of yours.
This affair is a secret to no one but you.
To the fair ladies, Pierre, and their lovers!
You see nothing through those glasses of yours.
This affair is a secret to no one but you.
Don't you dare touch it!
I'll not give it to you!
You are a blackguard!
I challenge you to a duel!
Were I Dolokhov, I might have done the same.
Most likely I would have done the same.
What is the sense of this duel, this murder?
I must run away, hide myself.
Count, at this critical moment in your life
I must tell you the truth.
I believe this matter is not worth
shedding your blood for.
You weren't exactly right. You lost your head.
I know. It's sheer stupidity.
Allow me to offer your apologies.
I am sure your opponent will accept them.
I'll talk to him.
What's the use?
Well, are you ready?
- Perhaps... - No apologies, no overtures!
You just tell me
where I am to go and where to shoot.
Oh, I knew, of course. I just forgot.
Let us begin.
When I say "three", walk towards each other.
No, it's not over.
go back.
Cover yourself!
Cover yourself with your pistol!
How silly! How silly! How silly!
Death... lies...
How silly...
Well, how are you feeling?
I'm fine. But I have killed her.
She will not survive this.
My mother.
My mother.
My angel.
My beloved angel,
my mother.
To his surprise, Rostov discovered
that Dolokhov, that rake and roisterer,
lived in Moscow with his old mother
and hump-backed sister
and was a devoted son and brother.
What do you mean?
What have you done?
Me? Why?
Oh, what a bold soul!
He fought a duel! What did you mean to prove?
I will answer if you don't.
You believe gossip. They told you
Dolokhov was my lover and you believed them.
But what have you proved by this duel?
That you are a fool! As if everybody didn't know it!
But you have made me the laughing stock of Moscow.
They will say that you, when drunk, challenged a man
whom you are jealous of without any grounds
and who is better than you in every respect.
Why did you believe that he was my lover?
Because I enjoy being with him?
If you were nicer and cleverer I might enjoy being with you.
Pray, stop this.
No, I won't. A rare woman with a husband like you
wouldn't have a lover.
But I did not.
We had better part, you and I.
Part? With pleasure. If you provide me with a fortune.
Part! How he frightened me!
I'll kill you!
Go to princess Maria
and ask how things are.
Then tell me what she says.
Tell the prince that labors have begun.
A common belief is
the fewer the people who know about woman's suffering,
the easier it will be for her.
And so everybody feigned ignorance.
Nobody spoke about it.
But all shared some common concern.
The hearts were softened, and the minds were aware
of something mysterious and great that was taking place.
God willing, no doctors will be needed.
Princess, there's a carriage.
Lanterns too... must be the doctor.
Oh Lord! Thank God!
I'll go and meet him. He knows no Russian.
- Is the princess well? - Yes.
It cannot be!
It would be too extraordinary!
It's Providence! Mary, dear!
My own sweet.
God is merciful.
She was not surprised to see him.
She did not realize he had come.
His arrival had nothing to do with her suffering
and did not ease it.
You mustn't come in.
Why did they bring that baby there?
Is it the child that was just born?
I loved you all and did none of you any harm.
And what have you done to me?
Ah, what have you done to me!
Ah, what have you done to me? Why?
I cannot tell you what I have lived through of late.
Yes, all of us have changed.
What are your plans now?
They're not worth mentioning.
You won't serve in the army?
After Austerlitz? No, thanks.
If Napoleon were threatening to take the Bald Hills
I still would not serve in the Russian army.
Have you heard about my duel?
Yes. One of the things you've lived through.
Thank God I did not kill the man.
Why? Killing a vicious dog is a good deed.
But it is not good to kill a human being.
It is unfair.
Why is it unfair?
We cannot judge what is fair and what not.
People have erred in their judgements.
They always will.
It is wrong to do evil to another man.
What do you know about evil?
I know only two evils in life:
a bad conscience and a sick body.
Happiness consists in their absence.
One must live for oneself, avoiding these two evils.
That is my philosophy now.
How is it possible to live only for oneself?
No! A thousand times no!
Deep inside I feel
I am an integral part
of a vast whole.
I feel I cannot vanish without a trace.
Nothing ever does.
So I always have existed and always will.
That is what Herder teaches.
But the only thing that convinces me
is life and death, my dear fellow.
One is convinced seeing someone dear to you,
someone dependent upon you
whom you have injured and to whom you hope to at one.
This someone suffers an agony -
and ceases to be.
Sure there must be some answer to this question.
Yes, of course.
I am only saying it is not logic that convinces.
What convinces you is
seeing someone close to you
vanish into darkness,
leaving you gazing down into the abyss...
And I stood and gazed.
Is not that just what I have been saying?
We must live and love
and believe
that we are living not just on this patch of land.
We have been and will go on living forever.
How fresh the air is, Your Highness!
- What? - Fresh air, Your Highness.
What is he saying?
I suppose he means the spring.
True enough, everything is green. So soon!
The birches and bird-cherries...
Even the alders are green.
I don't seem to see the oak.
Ah, here it is.
and love,
and happiness...
The same thing over and over...
A foolish, senseless illusion.
Over and over again -
and all sheer illusion.
There is no spring,
no sun, no happiness.
I have no faith in hopes and illusions.
It is right, that oak,
right a thousand times.
Let the young succumb to illusions.
We have tasted life.
Our life is over.
I must live out my days
without malice, without excitement,
without desires.
On a business connected with his estate
Prince Andrei had to pay
a visit to Count Rostov, who was the marshal of nobility.
- Just once more! - Aren't you going to sleep?
I can't sleep. Can I help it?
Please, just once more!
What a perfectly divine night!
And now to bed.
You go. I can't sleep.
How can anyone sleep on such a night?
How wonderful the world is!
Just wonderful! Wake up, Sonya!
There never has been a night like this.
Look at the moon! How simply perfect!
Come here, oh, come here!
Oh, I'd like to squat down,
hold on to my legs as tight as possible...
and fly away!
It was in this wood I saw the oak
we saw eye to eye with.
Where is it now?
Ah, here it is.
I loved you all and did none of you any harm.
And what have you done to me?
We must live and love and believe
that we are living
not just on this patch of land.
We have been and will go on living forever.
Nay! My life is not over at the age of thirty-one.
It is not enough that I know all that is inside me.
Everyone must know it.
Pierre, and that girl
who longed no fly.
I want people to know me.
My life must be lived for myself alone.
It must cast its reflection upon the lives of others
who would share it with me.
End of Part One