Bacon Jalapeño Pork Chop Recipe : Bacon Jalapeño Pork Chops Utensils

Uploaded by expertvillage on 02.10.2008

Let's go over the pot and utensils that we're going to need to make this dish. We're going
to be using this large frying pan, or a sauté pan. We're going to be making our pork chop
in here. I also have a smaller one, and what I'm going to do, is I'm going to melt some
butter, and chop half of our onion, and that's going to go over our asparagus, before we
bake it. We're going to be using two pots. One is going to be filled with water, and
we're going to cook our potatoes in it, and the other one is also going to be filled with
water, and we're going to boil our asparagus for about two minutes, until it's about three
quarters of the way done. We have a strainer, both for our asparagus, and for our potatoes
at the end, and I've got two baking sheets. I'm going to use this one to pre-cook our
bacon, and in this one after our asparagus is done, we're going to put that one here,
top our onions, and then bake that in there. We're also going to be using some vegetable
stock, so I have a small pot for that. I'm making mashed potatoes, so we're going to
have a potato masher. I'm going to be using this spatula to remove our asparagus, after
it's baked. A fork for our pork, a large spoon for our vegetables, a can opener for our chilies,
a measuring cup, a measuring spoon, a potato peeler, a knife, a cutting board, and because
we're using raw pork, we're going to be using this plastic glove.